Monday, April 30, 2012

Addicted 2 Sneakers in Rockland County New York

The first ever sneaker buy/sell/trade sneaker event in the Rockland area! Don't miss it if you're from that neck of the woods... could be worth a travel too! If you go, tell us how it is.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DunkXChange comes to Chicago!

You don not want to miss DunkXChange this year! 
 Saturday May 5th, 2012 is the date to remember! 
Grab your tickets online at for $10 or pay $15 at the door!

See you all there!

SneakerCon is FINALLY coming to Chicago!

We finally have a date!!!!! 
May 19th, 2012 at the Windy City Field House in Logan Square!
2367 W. Logan Boulevard, Chicago Illinois 60647
(Its right next to Target and across the street from X-Sport)

If you are unaware what SneakerCon is it is one of the best events for Sneakers lover, collectors, and connoisseurs! SneakerCon is debuting in Chicago for the first time this year and I personally can not wait!! Make sure everyone comes out to support local shops and business that will setting up shop!
It starts at noon and goes till 7pm! Stack your money for the next few weeks so you can buy, sell or make trades!! Make sure you come prepared to stunt and floss!!

Hope to see everyone there!!
Sneaker Con Chicago May 19th

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

adizero Crazy Light 2 coming out blazing!

adidas Basketball today unveiled the adizero Crazy Light 2. Weighing 9.5 ounces, it replaces its predecessor - the adizero Crazy Light  (9.8 ounces) - as the lightest shoe in basketball (nearly 10 percent lighter than the nearest competitor's. )

If it's as comfortable as the Crazy Light, which I still ball in regularly, count me in! 

According to adidas, the increased strength of the adizero Crazy Light 2 comes from an enlarged asymmetrical SPRINTFRAME, allowing for maximum motion control. Designers added volume to the midsole for a more supportive base.  The new aerodynamic three-layer SPRINTWEB is the thinnest ever, with a tighter web that gives players enhanced vertical and horizontal strength. Overall, the shoe's new geometry allows for maximum weight savings, energy return and motion control.

The adidas news website lists all sorts of elite men wearing these kicks: at the McDonald's All-American high school game, the men's Final Four, and the upcoming NBA playoffs. Funny, no word on the WNBA, women's Final Four or girls' Mc D All-Americans...  Come on adidas!

On sale May 24th, $140. They should start in a men's 6 or 7, which I appreciate. Check, and

Friday, April 20, 2012

Nike "Liberty" Dunk wedge available at Nordstrom

For those of you who like the Nike Dunk wedges, Nordstrom has them for pre-order for 130.00 plus free shipping. They also have the rest of the Nike Liberty collection as well for sale.

To cop your pair click the link:


I got the blues

I've really been feeling blue lately and not in a sad way. Blue has become the new black in my world. I've been feeling it so much I've bought some blue nail polishes and now I'm looking get me some blue kicks. Here are some of my blue favorites:

Brilliant Blue-Vans Authentic

Converse Women All star estate: Available at Rime NYC

AM90's Also Available at Rime NYC

Blue Static by Pointer

Adidas Womens Honey Hook-Available at Pick Your Shoes

 Aren't these blue's fresh? What colored sneaker are you digging right now?

Sneaker Outfits Kobe Give Away Contest only for Females

Sneaker Outfits is giving away the Kobe All Stars 2012, but you have to enter by tomorrow! Here are the rules:

1. Join their FACEBOOK page


3. Subcribe to their newsletter on the homepage SNEAKEROUTFITS

4. Send them an email at with a photo of you holding your favorite kicks (Please also include your size in the email and twitter info.)Link


For more info, click here. Good luck!

Throwback Video: All Glocks Down-Heather B.

Been a min since I did a throwback video post. It's feelin like a throwback old school 90's hip-hop day for me, so I thought I'd share :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

SneakerCon Chicago

May 19th....
More details to come.....

Windy City Sole Spring Sneaker Summit!

Windy City Sole Sneaker Summit is back with P's Spring Edition of the Summit!
What a better way to get ready for SneakerCon Chicago than heading over to the Sneaker Summit.
Come buy, sell, trade sneakers and just enjoy yourself!!
$10 at the door
The event starts at noon and be ready to smile I will be there taking pictures!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ILL Banger is Back!!

The infamous ILL Banger is back and is at a brand new location! Oh and I can't forget its also hosted by FSF's own Pink Eye. So come thru this Friday and get your dance on!

Monday, April 16, 2012

adidas White Space Project focuses on women

adidas has linked up with our friends at Highsnobette, as well as eyewear designers Coco & Breezy, and Malaysian singer/songwriter Yuna Zarai to kick off their US White Space Project. It focuses on female artists and all of our abilities to be creative... They'll be kicking it off with a party in NYC on April 24th. For more info, check

PENSOLE teams with adidas to offer full-scale footwear design course

D'Wayne Edwards, Founder of Pensole

PENSOLE and adidas today announced the first full-scale class of PENSOLE, the accelerated footwear design academy, to be held at its new Portland, OR campus.

This inaugural three-week master class in partnership with adidas, called “PENSOLEOGRAPHY,” is June 4 to June 22 and open to applicants nationwide. The hands-on, intensive program is designed to share knowledge and help inspire, guide and challenge future footwear designers to reach their creative potential.

D’Wayne Edwards, a celebrated member of the global footwear community, founded PENSOLE to give talented young design students—regardless of socioeconomic background or gender—an opportunity to learn from the industry’s best, without financial barriers, and to provide the industry with a farm system for the next generation of footwear designers. (From FSF's perspective, we have seen no one more dedicated to supporting women getting into the industry!)

“PENSOLEOGRAPHY marks a very important milestone for our school,” Edwards said. “Not only is it the first full-scale class to be held at our new campus, but it’s also our first major-brand partnership for a single class.”

PENSOLEOGRAPHY’s curriculum will feature guest speakers and instructors from adidas as well as noted members from the marketing and branding segments of the industry. Core to the PENSOLEOGRAPHY course, students will be immersed in the footwear design process with a specific focus on performance design and innovation and how to bring to life creations with performance benefits.

To find out how to apply and to be considered for a full scholarship if needed, visit

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sole Fiend Sneaker event at Morehouse College

Hey ATL fiends! If you're not doing anything tomorrow, you should check out this dope sneaker event at Morehouse College called Sole Fiend. It's free.99 and its from 2-6pm. Check it!

Flyer via OSD

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Invisible Women Project has landed - "New York, New York !"


That’s right, The Invisible Women Project is here!

Even Feeway was surprised they let me through customs but as I am Female Sneaker Fiend certified I guess they gave me a pass! With my feet finally on American soil the magnitude of this project started to become real to me. Months of planning, hundreds of tweets and emails, Skype conversations, early morning radio interviews, hours of sitting in front of google calendar and even more hours in the library laying down theory for my dissertation equated to me finally being here!! The preparation for this trip was crucial. Due to a very large pond separating me from you all, I had to really concentrate on planning the tour schedule and arranging interviews. So much of my research rests on the voices of you out there and I was determined to meet as many of you as possible. The responses from people wanting to be involved was truly overwhelming! People from New York, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, Ohio, Maine and Las Vegas all got in contact. I had to rearrange the original tour schedule – extending time in certain places and adding new cities to accommodate the growing interest.

For this project to first start as a “quirky” little idea in my head way back when I was thinking about how to build on my existing body of work on sneaker culture and deciding to to a Masters at my home university to holding my first interviews has blown me away. I’m reminded of the B.I.G lyric – “you never thought that Hip Hop would take it this far” but my own versions would be “I never thought sneaker culture would bring me this far.” Truthfully, an object that most people only understand on the functional level and that I know is the extension of a lifestyle has brought me to America. Crazy, amazing, cool !!

This tour / project / research trip / invasion is all about me highlight female participation within this subculture to put a spotlight on their “invisible” status and the marginalized position they participate in this culture from but also to contribute to the developing academic studies around Hip Hop Culture and Gender and Subcultures. I really feel like there is a need for “less conventional” academic work and for me to be able to bridge a passion of mine to my studies. The fact that everyone has been so receptive, eager excited to take part in my work and meet me makes me slightly more nervous but most of all excited for all that could happen from this!

This tour / project / research trip / invasion is all about me highlight female participation within this subculture to put a spotlight on their “invisible” status and the marginalized position they participate in this culture from but also to contribute to the developing academic studies around Hip Hop Culture and Gender and Subcultures. I really feel like there is a need for “less conventional” academic work and for me to be able to bridge a passion of mine to my studies. The fact that everyone has been so receptive, eager excited to take part in my work and meet me makes me slightly more nervous but most of all excited for all that could happen from this! BUT…. Even before I touched down though there was some “business” I had to take care of by way of packing… Those who truly know me, understand how much I loathe packing! There’s never going to be a suitcase that’s perfect for me and I’m never going to be able to pack light! More so, I’m never going to be able to choose what kicks to bring… Packing for me is like a game of mix and match – I place each sneaker on top of a possible outfit to make sure that there is a NEED for it to be in my suitcase and it warrants being brought on a trip. I did feel a little bit of pressure as I decided what to bring as with my project being about female sneaker heads I felt the extra need to prove that I belonged in this subculture. However, I buy what I like… and what I own fits a purpose in my life. With some pairs that I possess I am trying to “stunt” but for the most part I’m trying to be comfortable and show my appreciation for this culture. The “dilemma” of the sneaker head is something I’m sure everyone can relate to but what I was reminded about through the conversations I’ve had so far … it’s about wearing what you like! With that said, I lined all possible candidates up against the wall and began to eliminate the unsuccessful ones … some of the below made the trip across the pond with me, when you meet me you’ll see!

The first stop on my “American Invasion” as appropriately named by Sean from Obsessive Sneaker Disorder was New York City! It’s been a while since I was in NYC and I was excited to be back to see all my family and friends plus meet all the female sneaker fiends and catch up on some true authentic Soul food! I been explaining this a lot since I’ve been in the States as when people see how excited I am from being presented with a plate of pancakes or basket of cornbread – it’s not in “British culture” we don’t eat grits, pancakes and lucky charms like you do – so it really is a WOW moment for me every time a waitress serves me with a fresh stack! Back home I eat cereal and toast… and if I go to a cafe for breakfast I’m more than likely to order a Full English (toast, baked beans, sausages, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms) rather than some pancakes with a side of home fries and rashes of bacon. My friends back home have been developing a serious case of “food envy” with the numerous updates on Facebook of all the delghts I’ve been tucking into while I’ve been here. However, if you knew the size of portions I was coming from you would “pig out” too! My thing is pancakes :D I love them!! I’m on a personal mission to find the best spot for breakfast in America – i’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing!

My first week in New York was really a chance to get reacclimatized to the city, prepare for my interviews and catch up with friends. On one of my off days I was able to head up to the Jewish Museum and see a Kehinde Wiley exhibit entitled World Stage Israel. This guys work is amazing! He documents people in the African diaspora worldwide he went to israel to capture Ethiopian Jews, native born Jews and Arab Israelis. Honestly if you’re in New York and can get to this show GO!

On Saturday 31st I was able to attend the Show and Prove Conference at New York University. The entire conference was dedicated to Hip Hop Studies and people who had managed to build a bridge between their passion for a subculture into the classroom – you can already tell why I was interested to be there! It equally amazes and delights me to listen and learn about Hip Hop studies and the different angles people are pursuing in their very original work.

I was drawn to the series of talks that dealt with women performing subjectivity. I heard a great talk from PHd candidate Jessica Pabón, whose paper was entitled – “Spitting like a Woman”: Gender Performance in the Art of Beatboxing.” Her work was amazing in highlighting the “invisible women” within the art of beatboxing and really honed in on gender performativity, female agency and how they maintain the authenticity of the art. What was really amazing was when the speakers used the term “invisible women.”

That same night the “debaucherous hostess” the one and only Feeway730 hit me up and invited me to kick it with the crew. Shout out to Allen who helped an English kid make their way from Union St Station all the way to Bedford Ave and the amazing little spot known as Dee & Ricky’s. The amazing Jae was making sure I was kept full with the delights she kept pulling of the menu such as the Grits Creme Brûlée – I know, it’s not meant to work but it was buttery and sugary sweetness! Oh and also the jerk chicken nuggets – straight fire alongside the mac and cheese balls!

It was great for me to be around great people and finally meet people face to face and talk to them for more than 140 characters! That night we didn’t even talk about kicks, it was really just friends hanging out which made me feel right at home!

My time in New York was great and I’m looking forward to returning again towards the end of my trip! The next stop 0n the tour was Philadelphia, which would be a homecoming for me as I previously studied there for a year back in 2009.

Interviews lined up, friends waiting, city calling – time to go!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Baltimore Sneaker Show 2K12

Hey Baltimore fiends! This event is for you! Come on down to B-more's sneaker show 2k12 where you can buy kicks, donate your old kicks and connect. Live performances by Stalley. It's all going down April 7th! Shouts to @solelovah or the flyer! :)