Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nice Kicks x Asics Gel Lyte III out at DavidZ

Less than 12 hours til tip-off! Tomorrow, Thursday, October 1, at 10:00 AM EST, the Nice Kicks x Asics Gel Lyte III will become available exclusively at The shoe features a nubuck toe cap, perforated pig skin toe box and side panels. Patent leather stripes lay over 3M reflective material, and the whole shoe is finished off with ballistic mesh on the tongue and ankle collar. They look great! Don't know the smallest size... $105.

Nice job guys!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chrome "Red Sole" Shoes


At first glance the new sneakers out by Chrome Bags--the folks that bring you messenger bags that never wear out or go out of style--look both functional and handsome. But the devil is in the details! Rather than being just another throwback canvas low top, the Kursk (which I tried) is made of tough cordura and lined for comfort.

The soles feature a "crash pad" cushioned heel, "chrome contact rubber" and a propulsion plate--all stuff that matters a lot if you're a biker, and certainly didn't hurt on a long day of sneaker fiending either!


The rubber toe caps on the Kursk and the high top Saipan are also great for folks like me who worry about how bike pedals are always crushing the suede or greasing the leather of our "nice" kicks. I definitely give these a thumbs up for looks and comfort. Prices range from $70-$90, but sizes only go down to a 7 men's.



Find them all here.

Ice Cream for Kicks

Check out photographer Loni Schick new project called Ice Cream for Kicks. Ice Cream for Kicks showcases Loni's sweet love of kicks! Check it out.....

To see more of Loni's work hit up her website and also check her blog:

Friday, September 25, 2009

My 2 cents on women's kicks!! SLAM MAG interview

So yesterday I posted the Pink Fire Air Max Lebron VII which I only like because it is a Lebron, and was asked how I felt about the sneaker itself by Chirs O'Leary at SLAM MAGAZINE. Here's the article...

Despite what your late ’80s-crazed instincts may tell you, this shoe was made for a girl’s feet.

This black/pink LBJ VII made its way across the Net this week. Whenever shoes like this drop though, the reaction to them from females (those who talk to me about sneakers, anyway) is usually the same.

They don’t like them.

“This was a surprise that they made the Air Max LeBron in a smaller size for the ladies,” says Fetti D’Biasi of Female Sneaker Fiend. “But pink? We know who we are as females. We don’t need pink to tell us that we’re females.

“We spend all of this money on sneakers and the companies are still pretty much delegating what colors they think we’d like as far as pink, red, yellow, baby blue, grey and (women’s shoes are) always something as far as those colors.”

But still, these black/pink, girlie-looking shoes continue to drop, year after year. And they wouldn’t keep dropping if people didn’t buy them, right? Which brings me to a strange thought, but one I think is spot on.

These shoes aren’t made for girls. They’re made for guys. I know this because I’ve fallen victim to it plenty in the last few years.

You’re at your favorite sneaker spot, checking the shelves. You see a pair of shoes that you’ve been feening for and your first instinct is to pull the trigger and add to your collection. Then you hear the voice of your significant other in your head.

“What are you doing buying more shoes? You have all of these other things you could be spending your money on: our vacation, student loan payments…or just save your money. You have enough shoes, etc. etc.”

Then a pair of black/pink LBJ VII’s, or a black/pink pair of Air Force 1’s, or a multi-tone pink Air Force 1 catches your eye and the lightswitch is flicked.

“How great would it be if I could get her into this?”

Mental pictures of of the two of you combing through all those sneaker spots you frequent solo pop into your head. You could go on that vacation and visit all of the sneaker boutiques that you wanted to and she could be just as enthused as you are about it. Or at least somewhat enthused.

So you convince yourself to buy her the black/pink AF1. “My gift to you,” you tell her, kind of feeling like Denzel Washington in the early stages of American Gangster.

Except in my case, no one got hooked. I bought the black/pink AF1 for one girl; bought the multi-toned pink AF1 for another. Do you know where they are now? No really, do you? Because the shoes and the feet that go in them are out of the picture and neither of the girls got any more into sneakers or any more tolerant of an impulse pickup of SB Dunk lows at the outlet in the process.

“I totally think that (sneaker companies) think of the men first, being that this is a male dominated industry,” D’Biasi says. “They totally think that, ‘If we made the Ones for the guys and if the guys like them so much, maybe they’ll buy them for their girlfriends. Let’s give them the pink, or the icey blue.’”

It makes sense. This is a male dominated industry and that male groupthink shines through when I see these ladies’ sneakers and want to gift them. Whether they’re for a girlfriend, or you’re buying them for your daughter, a niece, the thought process is likely the same. “Look, pink shoes. Girls like pink. These would make a good gift.”

“We’re tired of pink, our wardrobe doesn’t consist of only pink,” D’Biasi laughs.

“Men are wearing more pink now than we are,” she continues. “We don’t need a color, we know what gender we are. For those that are hardcore sneakerheads and even for those that are the casual female sneaker fiend, we want the hot styles and colors to go with the rest of our fly wardrobe.

“To constantly only have the options of pink, yellow, red, grey, navy blue, it gets to be a pain in the ass sometimes.”

D’Biasi says that even though there are sneakers being made in women’s sizes and colors, the ladies are an afterthought in the process.

“(Sneaker companies) really believe that men spend more money on the sneakers,” she says. “But anyone will tell you, anyone who has a daughter, anyone who has a sister, anyone who has a girlfriend will tell you no, we spend way more money than you guys. So why are we being ignored as to what we want?”

Do the sneaker companies miss the mark on these shoes with women, or are these shoes aimed at guys who want to gift the girls in their lives with them? What do you guys think?

Thanks Melissa Pardo for getting Chris O'Leary to really listen to what WE have to say!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

WOW! Von Dutch Kicks?!!!

I remember this brand a few summers ago! Didn't know they were still around! Well ladies, if you are looking for some cheap kick arounds, these are on sale at OVERSTOCK for only $26.99!!! I like the colorways!! Who knows? Maybe these will recirculate!!

Air Max Lebron VII Pink Fire

I am looking forward to collecting the AMLB7's when they start to come out on October 24th. However in January this black/pink colorway will be released for the ladies and kids in smaller sizes. Yes I know, we hate pink, but at least they have the ball rolling for us with the AMLB7!!! They will be available in infant (3-10), pre-school (11-3), and grade-school sizes (3.5-7). What are your thoughts?


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Funky Fresh Fall Picks

Nike Selvage Blazers

Janine Simon, award-winning spoken word artist and globetrotter, doesn't let the pressures of travel, art or school distract her from her sneaker game. Rather, each element of her life brings a little spin on what she likes, giving her a fairly diverse style all her own. Recently she dropped in with her funky fresh favorites of Fall 2009. Here are a few to give you a taste...for the rest click here.

Keep Nussadidas Diagonal Vulcan High (designed by Matt Irving of Delphi)

For more of her selections, click here.

Pretty Shiny Things

If you're a anti-skinny dunk person like me, prepare for your mind to change! Nike just released a Metallic pack with the colors silver, gold and red (not shown), and each have metallic placing throughout the shoe. I already know I'm getting the silver pair, but how about you all? Are you feeling the shine?

Pics via Sneaker News

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

B-Girl Be!

It was an amazing event! B-girls, DJs, emcees and graf artists from all over the world descended on Minneapolis, and the locals tore it up too. The love in the house was beautiful, and the kicks were fly too! Plenty of variety in the house: Vans, Chucks, Saucony's, Nikes, adidas, even K-Swiss. Here are a few more pics...

Motel Seven's piece

Rockafella tearing it up

Some young b-girls enjoying Toofly's piece

Amy "Catfox" Campion reppin' the West Coast

For more pics, click here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

FDnyc STEWIE Custom sneakers!!!

I loved the ad I put together as well as the custom! These were done for a friend's son during my BACK 2 SHOES sale earlier this month. Thank you to those that placed their orders!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

A New Balance Between Chic and Comfort!!!

Crafted with metallic shimmers and suede detailing, the New Balance 410 is a sneaker with a hidden agenda: to remain trend-relevant for any gal who wants to sport a lightweight sneaker with a little flair! Chic style and chic comfort truly hit their stride in this collection! These are available at Nordstrom for $75 so look for these when you are out shopping this weekend!!! Check out more styles at NEW BALANCE

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good golly Miss Molly!!

On Labor day weekend in Coney Island, I spotted this lady by the name of Molly rockin' the FSF sneaker squad tee. Shouts to Molly for letting me take a pic!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FresHER is almost here!

This show's gonna be off the hook. The all-female art collective promises to transform the space into an eco-funhouse of raw materials and street art. Elements such as graffiti, photography, design and construction will be used to connect ideas about consumerism, environmentalism, health, and renewable energy. FRESHER! features main-stay YOUNITY artists such as Lady Pink, Martha Cooper, and AIKO, while introducing almost 40 emerging artists such as China Morbosa and Amanda Lopez. (Who is the artist for FSF's upcoming Girls Got Kicks book!) YOUNITY Co-Founders and artists, Alice Mizrachi and TOOFLY, continue to push the collective to new levels of creativity, and I'm excited to see their "fresh" take on green! As Toofly says, “Look at recent events that are affecting us and the next generation: the economy, global warming and healthcare; this is the perfect time to put on a show like FRESHER! and express our creative desire to promote green living and the improvement of our community.”

Opening reception:
7-10pm, October 3. Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center
Put it on your calendar!

574 Clips Collection is here!

The 574 Clips stay true to the 574’s design and comfort technologies, but acquire their name from being constructed of leftover clips of materials from other New Balance “Made in the USA” silhouettes, specifically the 993 and 996. A nice ecologically friendly way to pass on some hand-me-downs from their "richer" cousins! Typically constructed of cow suede, the evolved 574 will feature supple grey pig suede, which comes from the leftover materials of the 993 stitched together with one of four different colored surplus meshes from the construction of the 996.

It's interesting to note that the 574 Clips Collection shares various technologies with the 2010 re-engineered 574, such as removal of unnecessary foams in the tongue and collar to reduce heat and bulk and added rubber durometers to yield shoe flexibility and a softer feel. It also features a PU insert for plush comfort and a microdenier lining taken from the 993 to create a luxurious feel.

It all adds up to an upscale feel for a somewhat downscale price, if you can get your hands on a pair! They're available now, but with only 120 pairs per color available, limiting the total production to 480 pairs. 574 Clips will retail at $75.00 at the following stores: Reed Space in NYC, Shoe Gallery in Miami, Bodega in Boston, Commonwealth in DC, Premium Goods in Houston, St. Alfreds in Chicago, Burn Rubber in Royal Oak, Sole Boutique in San Antonio, Goods in Seattle, and Undefeated in LA. I'm not sure what the smallest size available is.

Visit for more information about the video clip marketing campaign that adds a double meaning to the name "clips".

Friday, September 11, 2009

FSF Insiders' Look at Nike Design

FSF recently went inside Nike to interview 8 amazing women who design everything from men's soccer cleats to Maria Sharapova's most famous tennis dress, from sneaker "Openings" to flywire... We came out with loads of stories, pictures and tips for our readers. Check them out:

Want to Design for Nike?: Tips to get you there from women who know!
Goddess of Victory: An insiders' look at women and Nike today.
Something Old, Something New: Nike design moves forward while staying connected to its roots.

(And in case you think I never dress up, here's me and Maria's dress!)