Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Black Death: The Documentary

As our FSF X Feiyue contest is still going on, Feiyue has dropped a full length clip of the "Black Death" documentary. Check it......Link

Black Death, a documentary directed by Andre Christopher Ardiaca,
traces the journey of the worldwide famous rock band "Black Death" and his lead singer, "Dude", during their last 80s tour.
Back then, Black Death was at the top of its popularity until all the band members started disappearing under mysterious circumstances. The first to go was Paul Anton, the famous drummer, who died accidentally during a concert at Earls Court. Scott Nichols and Pierce Mc Gill followed Paul Anton's fate and died tragically one by one.
Discover the story of the group who influenced a whole generation.
We invite those who participated in the contest to check the video too, if your answer is right you will be eligible for the sneakers giveaway.

Good Luck to those who have entered! And for those who haven't, hurry up and enter for a chance to win a free pair of kicks! If you haven't already guessed how the documentary will end, feel free to tell us your ideas for how you would have ended it... It's all about your creativity, and your chance to win free Feiyue sneakers...

The Freshmen presents: The 2nd Annual Queen City sneaker showcase

Hey NC fiends! On April 28th The Freshmen is bringing back their famous Queens City sneaker showcase. Buy, trade,sell and connect! Come through! Shout out to @notsoplainjane2 for the info :).

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sneaker wedge trend: Already done before its begun

Two months ago I posted a sneaker option for the ladies that wanted a sporty looking sneaker with a chic edge. Which are the Isabel Marant sneaker wedges. Now since the arrival of this particular sneaker wedge other brands are hopping on the sneaker wedge train such as this Italian brand Serafini's which is a complete knockoff of Isabel Marant's sneakers........

Pic Via High Snobette

And now Nike has jumped on too with their version feat. Liberty Fabrics.......

Pic via High Snobette
Now granted Isabel Marant was and is NOT the first person to do this trend. So I won't be one of those people who act like she created this look and everyone after her is a follower. But since she is relevant in today's age I will reference her sneaker wedges. I think its good that other brands are doing an inspired and more affordable version but I already see where this is going and the outcome isn't good. I know before I said I was feeling it but now, not so much. I am already tired of this look and it hasn't really popped off to the masses yet. I am still a fan of the Isabel Marant's version but even with her version I'm still tired of it. I am definitely sure more of these sneaker wedges will emerge from different brands in the coming months, which like I stated before its all good but I just can't. I know some you may or will disagree with me and call me a negative Nancy but I call it like I see it. But then again this is what happens with trends right? What are your thoughts?

Friday, March 23, 2012

OSD, the Class

"OSD: The Class" grad, Lovely Edwards

For those of you not familiar with OSD, it stands for Obsessive Sneaker Disorder. If that sounds like something you might be suffering from, don't miss their weekly live sneaker talk shows (FSF's own Fee is one of the hosts!) or their class series "OSD: The Class." Recent grad Lovely Edwards (above) tells you why:


It's been a few weeks since graduation and I'm still surrounded by that smell. You know that whiff you submerge yourself in when you open up that box, lift up that fantabulous construction of materials and colorways, loosen up the laces and stick your whole face in..."aaahhhh" FRESH KICKS. That's exactly how I felt each and every time that I logged into my assigned seat inside the virtual classroom of my institution of choice, OSD's "The Class."

"Greetings Disorderlies," Sean "Paper Chasr" Williams aka “Master Splinter of the Sneaker Culture," would greet each of us in attendance. It was definitely the most amazing, invaluable learning experience I've ever encountered. I registered for "The Class," yearning to connect my passion to an origin of creation, but only for personal satisfaction. I mean, it's a known fact in my part of the world (7 cities, VA) that I have a "thing" for sneakers, so why not take a class? Gain some credibility and open a store. That was my goal, my purpose, my point. Obviously this class was designed for way more because what I obtained was the god of dreams and goals... It was knowledge.

Throughout my lessons and assignments (yes I took a class about the sneaker culture that had lessons and assignments), I began to learn more about the athletic footwear industry as a business, OUR culture and its misconceptions, but what got my laces in a bunch, was what I learned about myself.

In a storybook pattern, my assignments accumulated documentation of dreams and goals I didn't know I had and put them all in obtainable form. My goals transformed into timelines. I went from "I would love to do that" to "I can't believe I'm doing this!" I've been exposed to so much more than sneakers. The lessons taught me how to shop dart and what to look for and more importantly, expect in terms of quality footwear. I was taught how to make my kicks make money for me and I'm not talking about any of that consignment, flipping sneakers sh*t. I mean real live and direct statements from companies explaining how they are aiding in the financial stability of my daughter's future. I was indulged in the creative aspects of the industry, including design, production, and even marketing. I'm confident I could teach your favorite brand's parent company a thing or two. "Yeah I said it!"

It is unbelievable how many innovative and positive things that are going on in our culture. I mean as of right now as you're reading this we have museums coming and globalized schools dedicated to the best design and production imaginable. Even if you listened to every episode of the OSD talk show and became Lori's personal shoelace assistant, you couldn't even BEGIN to conceptualize everything we have coming our way.

Believe me when I tell you, "YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS INDUSTRY OR THIS CULTURE." I don't care what's in your collection, who you follow on twitter or how many videos you have on Sneakertube TV, you need to take this class. It's loosened my laces and gave me the freedom to fly... All puns intended.

Don't believe me? Register for the class and test your knowledge. If you're in New York, do yourself a favor and sit in the classroom, you'll be far from disappointed.

That's enough horn-tooting on my end, I have to go figure out how I'm going to partake in everything this class has laid out for me. If you need help with homework follow me @KrazySoleLove, I'll be happy to help with homework!

Until next time FSFs around the world... WALK GOOD!

Claw's Collection Jackets are Back!

LinkClaw has some more awesome collection jackets. Only $180 and going fast. Those who don't know, they sold out quick last time, and they're pure Claw one of a kinds.

Speaking of pure Claw, check out her ode to Wonder Bread on the Centre-fuge Public Art Project in NYC...

New Art from Toofly

Younity co-founder and world-traveling artist Toofly is at it again with loads of new creations to brighten the Spring. The beautiful earrings are a project she's doing with her mom ("hi mom!"). Click the photo above to shop all her new stuff...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sneakerpalooza Vol 3-from San Antonio, TX

 Year of the Dragon inspired art
 Sneaks Up display-coming soon (APRIL)
 Texas two step w a twist
 Asher Roth performance
 Gotta support the vendors at events!
 Heat on the LADIES feet
Kicks fly, nails did, FSF in action

**all pics supplied by FSF's newest street team member Alexis in SA, TX**

Sneakerpalooza Vol 3 2012!

I pulled out my SpaceJam SB's and to add a little flavor I threw on some Huf socks!

The San Antonio event was a dope turnout!
Performances by Asher Roth and Pusha T
The Event was free for all ages of sneakerheads and brought everyone together in one room we all had the same interest sneakers and hiphop!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

DXC comes back to the BEAN!

Welcome back to Boston, Dunkxchange! We're excited to have you. This time the event will be hosted in the beautiful and spacious Villa Victoria Center for the Arts. See you there on Sunday, April 1st, 1-6pm.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

SxSW exclusive Free Run ID TODAY

In Austin, TX for SxSW? Love Nike Free's?  Love the green? St. Patrick's Day? Well then these Nike Free Run ID's are for YOU!  Get over to the VEVO/NikeFuel Station and grab a pair.  LADIES if you cop let us know & enjoy ATX!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

FSFeiyue! New Contest!! Death by Creativity!!

Back in the 80s, André Christopher Ardiaca, a huge rock fan and filmmaker, decided to follow rock hit band Black Death for a year. Willing to produce a tribute to the most important band of his generation, he finally ended being a privileged witness of the incredible tragedy the group was part of.

Paul Anton, the band’s famous drummer was the first one to go,dying suddenly during a concert at Earls Court. That was just the beginning of Black Death’s slope with the rest of the group members leaving this world one by one. Criminal inquiries lead to no conclusion and only Dude, the lead singer, seemed to be able to escape the tragic course.

Until the full documentary is revealed we invite you to check the “Black Death” teaser. Let your imagination go and let us know what could be the reasons for the rest of the band members to die. By entering the competition, you will have the chance to win a pair of Feiyue! You can send us your ideas at

Monday, March 12, 2012

FSF hits 5th Annual Mama's Hip Hop Kitchen!!

Hey ladies!! Check out this video of us at the 5th Annual Mama's Hip Hop Kitchen held at Hostos College in The Bronx!

Sneaker Nails Did pt. 7

I received some awesome sneaker nails did submissions from AstroWifey and Stephanie G. Get into their sneaker nails did......

Adidas nails did by AstroWifey

Galaxy Foam nails did by Stephanie G.

If you have any sneaker nails did pics hit me @

Stone wash Vans! iWant

Usually stone wash anything can look like a bad 80's flick but these new stone wash Vans don't. A nice yet subtle stone wash on these Vans authentic's make stone was awesome again. Definitely perfect the spring/summer 2012 season. Now if I can get this stone wash Marc by Marc Jacobs tote to match with these Vans my life would be complete.

These are available at Vans and Vans retailers. Pics via Kicks on Fire

Sunday, March 11, 2012

adiZero Rose 2.5 "black and blue" colorway

Speaking of things we love about Chicago (go SnkrDivaMOB!), I'm loving these Rose 2.5s, and this colorway. I still rock my Crazy Lights, in part because the Rose 2s hurt my ankles. This design has solved that awkward ankle-dip problem with some lovely padding, while keeping much of what make the Roses eye-catching.

According to adidas, this black and blue colorway is inspired by Derrick's hard fought path to the NBA from the physical style of play at Murray Park in the Englewood neighborhood of his hometown of Chicago. Whatever it's about, I'm down for it.

LinkIt goes down to a size 6.5 men's at footlocker--woohoo! Another reason to wear adidas...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The ladies are taking over OSD!

In honor of Women's history month, OSD are letting the ladies take over! Tonight's guests will include Janene Larson of Ramp Academy and UK's own Lemara Lindsay-Prince of the Invisble Women project. Hosting the ladies takeover is FSF's and OSD's own Feeway730!! Make sure you tune in!

Happy Birthday Chicago!!!

Chicago celebrated its 175th Birthday on March 4th! Chicago was claimed to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world by the great Frank Lloyd Wright. And I have to have to agree with Mr. Wright. I love my city! And with that said Happy Birthday Chicago!!

Here are a few things of Chicago's "1st's" worth celebrating!

Des Plaines a close suburb to Chicago was the first town to fashion the Nation's first McDonalds!

At the 1893 Chicago's Colombian Exposition the #2 yellow pencil was created for this event and as we all know what would the world be with your trusty number 2 pencil?

THE TWINKIE! The twinkie was created in Chicago's Schiller Park 1930!
The never expiring snack cake! I wonder if the first ever twinkie is still edible?

And one of my favorites the world famous Deep Dish Pizza!! OMG YUM! Ike Sewell and Richard Novaretti are credited with coming up with this artery cloggin, delicious deep dish pizza in Chicago at Pizzeria Uno in 1943! I thank you for this sirs!

And last but not least Chicago became home to one of the worlds first skycrapers. The Sears Tower. (I refuse to call it Willis Tower) In 1884 the tower was constructed and still remains as the tallest building in the western hemisphere!!

With all that said! I salute you Chicago! I love you and always will!

And you say Chi-City!


Heres a sneak peak at what myself and fellow FSFers have been working on with @AstroWifey and Beedee of Sneakherbox. AstroWifey is an amazing nail artist that we have featured before and love working with. She was at the bok signing at Akin hooking the ladies up with mani's to match their kicks. She does AMAZING work and is beast when it comes to scaling images and ideas down to a nail! So if any of my fiends are in the Chicago area seeing AstroWifey is a necessity! Sorry for such a small tease butI cant wait to share the actual video with all of you!

@SnkrDivaMOB x Nike Amor Dunk

@CopEmNRockEm23 x Lebron South Beaches

Monday, March 5, 2012

Girls Got Kicks tour heads to Detroit!

Hey Detroit fiends! Girls Got Kicks to heading your way tomorrow! There will be a Michigan Raw Beat Battle and a special performance of the Born in Flames tour. Damn I wish I was going! lol Hope all you fiends make it out!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Joyrich LA Sneakers

Eccentric LA Brand Joyrich just released they're very own line of sneakers. Joyrich went with a Chuck Taylor-like silhouette but kept their funky/eccentric prints as the design. I am a big fan of Joyrich clothing and I'm definitely digging the bone collection one. Each sneaker costs $112, which is on the pricey side of life but they are good quality. Sizes runs in a women's 6-10. These are available at Karmaloop.

The Citrus Rush Sneakers

The Bone Collection Sneaker

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nike's Little Fantasies...

Hey ladies, what do you think of this video? I think it's the most sexist ad I've ever seen Nike put out. It definitely says a whole lot about how they see females, and it's not about our love for kicks! And I bet they spent more on this one video than they have EVER spent on marketing women's sneakers...