Thursday, May 31, 2007

Iheart sale

I really like this store, you should check out their sale.


Starting this FRIDAY, June 1st, I Heart will be marking down their Spring merchandise from 25-50% off!!!!!

....and many more!!

Come get your Spring gear cuz it's HOT out!! We have lots of little dresses and tops for your Summer wardrobe.

* i heart * 262 mott st * 212.219.9265 * m-s 12-8 sun 12-7 *

summer whites

Lately Ive been feeling like getting back to basics,,,, since I am from the west coast, I was wearing vans since I was a wee tot. Im feeling them again, big time, this summer. I thought I was gonna be all over the pure Jordan III's but something made me go buy these vans instead,,,, could it have been the price? or mabey just the nostalgia and classic style.

reed space sale starts today, and goes all weekend!

Reed Space Sale
151 Orchard Street b/w Rivington and Stanton
(next door to Reed Space)
Up to 80% off everything!
Thursday, May 31 - Sunday, June 3rd
1pm-7pm (Thurs and Fri)
12pm-7pm (Sat and Sun)

can you kick it?

Can I Kick It : Sneak Out 2
Influential XP - Coco - So Contagious - MoneyMark - Royal Ent
Can I Kick It : Sneak Out 2
BB Kings
Friday, June 1, 2007
(237 West 42 Street)

11pm - 4am
Hosted By:
Music By:

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


dont miss this!


KIKS TYO revealed today a partnership bringing the worlds of sneakers, lifestyle technology, sport culture and streetwear together by previewing the first footwear samples of a forthcoming collaboration between G-Shock, New Balance and the brand.

The co-branded "G-Flash" series samples, which were created in celebration of G-Shocks 25th Anniversary, include two pairs of New Balance M574's and one pair of sleekly modified NB320 running shoes. The colorways and design elements of the New Balance samples are consistent with two KIKS TYO x G-SHOCK watches that will release worldwide in August, 2007.

Further details concerning the pricing and availability of the "G-Flash" series New Balances have yet to be revealed. More information is set to to be announced in the coming months via two KIKS TYO web sites: (Japanese Language) and (English Language).

Our fearless leader! : )

Hi Everyone, I took a little break over the holiday, and have not posted in a few days but big up to Lori and MIO for keeping content rolling....and speaking of Lori, I have a very special post today. It is an interview with Lori Lobenstein, founder of FSF.
If you have been reading our blog or using our forums and you wondered how did all of this FSF business get started and who is behind it, here is your chance to find out!

name, age, occupation, location?

Lori Lobenstine, 39, Boston, founder,, HS bball coach, youth worker and more…

What gave you the idea to start fsf?

I got the idea from Bobbito Garcia, kind of. I loved his book, but there weren’t any women in it, not one. So I thought, that’s crazy, how’s that possible? He said he didn’t really know of any women that had a great knowledge of sneakers, which also surprised me. So I figured we female sneaker fiends needed a way to find each other, and be a visible presence in the sneaker world. That’s how FSF came to be! Since then I’ve learned a ton, met wonderful women—-and men—-from around the world, seriously grown my collection, and had way too much fun!

How did you envision fsf initially?

I always imagined tons of folks talking to each other on the forums, which has really come true (approximately 10,000 members right now). When I started I was just talking to myself (which is embarrassing!), but I knew it’d grow. I’m really excited how much of an online community it has become.

I still have lots of visions that haven’t happened yet, but I’m confident. On the other hand, lots of things have happened that I never thought of, like doing a competition at Sneaker Pimps, writing for sneaker mags, and having such a kick-ass FSF crew making stuff happen! Shout outs to all y’all!

what was your initial definition of a female sneaker fiend?

My definition of a female sneaker fiend has always been pretty open: if you’re a girl who loves her kicks, that’s you. I don’t care if you have 2 or 200, if you ball in them, go to the prom in them or sell them on ebay… A lot of girls shy away from the title, like, “well, I only have 20 pairs”, but to me it’s not about number, it’s about obsession!

What's the biggest contribution you feel FSF makes to the female
sneaker community?

I think we’ve put it on the map. Anytime someone’s doing a sneaker article, and it’s all guys, someone will say to them, you have to go to FSF. And then we’ll point them to whoever they need to meet to make sure our stories get told. We’re telling sneaker companies to make smaller sizes, we’re telling sneaker mags to cut out the naked women, you know, we’re just trying to bring us together to be a force to be reckoned with. And I think we are!

I also think it’s been transformative for so many female sneakerheads who think they’re all alone. So many girls will write in that they didn’t know any other FSFs until they got on the website, and it’s real inspiring for them. So you can feel that on the site; it’s an online community in the real sense of the word community. Lots of love.

What’s the most interesting thing you have learned or discovered
through your involvement in FSF?

Man, I had no idea all the things fiends go through to clean their sneakers! Call me lazy, but shaving pills off with razors, cleaning collections daily, all the do’s and don’ts, man I’ve heard some serious stories. I had no idea how much I neglected my babies!

How is FSF different today than when you started two years ago?

Well, when I started it was just me. Now we got Shanan (eskayel) and others on the blog, E the Custom Queen holding down our myspace, N.E.R.D and her crew on the forums, Mellz and Rachel writing, Felicia on sneakerplay and hitting all the mom and pops, and so much more. I really feel like we have a team, which is real cool.

And then we just have a ton of folks on the site. We’re averaging about 1,000,000 page requests per month, about 40,000 a day, with 10,000 members on the forums. So it’s amazing to think of so many females all over the world getting online and finding us.

What do you have planned for the future of FSF?

Well, first of all, the new website design should be up shortly, and I can’t wait!!!! From there, we’re aiming to jump forward on all sorts of fronts: events, merchandise, coverage, etc… Keep an eye out.

What was your first sneaker??

I can’t even remember! But the first sneakers I fell in love with, and HAD TO HAVE, were the first nike hightops that I saw. They were canvas hightops, white with a black swoosh, and I was about nine. (We’re talking 70s here.) I had to figure out a way to talk my sister out of some of our joint allowance savings so I could pay my mom the difference over Chucks… I LOVED those sneakers!

How has basketball influenced your sneaker consumption?

Well it’s funny, I grew up wearing hightops even before I started playing ball. I thought hightops made me look tougher! =) Anyways, I still love them, and just about all old-school sneaks that have a bball influence. (adidas forums, nike court forces, puma first rounds, etc)

Why did you feel it was important to start Fsf as a nonprofit?

I wanted FSF to be about the fiends and about the love, not about profit. You can see my attention has been on highlighting the women’s game and creating change in the overall sneaker culture, not just on trying to make money off our obsession with kicks. That said, I think FSF is poised to shift our role in a variety of ways, since we now have the numbers, connections and personnel to push the envelope a bit.

Does having an identical twin make if extra important to stand out
with style?

Here’s the thing: when we were growing up, my twin and I had to share clothes, but not sneakers. And we only wore second hand clothes, but got new sneakers once a year. See a pattern here? It’s amazing my sister didn’t end up fiending for kicks!

when choosing a pair of kicks to wear one day what is more important
to you? style or functionality

The first thing I think of is weather, then even if the weather is good, I think of what I’m doing that day (walking my dog or biking to work = bad, coaching or youth work = good), then which ones I feel like wearing. (Based on comfort and style.) Then I have to find an outfit that matches. Sometimes in that process, I realize what I feel like wearing, and have to switch my sneaks to match that. Make sense? Seems normal to me! I usually end up wearing at least 3 different pairs in a day.

who do you admire most (living or dead)?

I have so much admiration for my grandmothers and my parents, but you don’t know them. As for famous people, I have to give it up for June Jordan, my favorite writer, and Teresa Edwards, my favorite basketball player. I also greatly admire my dog, Herschel, who is brilliant in his own not-too-bright way. In the sneaker game I probably admire Woody from Sneaker Freaker the most, because I think his magazine and site are the closest to what I’m trying to do…just great content, flavor and sneakers!

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you in connection with FSF?

I get a lot of great porn sent to me everyday. If anybody’s interested in that, I’ll forward it to you!

to find out even more about Lori and her sneaker obsession see her article on the main FSF site here.

where I've been, where I'm going...

Sorry I haven't been posting too much. I'm working with another project, (that of course I'll fit some sneakers into!) It's the first ever U.S. Social Forum, in ATL, and it'll be bringing together over 10,000 activists for discussions, games, parties, and more...actually, here's a flyer to give a few details of it that I've been working on. if you want more info, email me @

(And anyone in ATL, give me a holler! FSF will be leading some snkr customizing while we're down there! ) event w/ DJ Kool Herc in NYC

tonight y'all! have fun!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

NIKE1LOVE store in harajuku

2007, Air Force 1 is the 25th Aniversary, you know!
Nike & realmadHECTIC opened a AIR FORCE 1 ONLY SHOP "1LOVE" in harajuku,tokyo!!
it opens for an only limited time, 1 year!
you can order your own plemium air force 1 with your favorite color.
i really wanna order my original 1....!

Friday, May 25, 2007

check out your man Bobbito

Peggy Jean-Louis, Rich Medina, and Bobbito Garcia aka Kool Bob Love
HappyFeet - Exclusive Summer Series
Sunday, May 27, 2007
Element NY, 225 East Houston at Essex

Tonight, kick off the holiday weekend right!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

OG trunk Show LA!

more fun things to do,, soon

I almost fell of my chair.....

when I saw these a few moments ago:

Here’s a look at an upcoming Nike Cactus Safari pack in the works. So far the pack features three sneakers in the Air Assault Low, Air Max 90 and the Air Stab. Each model features safari print mingled with bright neon green a.k.a. cactus. The end result is surprisingly fresh and easy to wear. No word yet on release dates.
(I normally dont like Air Assaults, but the low ones in this pack....CRACK!!!And they also have a matchin windbreaker for the pack)

CIRCA ! vintage POP UP SHOP!


Diamonds Rings & Cutlass Supremes 2

This Friday May 25th something serious:
Diamonds Rings & Cutlass Supremes 2
It will be at the Hope Lounge located at 10 Hope St in Williamsburg Brooklyn
this place is on Hope between Roebling & Havemeyer (mapquest it :)

on the decks:

Howabout some $2 Buds & $3 Pints 9-10,
& get some FREE BARBECUE 9-10 --- get yer porkfriedchickensteaks on
throw in 2 for 1 Smirnoff mix drinks from 1-2 am,
and this place carries over 50 beers at just $5 -- like your aunt sallie

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ABSO-LUTELY FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Throw in the largest smoke friendly outdoor patio in all of williamsburg, &
we have some real special giveaways, if you RSVP
get some free Truck Jewelery -- (gaudy & gold)
& Some dope summer freshness from Methods, Skullcandy, Connected Mag, & Day in the Lyfe Mag!!!


Dress Code: MR. T Chains, Big Daddy Canes,
Fo' Finger Rings, Hot sauce & some Wings,
Slick Rick Ropes, Funky. Fresh. Fly. Dope.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Incase you like baseball

This past weekend the Mets and Yankees played each other in the
Subway Series at Shea Stadium. On each night of the series the
Empire State Building's tower was lit with each team's colors.
The Mets, orange & blue, on the East and West side of the tower and the
Yankees, blue & white on the North and South side.
The team that won the series, which I am happy to say was the Mets (we took
2 out of 3) was given the honor of having the whole tower lit with their


VINTAGE Nike Air iv Jordan 1 BLACK BLUE I 1985 9 ii 8.5
These sold yesterday on EBAY for 15 hundred $$$$$$$$!

check out KING JAM!

King Jam is a young japanese reggae sound!
they put really hot reggae sound on!!
their web site is so cool! check it out!
its like jamaican town.
one of member customizes sneakers with his the link "custom > shoes"
its funny

kingjam sometimes have a event of reggae in blooklyn!
bullet! bullet! bullet!

Monday, May 21, 2007

New Era NYC's 1 year anniversary

Back out again.....repping FSF and showing you where you NEED to be! This past Saturday, I dropped in on the New Era NYC flagship store's 1 year anniversary. Took some flicks, wore hot kicks (not pictured), and spoke to the New Era people about what they are doing for the spring/summer 2007.

Store front window. Hot97 was in-store giving away Summer Jam 07 tickets.

Mini baseball fitteds. Grab 1 for your munchkin, wall, pet, or as a joke for your big headed sibling.

Spr/Sum 07 line. In team hats, call me old fashioned, but I LIKE traditional colorways. HATE w/ a passion Mutts (mets) colors on a Yankees fitted or a neon Braves fitted.

Plenty of boxes to keep your New Era's fresh

20/94 campaign-DC Shoes & New Era came together to put a line of sneakers and fitteds out commorating their years in the business. DC Shoes has been in business since 1994 & New Era has been making hats since 1920 (bet you didn't know that). Simple colorways & a clean overall look make this collabo a good thing (Martha, where u @?)

Creme de la Creme event

On Friday night, I was at the Creme de la Creme event held at the Hotel QT ( Dope ass location in the middle of Times Square (west 45th St). This was a more social event due to the pool, sauna, wetbar, and hot tubs being open all night. Bar is sunken and has a DJ spinning every night.

First drink of the evening and my current favorite, Malibu Bay Breeze. If you are under 21 or whatever the laws says is legal......DO NOT DO IT! Coconut flavored rum and a mix of tropical flavored juices incl pineapple, orange, and cranberry; often garnished w/ a lime. If you are my bartender- no fruit please. I also like a float of Malibu on top.

I took some pics inside, but felt like a perv, so if you were there your secrets r are safe with Fee! But remember if you see me out, buy me a drink, show me your kicks & repp your SOLE!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

and if you are a man

you can see the look book for the Hundreds here

YAY!!! the new Tens (by the hundreds) is finally out!!!!

You remember we spoke to Digit, Tens creative Director at Magic last FEB. Today Bobby Hundreds posted the entire new season which has just been shipped out to stores and should be arriving in the next few weeks. Here are a few of my favorites:

Go to the hundreds to see the whole collection.

king stampede party!

Always fun...... ps go buy an ESKAYEL Shirt at!!!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Recon needs a sale

recon nort needs to have a sale cuz the staff is so annoying people stopped going there.
359 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012
TEL #: 212-614-8502