Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cool sf internship...MAMA

Hey Ladies!
M.I.S.S. needs an intern to help out!

Requirements: We are looking for someone with a strong interest in fashion and journalism. Responsibilities include posting on the blog, moderating the web forum and promoting the site. Candidate must be comfortable using Photoshop and a proficient writer. In addition, Candidate must be responsible, detail oriented, graphic or web design skills a plus but not a must, and must have interest and knowledge about women’s streetwear, availability on Monday, Wednesday and/or Friday. Mama and MISS are located in San Francisco so you should live close, oh, and the position is unpaid but full of perks. Please send resume to and answer the following questions:
1. Last movie that made you cry?
2. Favorite TV shows?
3. If you could research anything what would it be?
4. Do you like cheese pizza with mushrooms?
5. Favorite fashion and non-fashion magazines?
6. Favorite candy?
7. Last CD you purchased?
8. Favorite board game?
9. Favorite websites?
10.How did you learn about MISS?

fashion Charity Gala With Pink EYE

E the custom Queen will be At this event Friday.. Dont miss This,,!!!!! and if you haven't seen her work you can check it out here

Worship worthy

One of my most favorite most read Blogs is worship worthy
It Celebrates Females and their artistic endeavors.......they are having a party tomorrow night if you are in the new york area...


I know this is totally irrelevant, but i swear, we all had on fresh kicks,, I just need to get in the habit of pointing the camera downwards for this blog......I willll .....

air force twos

I always see ray around town, with some random pair of SNEAKERS!

MAMA"S very own Gabriella A. Davi-Khorasanee

I met Gabriella When she was sponsoring our cooking up customs event in NYC last year by generously donating an array of her most wickedest t-shirts..Mama has been one of my favorite Sneaker influenced Brands ever since.....Here she is at MAgic with her crew Adriana Valdez & Felicity Villegas showing off some of the new designs for MAMA.

This is her kicks collection...check her out often on her blogS miss crew and the Glamorous Life

Can you give me a quick who, what , when, where , and why, for the Mama brand?
Who: Gabriella Adriana Francesca Davi-Khorasanee
What: Mama, One Hit Wonder, M.I.S.S. Crew, Mama’s Beats and Bruises.
When: November 24, 1974
Where: San Francisco, California
Why: I saw a hole in the market for true ladies street couture. Don’t get me wrong, there was X-Girl, Hysteric Glamour, Milkfed or other brands that catered to women as a side business to their men’s line, but I really didn’t see a women’s brand that was based on more then just clothes, I wanted something a little more feminine, empowering and positive.

How has sneaker culture influenced the clothes you make?
Sneaker culture has definitely had an influence on our design and our products. First and foremost, everything we make is designed to be worn with sneakers – there are definitely pieces that can be dressed up but at the end of the day they will all look fly with the right pair of kicks. Then there’s the colorways – sneaker design goes in cycles like anything else and there are always “hot” colors. For example, our C.R.E.A.M. tee did really well for us so we re-issued it in a light grey/lime green color way because we knew Nike was going to drop a bunch of shoes with those colors around the same time.

Sneaker culture has also been the impetus for some of the special projects we’ve done. Our Juicy Mama Nail Paint project grew out of the fact that I like to match my manicure to my kicks and I was having a hard time finding colors that matched my shoes. Most of the nail polish on the market is in the red, pink, orange and purple family. So I teamed up with Juicy Cosmetics to produce custom color nail polish. Everything from the colors we chose, to the packaging, to the promotional photos were influenced by sneaker culture. The kicks game also had a part in the design of the Lolita (lace) New Era. I have a pair of vintage British Knights Orchids that are white high-tops with black lace. Lace was a big part of our “La Dolce Vita” (The Sweet Life) collection already as I was using it on some of my cut & sew pieces like sweatshirts, tops and a trench coat. Seeing the lace on the BKs made me realize it wasn’t just for apparel but that it also translated well onto accessories . . . and the rest is history.

last of all what is your favorite all time sneaker?
Oh, jeez this is so hard. My favorite shoe of all time hasn’t been made yet, but I’ll let you know when I finish designing it. Haha!! As far as shoes that have been made I don’t think I could pick just one – it would betray my love for all of the others. I will list a few though . . . British Knights Orchids, LA Gears (any of the oldies), Reebok Freestyle, Air Max 97s (my 98 version with aqua blue), my faux Louis Vuitton A1s, Adidas Stan Smiths (white/Kelly green), Supreme Blazers (red), and SF Clerks Colin Miller Dunk Hi.

Anything you would like to say to all the female sneaker fiends out there??
Keep your shoes clean and don’t sleep on vintage – it’s not just for clothes - there are a lot of hot shoes out there!!

Brooklyn Circus

Brooklyn circus, a streetwear/ sneaker boutique had their one year anniversary party,,,,,, and after the David La chapelle opening,,,,(which was so crowded I got annoyed and left without taking any picture....SOrry!) I went to a series of bars with my friend maria,, who had just found out some bad news,,so we drank alot of champagne all over soho, and finally ended up at the super classy BROOKLYN circus party at MEGU in Tribecca.....these are the pics,,,

You can read about the brooklyn Circus shophere
After the party, I cruised on over to BEMBE the bar I work at,,, I rn into my friends CArol and Anita went back to there house for a night cap (chamomile tea) and look what CArol busted out.......(btw Peep her eskayel T-shirt)

Anitas painting makes the perfect backdrop.......

New FSF Flyer! what do you think?

designed by

Friday, February 23, 2007

Tens by the Hundreds.....

One designer I was particularly happy to meet was Digit (picured above at magic) from Tens.
Although Im an avid reader of Bobby hundreds blog I never realized they had a womens line called Tens,,,,,
Digit showed me some of the very cute/clever designs they have coming for 2007 and answered some of my questions:

What are the design principles of the new collection?
For my spring/summer collection of tees and hoodies, I focused on mixing high fashion detail and street in to one collection. I used lots of bright neon colors and pastels, to show the contrast between past, present, and future. For example...As a child, I wore pastels and light pinks and lavendars. For this season, there is a tee called Haterblocker (avaliable in 3 pastel colors), with 3 girls out of a storybook making fun of another girl who has jordan V's and cazals on. It just reminded me of being a kid and always trying to look fresh at school, and being made fun of for it. (see pic below) I also incorporated things that inspired me as a child. Including Gem, comics, graffiti, girlfights (haha), and dressing up in my moms stilettos. And in the midst of all these girly things, I was born in East Los Angeles and saw such a contrast with graffiti and gangs, and added that into my designs, as a way of keeping it real to the Cali street culture.

Do you collect kicks?

Have you been involved in designing for any other clothing brands?
yes. I have had the opportunity to design some kicks for Greedy Genius. They haven't been released yet though.

How has sneaker culture influenced the clothes you make?
I have been influenced by color ways and fabrications for sure. But most importantly, by the history of sneaker culture, and being a female in this game.

last of all what is your favorite all time sneaker?
Jordan IV's, and Reebok pumps.

Anything you would like to say to all the female sneaker fiends out there??

Damn Digit, this picture makes me want to move back to Cali,,,, ITs freezing in new york today!


This is NIck from King STampede and me wearing one of my favorite kingstampede shirts at magic....
I got to see some of the new designs king stampede is coming out with and they are definitely one of the most clever and funny streatwear brand out there,,,, they also have a website and a shop and sell alot of other nice brands and KICKS, they are the first who turned me onto KEEP kicks and thier shop is down the road from my house, So we know these kids from the neighborhood!
Check out all they do at

Duck sauce

I saw China town will at magic (thats him and me in the pic), He is the creator of duck-sauce hats.. they are super super ill fitteds made from silk patterns.
Check them out

At Magic I also Ran into Leroy Jenkins

I knew about LEroy Jenkins because of thier super fresh Hoodies they sell at the ladies sneaker shop LAces,,, When I saw thier booth at magic I learned that they have a full line and not just hoodies,, I really like thier style: Here they answered a few questions:
You are the designer for Leroy Jenkins correct?
upendo taylor and ron upperman are the designers for
leroy jenkins limited. (picured above)

Can you describe, your wicked hoodies in your own
words for us? in one word i can describe them as
OURS... any time you see the formula that we put
together to get our classic hoodies you think of us...
even if another biting clothing brands label's inside
of it.

You just make hoodies right? any plans to expand?we
do not just make hoodies... when we started we made
hoodies v-neck tees and bandanas... and this was 2
years ago... then we cam out with shorts and hats....
and now we have a full diverse line.

Do you collect kicks? not neccessarily... i buy what
i like... i rock all of my kicks until the soles fall
How has sneaker culture influenced the clothes you
make?just a little bit... not much really though...
we'll sometimes release a hoodie that has the same
color ways as a new shoe... but thats very rare.

last of all what is your favorite all time sneaker?
the jordan 1's... it brought the most saught after
shoe to the fore front... NIKE DUNK...

Anything you would like to say to all the female
sneaker fiends out
there?? i know you want more womens products from
us... we will be releasing a better variety of stiff
really soon.. just sit tight.

MEthods NYC

This is Dave GEE... He started methods NYC a few years back,, I remember meeting him when he had first atarted the line,, I was bartending and he stopped in with a mutual friend,, three years later and his brand seems to be everywhere iin new york,,,, Here is how he describes the brand:

We started Methods NYC Clothing about 2 1/2 years ago. We basically started out with the intent of being a support system for urban artists. We choose artists from around the world that we respect and whose art we want to push on the masses. We've had artists on the line that range from insane street bombers to high profile gallery artists. Some artists that we've worked with in the past include SuperBlast (Berlin, Germany), KOA (Lille, France), NYC Lase (MOTUG, NYC), Skam2?(FL), Dizmology (MOTUG, NYC), Vandal's Ink (LA), AS1 (Miami), Frost (PHILLY), and many others. Every line that we put out has designs from atleast 10 dope artists from around the world. This is why our line contains so much variation each season. I personally think that lines with one designer usually become sort of stale. A lot of the stuff looks the same and tends to become boring.

Each one of our lines has something for everyone. Chances are that you won't like the entire line, but you will definitely be able to find a few shirts that you love. We take pride in the fact that Rastas, Hip Hop kids, Hardcore kids, and just about anyone else can rock our shit.

We're based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I run the show with my dude Cassi and a few interns.

Sneaker Culture has definitely influenced us over the last couple years and they've really embraced us from our start. We always do extremely well when we vend at the shows. (Shouts to Soled Out, Dunk Exchange, and Sneaker Pimps!) Its really dope to do the shows and meet the kids. They're mad cool for the most part. Some of them get a little crazy with it though. I see kids walking around with 5-10 boxes of kicks and they still want more. Fuck it, better than spending that cake on drugs or whatever. A lot of our colorways this season were designed to match some SB's, Blazers, and Dunks that are coming out in the near future. We also just try to make the line as colorful as possible. If you 've got a new pair of kicks, 9 times out of 10, we have a dope tee to match it.

As far as my favorite sneaker, I would have to say any and all Blazers. An ex-girl of mine turned me on to Blazers and thats pretty much been my favorite shoe ever since. I recently copped a pair of Blazer Mid 73's (black/grey) and those are really dope.

To all the Female Sneaker Fiends: We love you guys! We finally have women's tee's this season that we made just for you! We used a lot of nice colorways and really tight designs. We think you'll be feelin them. Make sure to cop them at one of our retailers or on our site:

I finally got a nike ID studio apointment

(pictured is my ids i did online)
I am so excited!!!!
I just got this email!

Thank you for registering for an appointment online at We are pleased to announce that you have been selected to customize a pair of sneakers at the NIKEiD Studio at 255 Elizabeth Street in NYC. We would like to invite you to visit the NIKEiD Studio and work with a studio Design Consultant to come up with your own individualized premium NIKEiD design.

At the Studio you will experience the creative individual design process through a one-on-one appointment with a NIKEiD Studio Design Consultant while exploring the long history of NIKE AIR FORCE. In addition to the styles found on, you'll have the option of// //customizing/ the Air Force 25, Dunk High and Dunk Low with exclusive Studio materials. /

The Studio is open Thursday through Sunday from noon to 8 PM.

Please contact me via e-mail within the next 72 hours to set up your appointment.

Looking forward,

Cristina Vallecilla
NIKEiD Studio Assistant Manager

At MAgic I ran into some of the guys from Flight CLUB LA

This is Ricky (his back) and carlo, and Jay from Flight club LA......Even though they all originally hale from the east coast,,
IF you dont know about Flight club yet,, then you must be hiding under a large rock.....They are the only place you can get guarateed authentic shoes released anytime in history or now, for reasonable prices based on condition....
Check out thier website WWW.FLIGHTCLUBONLINE.COM

or go to one of the shops

NEW YORK, NY 10003

I asked ricky what his altime favorite shoe is,, and if he had anything to say to the fsf ladies....he said:
i would say my all time favorite shoe is the air huarache lite burst (ad21)

tell the girls we working on smaller sizes so come check us !

SSUR presents Goumada

Ive always been a big fan of the SSUR gallery/shop on spring street,,,,,And I was pleased to find out they are Launching a new womens line of apparel this year.....One of the designers, Ogino Yuko, (pictured with one of the gold embroidered hoodies) showed me some of the stuff they are coming out with,,, I love the use of embroidery and mythic imagery.
Look out for Goumada by SSUR coming soon!

brand new blog

hey folks,
here it is....FSF's brand new blog! Just a spot where some of us at FSF can get you quick updates, timely pics, and all sorts of other fun stuff from our perspectives as female sneaker fiends all over the world. If you'd like to join us, definitely let us know!
Meanwhile, many many thanks to eskayel for making it happen!
Here we go 2007!
(hint hint: whole new web design for our 2nd birthday...coming soon...)

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Vegas sort of appeared out of the stormy flight,,,,,MAgic.

I probably should have taken more pictures of peoples kicks at magic,,, but since its a clothing trade show, I focused on streetwear Brands that are making moves for us females.....The Following posts will feature Gabriella from MAMA, Digit FRom TENS, Nick from King Stampede, DAve from MEthods, A new ladies line from SSUR called Goumada, Leroy Jenkins,Ducksauce and Flight club LA, All BRands that are fairly new and are brining inovation to the saturated streetwear industry.

Other Tidbits from Magic.......
Claw MOney had some Original artwork in the BOOst mobile booth,, and a party at the liberace mansion,,,
Beyonces line, Dereon Had a massive booth But the one peice short sweatsuits were a little disapointing...
and the Label Lab had a few customizers in their booth that i didnt have a chance to talk to but check out,,They were repping Hook-Up Paint which is leather paint that wont Crack and is water resistant.

Monday, February 12, 2007

under construction

This Blog will be up and running by the end of FEb......All details will be anounced at!!!!!!