Monday, April 30, 2007

toofly interview is up!

FSF has done an in-depth interview with nyc's amazing graf artist Toofly. Find out what her no-joke icon wears on her feet, how she got into her craft and what her thoughts are on the sneaker and streetwear scenes...
Read interview.

new FSF t-shirts and tanks are in!

hey all,
we've got all the details on the "Spring line" of t-shirts, baby-girl tees and "boy beaters". Order now, supplies limited! Only $22 including shipping to US, $25 beyond...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution Set

Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution Set
This new sneaker cleaning product is specialy formulated for sneaker heads and the rare kicks they can't afford to ruin with uncareful cleaning. Its good for your sneakers and good for the enviroment, using all natural ingredients!
Complete set. Includes 8 oz. Premium Sneaker Solution and Sneaker Cleaning Brush intimately packaged in JASON MARKK sneaker box with koi paint splatter design.
8 oz. Premium Sneaker Solution
Does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives
98.3% Natural and completely biodegradable
Safe on all colors and materials
Effectively cleans and conditions
Cleans over 50 pairs of sneakers
Sneaker Cleaning Brush
Synthetic bristle
Handcrafted wood block brush
Heat-stamped Jason Markk logo on handle
Excellent for tackling dirt on midsoles
Great for all-around cleaning
Tough on stubborn stains
The kit cost $25.00
and you can get it at

killer kicks

Big Fun

Thursday, April 26, 2007






from FUTURA LABORATORIES stuff to match your FLOMS :)

you can get all this stuff at Colette's we sold out
The SB's below with the Famous Flom print.

POP Up shop this weekend NYC!!!

I hear there will be free wine, while you shop!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Friday, April 27 2007
Mass Appeal presents...
*Bomb It*
An Afterparty for the Tribeca Film Festival Premiere
Feat. DJ Eli
*205 Club*
205 Chrystie @ Stanton, LES, NYC
Doors Open at 9pm
Free Admission for Bomb It ticketholders.

Alife clearance!!


* * * * * CASH ONLY * * * * *



COOCHIFRITO from the peoples at SUPREME

I am going to this because I like King Size very much. See you there


GET your ESKAYEL quick!

Hey guys, heres a little bit of shameless self promotion. I am proud to present limited editions tanks designed and sewed and printed by me!!! There is only like fifteen total so get them ASAP just in time for summer at boundless/kingstamped's online shop!
And if you really have been wondering who the heck I am and what do I do, check my website and my myspace, ADD ME!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Death and Life of the Avant-Garde

image by Swoon.

Graffiti has been co-opted by advertisers and even the most out-there tastemakers are susceptible to corporate sponsorship. Can art still have a countercultural voice without a MySpace page? Today Stephen Duncombe, a professor of media and cultural studies at N.Y.U.; Hugo Martinez, a gallery owner and founder of the United Graffiti Artists collective; and the street artists known as SKUF and Swoon discuss the state of radical art and activism, and, presumably, wheat paste recipes and the price of spray paint.

6:30 p.m., CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue (34th Street), Manhattan, (212) 817-2005; free.

b-day bash

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cincinnati's First Shoe Summit

Cincinnati's First Shoe Summit
Hosted by Matt Tomamichel, Jon Staudt, Jason Gardner and Chris Casseday and sponsored by Anonymous.
Cincinnati, OH – April 10, 2007 – The Cincinnati Sneaker Showcase will celebrate the growing subculture of the sneaker world with a first-annual event on Saturday, April 28th, from 6:00 – 10:00 p.m. at the Kingsgate
Sponsored by Anonymous Skateshop, the Cincinnati Sneaker Showcase aims to bring a whole new generation of shoeheads together in the tri-state area. With an extensive collection of sneaker designers and exhibitors, this
event is the first of its kind to hit Cincinnati. Sneakerheads will have the chance to view custom designed, hand-painted
sneakers by local artists as well as limited edition shoes from Adidas, Converse, Nike, Pony, Puma, Vans, and others.
Live competitions will take place throughout the showcase. Attendees will have the opportunity to judge collections at the party. Prizes will be given to those who participate in competitions. All who
attend are eligible to win shoes and other items during raffle drawings.
Exhibitors and attendees are encouraged to buy, sell, and trade from their own collections at this event.

All proceeds will be donated to Shining Star Sports! Shining Star Sports is non-profit organization committed to teaching solid basketball fundamentals, player self-confidence, and the life skills of discipline, teamwork and integrity.

If you would like more information about this event, or to schedule an interview with a showcase host, please email Matt Tomamichel at


This girl was a regular at the bar I work and close with many of my friends. Her hit and run is still unsolved, if you have any information please refer to the flyer. Thanks!

Reckless Truth

Two FSF's contacted me on the Forums about thier blog reckless truth. When I checked it out I was Pleasantly surprised with the eloquence in which they wrote about issues relevant to their lives. Their Blog touches on subjects alot of hype Blogs these days are kindof ignoring, with topics ranging from college bound entrepenuers, Obama, and Beyonce. Here is an interview I sent them and some pictures of them with their favorite kicks!!!
Who are you two? (real names and screen names on fsf please!)
Rachel: I’m Rachel and stellarSTEEZ on FSF.
Alex: Alex Neason, aka LEXgotSOLE on FSF

You are students at which University?
Rachel: Both freshmen at St. John's University in killa Queens
Alex: ST. JOHN`S UNIVERSITY! (Queens campus)

And you are both majoring in writing?
Rachel: I’m a Journalism major. I’m not quite sure what Lex’s major is but we met in Public Relations class.
Alex: : I’m actually a communication arts major, with a minor in Journalism & Business

Why did you decide to start a blog and what type of Blog do you consider Reckless truth?
Rachel: Well initially I had a blog [One Real Broad] that I wrote on my own. I noticed that a lot of things on the internet that have to do with politics or other issues like that are boring, filled with political jargon and just not targeted toward people like me. So I started writing something that was the total opposite. Then Lex and I started Reckless Truth together. I mean honestly if two heads are better than one just imagine what two masterminds working together are capable of! We can take over the world one hit at a time.
Alex: Well, Rach had a solo blog that I was a regular reader and fan of, & when she asked me if I wanted to collab with her I jumped all over it; she’s an amazing writer & the two of us combined do some serious damage

How does Sneaker Culture influence your Blog/ Lives?
Rachel: Oh man, the best phrase I can think of to sum up the way I feel would be “walk a mile in my shoes.” People always talk about how by just looking at a person’s hands you can tell their past I think it’s the same way with their kicks or any other kind of shoe because different styles tend to reflect different journeys whether professional or personal and that is what Reckless Truth is all about… a journey; our reckless journey for the truth.
Alex: Sneakers are part of my personality, alongside shoes comes street/urban culture including music, fashion, ect. It’s a part of my upbringing & shapes who I am on paper and off, so naturally you’re gonna see that expressed in my writing.

I really appreciate the fact that your Blog is so well written and addresses political and social issues that are relevant yet unresolved. How much has the college environment influenced what you write about?
Rachel: My parents told me just before I left that my experience in college was going to mold me into the person I’d be for the rest of my life and at the time I didn’t really want to accept that. I believed that I already knew who I was and if anything college would just round out the edges but I was very wrong. By St. John’s being so diverse I’ve come across so many beliefs and opinions on different subjects that if I didn’t write about it I’d probably go crazy. As a matter of fact if the wrong person ever got their hands on my journal there’s a good chance that I’d either be admitted to some kind of hospital or thrown in jail. It’s pretty wild.
Alex: College is one of the best environments to get into if you’re interested in socio-political issues. Opportunities are HUGE on campus & a lot of what I write about stems from an event I attended, a forum, club meeting, or conversation I had on campus. College, especially St. John’s, is extremely diverse and there’s a lot of really intelligent people on campus from different backgrounds, with views & ideas to learn from.

How long have you guys been female sneaker fiends?
Rachel: I’d say almost a year for me. Yes, a very short time but I caught onto the game really fast and I’m not looking to be benched any time soon. But I don’t think I’m as deep into as Lex.
Alex: I always wore sneakers, but I think I really got crazy about them in high school. I was living in Hawaii & people don`t know but sneaker fiends, especially female ones are a big part of the population down there. The presence, alongside the booming sneaker culture (check out In4mation & Kicks/HI) in Hawaii sparked my obsession.

What’s your favorite all time shoe?
Rachel: My favorite shoe will always and forever be the Reebok Classic! I’m constantly catching heat about this but people just don’t understand! The Reebok Classic… the name says it all. It’s timeless and it goes with everything. Just like me. ; )
Alex: Alex: I’m obsessed with DUNKS. People know me for my obsession with them, but I don’t discriminate with shoes, I’ll wear whatever I like,

What other females do you most admire?
Rachel: La Bruja, Ellen Degeneras, and Soledad O’Brien.
- They are all very powerful women, each in their own way, who with strength, grace and courage managed to come out of whatever personal tragedies they may have encountered on top of the world. I could name a lot more but those seem to be my top three right now. And my sister is my hero. <3
Alex: Alicia Keys. I admire her for her VOICE. By this I don’t mean just her singing voice, because there is no doubt that it’s incredible. Not only does she have a beautiful voice, but her MIND is beautiful, meaning that her written words capture feelings that we sometimes can’t find a voice for. I respect her as a singer AND a poet, for being able to sing and write what so many others feel but can’t express.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Saturday April 21, 2007
5PM - 2AM

The Brooklyn HI DEF Hip Hop Festival is an independently done festival that will reconnect the broken ligaments of hip hop that are being broken by the mainstream record label machine. Showing and proving how powerful grassroots are, this festival will unite the positive and political powers of urban word and urban media that has been thriving below the streets of New York. This is the year we will bring it to you in HI DEF.

Performances by: The ReadNex Poetry Squad, Patty Dukes, Chosen, Hasan Alaam, Queen Godis, HiCoup / Graffiti Art By: TOOFLY, A film by FLUX Rostrum

5PM to 6Pm: Hip Hop Film
6pm-8pm: Break Dance
8PM-10PM: Hip Hop Show
10pm-2am: 4 Elements After Party

General Admission: $20.00
Groups: $10.00


INKS™ New Color Totes!!!

New INKS™ Spraycan Tote colors just added!!!

INKS™ is the graphic work of Pamela Mena. A 22 year old young talent, who's pursuit to find her own identity has lead her into a world full of expression and freedom. Pamela grew up in in Queens, NY and Daytona Beach Fl. Two very different environments which enabled her to develop a very eclectic, "chill mode" style. She began making stencils in 2002 after being inspired by a famous stencil artist in Europe named Banksy. Street art, punk rock, and moving back to her beloved NY with big sister Toofly, gave Pam the opportunity to mix up her influences into what she now calls INKS™. An independent line of fashion accessories bearing her graphic and design work.

INKS™ stencil work has been featured in books like Stencil Pirates, and online sites like Wooster Collective. Her hot pink, and gold printed totes can be found at Hi-Five (NYC), All the Right, (NYC) and her online myspace shop

Monday, April 16, 2007


Yo I met kool herc once at a graffitti show he was spinning at,,, We were setting up the show and we awere all hungry, we wanted to order Japanese and he wasnt really feeling japanese, but i convinced him to get teriaki chicken,,,, and he liked it,,,,thank God, cuz hes the Founder of Hip Hop and I didnt want him to spin on an empty stomach. Dont miss his set He is legendary. And our very own E the Custom Queen will be set up at this event as well!!!

still more pics

This blog seems to only allow me to post 5 pics at a time, so here are a few more from the fun...
Thanks again to Curtis and Gary at the dunkxchange for hosting!
The nice folks at Sneaker Rehab...Hackensack!

One of these girls won a FSF t-shirt in a dance contest!

Ewings in kids' sizes! Check out Sneaker Room in Jersey!

And just so you know how the game gets started, here's my girl Sophie rocking some Chucks on the playground! Don't let the hypebeasts get you down, cuz it's all about love...

more dunkxchange pics!

Yup, FSF had a crew at dunkxchange, and it was fun to see some old friends there as well...the crowd...

FSFers selling some kicks...

our girl Sneaker Pimpette mixing it up in the sneaker pit...

the Rebelaire crew...

E and Toofly reppin' FSF!

Over 900 guests, and no doubt thousands upon thousands of dollars dropped on "legal drugs"

MISS behave


SEATTLE this is for you

Sole Collector Air force 1 25th birthday edition

The 25th birthday of the airforce 1 edition of Sole Collector magazine is really good! The interviews with the likes of DJ Clark Kent, Fat Joe, Mr. Chi McBride and yours truly, the FSF gang. Get you r Copy at your nearest foot locker and check us on page 18.

FSF at Dunk exchange NYC

Lori (FSF founder) and our intern Melany at the FSF table,,,,,

Check out our new shirts!

E the custom Queen and TooFly with custom kicks and T-shirts.