Friday, March 29, 2013

Interrupt women's voices on the media

Lori Lobenstine, founder of, is part of a powerhouse crew of women talking about the limited--and limiting--ways the media portrays women. Keep an eye on for more on changing the media! Or as we like to say: Don't sleep on the ladies...

Sneakerliv...a Sneaker Documentary from Sweden

This new Sweidish documentary, SneakerLiv, shines a light on what the sneaker scene is like in Sweden for 5 guys and 3 women. Of course the kicks are universal,  not to mention stuffed closets, traveling the world for sneakers and females dropping knowledge =)   Thanks Leif Egnell.

PachaMama & Toofly 10 Stories Up in Lima, Peru

In a collaborative effort 20+ women from the 5th annual Festival Nosotras Estamos en la Calle took part in creating a 10 story building mural entitled "PachaMama" in the center of Lima, Peru. To celebrate International Women's History Month, and growing love for Street Art. The women invited to participate in this event came from Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, El Salvador, Colombia, Brasil, Mexico, Argentina, and USA. The event brought these women together to create a larger than life piece that would represent WOMAN, NATURE, and IDENTITY. In a mountain like form, the image of a strong indigenous woman stands tall with a colorful poncho and peaceful blue skies. The quilt like pieces that come together like a rainbow illustrate images of; women, mother earth, animals, fertility, harvest, nature, native patterns, as well as planetary energy in mandala forms that comes from the sun, moon, and stars. As women from Latin America, and of native ancestors we believe that the PachaMama is working louder than ever before through artists and activists across the globe. Dope women at work! (--sent from one of the dopest of all--Toofly!)

For more amazing photos of the mural and the experience, check out Toofly's blog about it here:

Claw x Good Wood!

Claw Money and Good Wood have partnered to bring us this gorgeous wood iphone case! I love it.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

That Female Sneaker Spot


Shout out to "That Shoe Girl Katy"  who has started another website especially for us female sneaker fiends! I like what she has to say about putting aside the half-naked pics and being appreciated for herself and her kicks. Keep it up, Katy!