Thursday, April 30, 2009

Levi's 501 Charity Event

These are the Breaks....

Studio B Presents....

Slam of Ages in NYC

If you're in NYC this weekend, don't miss Urban Word's Slam of Ages! Slam teams will feature the contestants from each year of the last decade, going head to head to battle it out for best year of Urban Word. Followers know that means you'll get to see none other than FSF's Janine Simon, this year's contest Champion, showing and proving that she can hold her own against the old heads.... Go J9!

Nike Spray Paint Pack

I haven't seen these in the "flesh", but the photos look great! Taking three of my current favorite Nike sillhouettes--the Vandal low, the Air Dig, and the Court Force--adding great Spring colorways, and figuring out how to make it look like spray paint.... nicely done, Nike! And it's all for the ladies. Sweet! (Sizes from women's 5-12.)

The "Blue Sapphire" Vandal low, the "Tour Yellow" Court Force, the "Nero Turquoise" Court Force and the "Mean Green/Metallic Silver" Air Dig.

These are dropping in June at Lady Footlockers, some Footlockers, and some other regional Nike accounts. I'll post when I know more. The turquoise Court Forces will be LFL exclusives.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Patta x Asics Gel Lytes in @ Packer Shoes

Well ladies, Fee has hit the jackpot for the non-prissy but size challenged amongst us. Packers has NOT slept on the Ladies and provide us with these offerings from Patta x Asics.
Black and white for the everyday rockability. Grape ice and teal for the soon to be crazy nice days of the late spring/early summer. Dragon red and sky blue for the flashy ; ).
As the FSF slogan goes DON'T SLEEP on these kicks. Sizes 5 and 5.5 in purple. Sizes 5.5, 7, and 7.5 in black. Size 5.5 in red.
175$US shipped in the US and YES the bag is included! Contact Packer Shoes direct @ for orders and more info.
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A peek inside the Westchester Nike Store

Tools of the trade for an in-store Nike iD studio for sneakers. Pictured: materials, samples, and inspiration abound. The staff is friendly and they even offer private iD sessions for you or your group.
The t-shirt iD studio is the option that sets this Nike store apart from the others. Allowing you to create that perfect tee to rock with your 1 of 1 iD kicks or even a new pickup makes this shop a destination for locals looking for something different and the 'head looking to snap necks. Nike has gone so fas as to make sure that the colors on the tees are as accurate as possible to the sneaker colorways, so your obsidian and medium grey tee is the same body and feet.
The GameChangers space allows the inner athlete, local sporting events, and in-store happenings to be broadcast. During my visit, they were promoting a Sneaker Lab event, the Nike Run Club, and the new iD studio options. The Sneaker Lab is also a Westchester exclusive. This program brings athletes, sneakerheads, coaches, etc together with the public and they talk about what they do, display new equipment/technology, or just share a common passion.

Fee dubbed this the "message" wall and the current theme is BEAT. Some personal faves off it were: Beat the system, polltution, and conformity!
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sneaker Pimps LA

Don't forget Sneaker Pimps is in LA (at the Vanguard) to kick off their 7th US tour. Go Pete! ReeCee will be leading the way for FSF...don't miss our booth! Sorry, 21+ this time.

Monday, April 27, 2009

More new releases from Puma

More fly new Pumas... from the Puma City event below.

Puma x Sergio Rossis

from the Mihara Yasuhiro Collection

Terror Kings Collection

this Moth King was beautiful!

Puma "crocs"! Way cooler than those sandal thingies...

Puma City comes to Boston!

What is the Volvo Ocean Race? And why should sneaker fiends care? Well, the thread that binds the sneaker and ocean racing worlds is an iconic red PUMA fiber of carbon steel. I had the good fortune of learning a lot about this crazy world of life-and-death, faster-than-fast sailing at a Puma City event today. Boston is the only North American port in the 9 month, 37,000 mile race, so a motley crew of online media--sneakerheads, fashionistas, sailing afficionados and more--got a real treat. Here are some images from Puma City, the race, and some sneak peeks of Puma product for those of you who came here to see sneakers =)

This is Puma's boat, Il Mostro, in action. For really crazy live action video, check out their footage on

Puma City. 24 steel shipping containers reconfigured for shopping, drinking, chilling, and celebrating...

This was a boat Puma bought for practicing on.  We got to go on it and check out the not-too-spacious digs for 11 guys to live in off-and-on for 9 months!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nylon Nikes dropping down June 1

Remember this post on these gems? Well I just got word that they will be dropping on June 1st at select Nike stores and Urban Outfitters. Can't wait!! Those green ones are mine!!!! Info and pic: High Snobiety

PF Japan re-releases Sumfun

Here's another PF Flyer Archival Reissue that's clean, simple and interesting. The Sumfun began as a tennis shoe in 1947. These are available on zappos for $75, down to a size 5 men's. Colorways include black and natural canvas.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Balance Lifestyle 460

Hey ladies! Please excuse my absence! I have been busy getting ready to release my FETTi BETTY SHAKE into retail around June so dont forget about that! Onto the NB 460!! These are available in 5 colorways and feature mesh uppers, metallic & patent accents, and right after Earth Day..recycled materials for the lining! SWEET! Sporty, fashionable, & comfortable, these are already available at your retailers for around $60..economical also! Want more info or need to see more? go to Thanks Taryn!

Toronto Tempers

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Deadstock Kicks X Solefood NYC Presents.....

Nike Air Digs

Nike Air Digs. This my first time seeing Air Digs, but they are pretty dope!! They were originally released in '91. NIKE is the business!!! They retail for $78. Not sure where you can purchases them at yet. If you have lil shops in your hood (not footlocker) ask about them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

9th Wonder does Puma

One of my favorite producers, 9th Wonder, is getting down with Puma for a sneaker collab of his own. If you don't know about 9th then I suggest you go to imeem and look up Little Brother or better yet ask Beyonce, Erykah Badu, Mos Def or the Justus League. Details on these are the 919 Raleigh area code, Justus League on the side of the shoe, wonder bread signature colors, and a translucent sole. The details are definitely on point and represent 9th wonder to the tee. I hope he makes me proud and releases these in small sizes. So far no word on its release.

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