Sunday, May 31, 2009

adidas Originals by Originals Dave Beckham x James Bond

Everyone's still ooh-ing and aah-ing over the winged Jeremy Scott adidas, which really blew up their "Originals by Originals" line. Now adidas is ready to come back with a new original designer, soccer legend and media-heartthrob David Beckham. He's picked James Bond of UNDFTD to collaborate with him on two great adidas originals: the Official, which I've always loved for its buttery leather, and the high tech Marathon TR Mid. The designs are subtle and quite beautiful if you ask me. I'm guessing they've only made one mistake: I bet they don't come out in small enough sizes. Don't you think the Official would look great on small feet?

Launch date rumored for June, although I might sit on mine til wintertime...
Images from hypebeast.

Nike Women's Vandal "Triad Straps"

Check out these upcoming Nike the 3 straps! And they're a women's release too. Cheers! Can't wait to see them up close...

Image from

Why Guys Buy Fakes (and Girls Don't!)

Everyone hates fakes, right? Folks were going ballistic when rumors spread of Big Boi's fakes at Sneaker Pimps ATL. Was it an honest mistake? Could well be, since industry estimates are as high as 97% of sneakers being fakes! (Richard Stanwix, Head of Brand Security for Nike, in an interview with Sneaker Freaker.) Insane.

Now it might be blaming the victim to say that guys' egos keep the market alive, but I think I have a fairly strong argument. Check it

Skippies for Summer!

Janine, our fearless journalism intern, is heading for Europe... What sneakers should she pack? Weighing the needs of comfort, cost and versatility, she gives us the update on an iconic and price-conscious summer favorite--the skippy! Read her Summer Skippies article here.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Layoffs across the Sneaker World

Converse "Pink Slip-on"

Layoffs are hitting the sneaker industry hard. Recent announcements of 1750 layoffs at Nike amount to a 5% worldwide cut in staff, including cuts of 500 jobs in Beaverton. Converse is, of course, included in that count. adidas (with Reebok) are doing their own "restructuring", including cuts of approximately 1000 jobs worldwide and 500 at Reebok. Already FSF has seen many of our favorite contacts at sneaker companies lose their jobs. Since much of our work is about building the FSF community, we want to acknowledge the losses and stress that many women (and men) in the industry are facing. Our thoughts are with you as you try to find new work and reshape your lives.

We are also watching to see how job cuts impact the sneaker industry's relatively new (and fragile) commitment to female sneaker fiends and athletes. Already Nike has cut Mary Thompson, the head of its grassroots girls basketball program. (Under her watch Nike had firmly taken the lead on national tournaments and skills academies for girls.) We hope other difficult decisions like this one don't threaten the industry's commitment to high quality sneakers for female athletes and sneaker connoisseurs.

Note: If you are a female who has been laid off by the sneaker industry or has been impacted by layoffs in some way, please contact us for a follow up story at:

Sources: ESPN,, Transworld Business

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Johnny Cupcakes presents...

Each month, Johnny Cupcakes hosts a midnight movie of one of his all-time favorite childhood movies on the Coolidge's GIANT screen in Brookline, MA. (Right outside of Boston.) Not only does Johnny host, but he brings along limited edition tees to sell that are made just for each show. Fun, right?

This month Johnny is presenting the THE WIZARD and has set up a raffle where winners will face off head to head in a CLASSIC NINTENDO CHALLENGE. Get there at 11:45pm to partake in giveaways and mayhem!

The fellas love FSF!!!

FSF always gets mad love from everywhere and everyone. Recently two musicians NC rapper Royal-tee and NYC Producer Handcancel have shown us love on wax. Thanks for the love fellas!!!

Download Royal-tee's " Sneaker Fiend":

Playing with Canvas-Nike Dunk high fall 09

For fall 09 Nike has created a pack dedicated to canvas. To spice it up, they seemed to have used some sort of dot marker technique for the design. The Purple ones are the best looking ones in my opinion, the second pair need a little more work.  Overall the pack is still simple and somewhat likable. No word on when the actual release date is. Pics via Dunkbar

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Younity Art Show Deadline Extended

Click on image to read the details.... this is a great opportunity to get down with a fantastic crew of female artists from around the world! And a chance to be published! Don't miss it... The deadline for submissions has been extended to JULY 1ST. For more info, check out their website:

Format Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Girlz vs Boyz

Thursday, May 21, 2009

FSF x Sneaker Pimps...

FSF will be holding it down at Sneaker Pimps Miami May 30th, so don't miss it! (Note the new venue.) Here's a little peek at the FSF booth in Sneaker Pimps LA, where ReeCee and her crew repped hard for us ladies!

After Miami, New York City baby!

Britney Bosco at Santo's Partyhouse

Nike Goes Gladiator

Although I am a sneaker fiend, I do like to show some toe action especially in the upcoming months. So now Nike has made it easier for me by creating a gladiator sneaker sandal. At first I wasn't feeling them but the more I looked at them on Colette, they got my vote. They come in another color which is white and are priced at  80 Euro (that's 110 American). So what do you think?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Transformers by NIKE

Do you like Transformers? Did you know Transformers 2 is coming out this summer? Well NIKE does... Say hello to the Transformers 2 pack.

The CB 95 as “Megatron”

Air Max 95 as “Bumblebee”

Dunk High as “Optimus Prime”

The only unfortunate thing about them is they are a GS (Grade School) release!!!! I'll have to cop some for my nephew. It's a good look for the kids and little foot people.
Pics via sneakerfiles

Sue Bird (PE)

Sue Bird's Nike Zoom Soldier 3. While it is not a shoe deal, it is one step closer. The WNBA season starts June 6th, so check for Sue in her Nikes as she leads the Storm to many victories.

Monday, May 18, 2009

"Girl on Girl" Party NYC tonight!

Nina Sky, Oxycottontail, DJ ELLE...this is gonna be good!

Sneaker Fever Outbreak Alert!


FSF journalism intern Janine Simon reports on a sudden spread of a highly contagious illness...

"A dangerous infection has been claiming victims all over the world. The disease has been identified in Paris, France; there have also been thousands of cases reported in New York City. Experts anticipate the infection to hit epidemic proportions because it is spreading at a rapid fire pace. As Dr. Pinkeye asks thousands of patients, “Did you catch it yet?”

But never fear, she also selects a handful of perfect Spring kicks to help get you through the outbreak... for more on the story and her recommendations (like these Keep Shaheens), click HERE.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Jordan Girls

Hey ladies, how nice would it be to find a table like this @ a sneaker event. Yes, those are old retro Jordan boxes shown = 0
In 2002, Jennifer and Kiya began collecting sneakers. All shoes shown are for sale and out from their personal collections. Kiya worked in a sneaker shop and noticed the popularity of certain sneakers. Jennifer got bit by the bug through friends.
Jennifer (glasses) and Kiya both are from Jersey City, NJ (JERSEY stand up!)
Jordans on her feet
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Sole Jam - Ladies Footwork

Black & chrome Air Jordan 2
Black & red (bred) Air Jordan 11
Tweed & aloe Blazer Mid 73
Black & pink Greco
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