Saturday, March 31, 2007

two shows you might like

Two artist I really like alot, Swoon and Matzu MTP.

dj annalyze

Dj annalyze is my homie! She is ALWAYS making moves China is next, Constantly on her GRind performing with Lady soveriegn, def jams newest prodigy for example, and keeping my ears HAppy with her wicked mixes,,,Her last mix is one of my top most played in my itunes. Today she Blesses us with a new mix which you can hear and download here.
For more info go to

Friday, March 30, 2007

Leroy Jenkins revisited

I can see myself at McCarren park in these shorts, with my ids i just got in the mail,,,,check the interview with leroy Jenkins at high snobiety

Duck sauce, (this time there are pics)

Last time I talked about a Duck Sauce I just had a picture of the creator of these wicked hats CT Will. But now he finally made a look book and it is soooo cute and I love these hats! You can see the whole book here

new ST33 features real stingray...

Here's the next delivery from Super Team 33! This whole year NB will use the 1400 sillhouette, with each quarter's model designed by a different region. This stingray-plaid wonderkid was designed by the heads in Japan. Out April 20th at 33 doors worldwide.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Respect your feet

Since all of the retro ones jordan is coming out with in the coming months basically look like fakes,,,,, (west coast lows???)
Im switching my alegiance to vans and one of their classic styles.....In Classic colorways. Behold The Vans Half Cab.

available at your local skate shop, or Classic Kicks, my favorite.

MICHAEL K, the good and the bad

So I was feeling my red air assaults and I knew the yellow ones were coming out and I wanted them. But when they came out I was so busy I didnt have a chance to go to the usual spots, and they sold out. Enter Michale K on Broadway between spring and Prince. This place always has what you were looking for at recon, or classic kicks, or any other boutique type shop, and they always STILL have it when everywhere else doesn't, including retro jordans and almost all rare releases. WHY is that?
well its because instead of charging the SRP of $70.00 for these kids sized air assualts they charge $85.00!
But Hey it beats EBAY if you really are desperate for a specific shoe.
Michael K.
512 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
nr. Spring St.

Starks Laces

I just got a friend request on myspace from these guys: Starks Laces. This is what they say about themselves:
Starks is the first sneaker lace brand. Based in New York City. Starks laces are made of synthetic yarns, and feature our signature aglets.
And oh yeah....these are my favorite laces........


Cuban Women's Hip Hop comes to NYC

“Las Mujeres de Hip Hop Cubano” Tour stopping by Sounds Of Brazil!

New York City, New York - A tour highlighting women and Hip-hop culture in
explodes onto the NYC hip-hop scene in the form of lyrics, beats, music,
spoken word, art and activism from March 21 until April 9, 2007.
Las Mujeres
de Hip-Hop Cubano: Omega Kilay [The Woman of Cuban Hip-Hop] Tour will
showcase three important groups out of Cuba:

Las Krudas, a trio who rap about their personal politics, realities of their
situation as Cubans in exile and activism

Leidis, a DJ and influential spoken word artist and poet and
Magyori aka La Llave, “the key” to a dynamic hip-hop crew EPG, out
and 10th Street Vedado, Havana.
tour will culminate with a performance event that will take place at the
legendary music venue, Sounds of Brazil [SOBs] on April 3rd, 2007, located at
204 Varick Street

at West Houston. Half price mojitos, La Bruja singing and
Toofly painting live…what more do you want?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

KING STAMPEDE spring line release party

one of my favorite lines king stampede are having thier release party this Saturday, and there are free Giveaways from one of the coolest new shops in Williamsburg boundless at the corner of Roebling and Metropolitan in that big building with all the artwork on it.

San Fran AF1 Party!

Folks on the West Coast, here's your chance to show off, party wildly, and maybe even win YOUR CHOICE of AF1s....have fun. Wish I was there!

Just another reason to move to Canada!

Athletes World introduces the Sneaker Headz collection
in 20 stores across Canada March 24th, 2007.

Athletes World is proud to present Sneaker Headz, a seasonal collection of
rare and limited releases. Offered in 20 stores across Canada, the range
includes special releases from Nike, adidas, Puma, Reebok and Pro-Keds. The
collection will continue to see new drop dates for upcoming models.

OH, just another reason to move to Toronto!

genius flyer art

I have to work, so I wont be there, but it might be fun.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Funk Worthy Presents
Miss Angelina & The Jersey Girls @ BPC
B-Boys breaking all night
And Ladies Free before 11pm!!!

Another great night put together by DJ's instead of promoters. The focus here is on improvising live instrumentation with a DJ and vocalists at the helm. Miss Angelina puts on a vivacious show backed by the Jersey Girls with their blend of sassy nu wave hip hop. Resident Dj's Geko Jones, Reaganomics and 3rd Rayl.

We Sold OUT has a bunch of new stuff, including the fire red Jordan III's, and new clothing from Stussy, Fresh jive, new vans, 25th anniversary reeboks, and more. Get your credit cards out before shit sells out!

this fits my mood today (rainy day)

,,,from wooster collective's mailing list.

Vans "3 Feet High" x KICKS/HI Chukka ~ 24 Hour Online Release --

I just saw this in time, posted by Sky Gellatly on

"Vans "3 Feet High" x KICKS/HI Chukka ~ 24 Hour Online Release --
"From Friday (March 23) 400AM (HST) until Saturday (March 24) 400AM (HST), we will have an exclusive, limited run of the KICKS/HI x Vans "3 Feet High" Chukka available in our online shop. 24 hours online..."
got to

Thursday, March 22, 2007

ISS meet up 3/31/07 @ Chelsea Piers

Date: Saturday, March 31st 2007

Location: Chelsea Piers

Meet Up: Chelsea piers at 1pm

Queens meet up at 11:30 at queens center mall.

Activity: Bowling and Bar hoping after for 21+

Contact Info: AIM - oofun64 (ISS) OR f33way730 (FSF)

LADIES let's repp OUR sole!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

FRESH SOCKS for those kicks

Thank you Rebel 8! available at

2many hypebeasts!

purple crush has a hilarious new single and video...I agree!
2 Many Hypebeasts

check it out...or check them out if you're near Miami...lucky dogs!
you can also find them at myspace/purplecrush

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Here is your newest edition to the Female Sneaker Fiend blog....Sneaker_Sandy, crazy female sneaker connoisseur. I´ll be giving you the hottest news from all around Europe! I live in a really boring country called Sweden. Here is absolutely nothing else to do than to sit on the internet and buy kicks.

I´m turning 27 today, happy birthday to me!!!!And I´ll be celebrating my birthday in Amsterdam, and while I´m there I´m gonna write a kickass report on all the hot spots. There is also an AF1 show room where there is gonna be a Nike ID design desk, multiple collections of Dutch collectors (Patta, Brainpower and more), very limited editions and unique video footage. So I´ll be checking that out and MC Serch is performing, so I´m hoping to hook up with him and talk some sneakers. Sounds interesting? Make sure you dont miss out......Stay safe

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A few of my favorite things

WORSHIP WORTHY for things I want to know
VALLEY for clothes, nails, WAx, and food!
(artwork by ME!)

KCDC X ST Paddies DAy X FSF's X Mechanical bull riding!!!!!

For St Paddy's Day this great skate shop in my neighborhood KCDC, had one of their GREAT parties, and this time for some reason they had a mechanical Bull!!!!!
thses are just girls with kicks riding a was funny!...I am really sad i had to leave before i got a chance to ride!...if you are one of these girls let me know, ill post your name or your website or
Happy st paddys day