Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine's Day Sneakers: Keep it or Scrap it?

Every year sneaker brands put out their own spin on valentine's day sneaker. You get the same old boring ass colorways which is pink and red and then they top it off with some wack hearts. Like these:

Then sneaker companies often release foolishness like this:

Now with sneakers like these being released every year, I say scrap the V-day releases. Sneaker companies would definitely cut their losses by doing so. But to all my fiends out there what do you think? Should sneaker companies keep it or scrap it?

pics via: Sneaker News

Monday, January 24, 2011

PF Flyers Spring Center Hi Brights

Rumor has it that Spring is coming in a few months, and these kicks are almost enough to convince me! Never mind the 20 inches of snow due in Boston this week, PF Flyers is making me dream of grass and sunshine with these fun Center Hi Brights. Available online at and going down to a men's 4. $50.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

H-Town Sneaker Summit this weekend

Houston is holding its supreme sneaker event this weekend! Don't miss it if you can get there, and I know you Texas fiends will driiiiiiiiive for kicks. For more info on this huge event, check their website,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Claw Money's Serious Boosted baggage sale!

Claw has some serious mark downs on her boosted bag collab. Prices range for $5-20 bucks! Can't be that with a stick! Cop yours on

Nike Black History Month 2011

Every year, Nike drops a tribute collection for black history month. This year's collection includes AJ3, Converse star player, AF1 and a Zoom Kobe VI. Each sneaker is decked out in a black and gold colorway. Never really dug any of the Black history month's collection Nike has done but these are decent. They are simple and cohesive. Collection drops next month.

Pic and info via Lady Sneakerhead

Nike AM 90 Medium Grey/purple

New Nike AM 90's dropped on the scene this week and they're colorful yet subtle. The gray makes the look of the shoe clean, but with the different bright colors and the two different color laces it definitely makes the shoe more fun. This would make a good spring/summer shoe, but I doubt if I could pull them off.

Out now at Kicks Crew

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Amara Por Dios

As we all know, female sneaker fiends roam all corners of the Earth. Amara is a new FSF friend from Sweden. Check out her blog: Amara Por Dios for loads of kicks and some beautiful drawings of hers...

She loves pink, so I'm going to see if she'll jump into our January Preposterously Pink Sneaker Comp...

Preposterously Pink Sneaker Time Line Competition!

FSF is kicking off the new year with a new contest--the Preposterously Pink Sneaker Time Line! Inspired by the new efforts to document every sneaker ever made (Sneaker Freaker's Sneaker Museum and Footlocker's Sneakerpedia), we're going to document the longest lasting trend in sneakers! Longer than retros, neon colors, snakeskin, high-tech gizmos and maybe even vulcanized soles, we can document that the sneaker industry, through thick and thin, remains convinced that pink = female.

So help us collect the good, the bad and the ugly! The Pretty in Pink, the Hint of Pink, the Post-up-your-Player-in-Pink. Send photos of pink sneakers and help build the Time Line! All entrants will have a shot at winning their own autographed copy of Girls Got Kicks. Click HERE for more details...

All the Ladies Say Showing in NYC

Hey b-girls and hip hop fans, if you're in or near NYC, don't miss this showing of the amazing "All the Ladies Say" movie. You can also learn to dance like the pros, with classes offered that morning by featured b-girls Rokafella, Lady Champ, Aiko and Baby Love. For more info, check out their website,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ToughLove NYC's 3rd anniversary sale

The awesome brand ToughLove NYC is turning 3 today and to celebrate they are having a 50% off sale today only. Get up on it! :

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I just...I can't! There should be no reason why these exist and why they are priced at $100 and up. For the ladies that just don't know, Nike or any other brand for that matter does not make sneaker heels! If you see these just say no and run the opposite way!

That's Amor

So of course now is the time for the preview of (in my sarcastic voice) everyone's favorite day Valentine's day! Now let's be real, all of the Valentine's Day sneakers that have come out by all brands pretty much sucked. All that pink and red just ugh the worst! But this year Nike took a different approach on their Valentine's Day sneaker called "Amor" by making the main colors gray and black. And also adding of a touch of old school tattoo art to it. Check it out....

This is definitely a step up from the usual Valentine's Day releases but still not my taste. These are available now at Kix Files

Pics Via Kix Files

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Releasing today

Well these officially release today, 6-17-23 Carmine. But they have been on pys and a few other sites for about a month. Not my favorite Hybrid idea from JB but maybe they may look better in person or in a different colorway. Only time will tell. has them for about $20 under sticker price. Also available at Footlocker. Both places offer a full size run. As always happy shopping ladies!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get into Earpeace Radio w/Tough Love NYC!

Tune in tomorrow night with the lovely ladies of Tough Love NYC as they chop it up with special guests Eriks (C.O.P Mag) DJ Nire(MTTM/Shameless) and Tennille(C.A.K.E records) Don't Sleep!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Enough of the sleek crap Adidas!

There are very few Adidas shoes that I like and one of them is the Adidas Adria. Remember when the Adria looked hardbody?

Tell me those don't look tough! Unfortunately my lovely pair of Adrias have been beat to death and when trying to find another pair, I keep finding these...

All this sleek nonsense! Don't they give essence of clown footwear?! The whole sleek look is a major fail in my book and when it comes to Adrias, Adidas stick to the original!

Not really a Jordan head but....

the 5's are crack!!! And from what I'm been told, the Jordan 5's will be popping up all throughout the year. I want these white/blk and red ones as well as the all grey colorway that will be dropping in May. Looks like my sneaker spending will be up this year!

These bad boys won't be out till the fall. Pic Via The Shoe Game