Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do Better than Shrink & Pink!

Interruptmag is doing real-world hacking too! These girls are serious. Check out this wheat paste job! Hey team, where is it? Can we put it up on Nike's campus?! HA!

Why Female Sneaker Fiend?

Those of you who keep an eye on FSF know that I haven't been at the top of my game lately--sneakers or otherwise. I apologize for that! Yes, the forums are down and driving us batty, but there's no stopping YOU all, out there doing your thing, holding it down for the females and killing it with the freshest of the Spring kicks.This video is about YOU.

Someone else who IS on the top of her game is Cameron Russell, taking on all the sexism in the media and shining a light on a number of cooooool females rocking their own media like we do. Here's a little piece she did on FSF, but don't miss her whole steez at

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bata Shoe Museum & Toronto Loves Kicks Present...

Time to order your plane ticket, talk your buddy into a road trip, whatever it takes! Bata Shoe Museum is North America's only shoe museum, and they'll be showcasing rare and beautiful kicks from over 150 years! If that's not enough to wet your whistle, Toronto Loves Kicks got Bobbito Garcia, aka Kool Bob Love, to come to their opening event. Don't miss it!

In their words:

The Bata Shoe Museum is excited to announce the opening of the first exhibition in North America to examine the history of the Sneaker Culture.

What you will see at this Sneaker Exhibit is the history from the beginning of shoes which came from rubber on tires, to what we know now as a Sneaker Culture – a culture that is often referred to as “urban” which represents many forms of expression i.e. fashion, art, music but really, it’s the people who unintentionally helped to elevate it to what we know today. From the likes of the Clyde Frazier’s (puma) to the Run DMC’s (adidas) to the Moses Malones (Nike) and the phenomenon himself Michael Jordan (Nike/Jordan Brand) who single handedly elevated a culture that breaths fresh air into the diverse world we live in today. Our parents and grandparents often refer to sneakers today as tennis shoes; however, it’s just terminology like tamatoe/tomato. At the end of the day, everyone should come out and support this one of a kind sneaker exhibition.