Monday, June 30, 2008

Ladies First

My Lunch break at Training Camp Again

I headed back over to Training Camp the one over on Broadway to see the new inventory. I was pretty impressed. Here is what in stock...

New 54'11's aka Freestyles

New Creative Recs

Nike Fortress

New Blazer's

New Dunk cl Lo's
f you Live in NYC and wanna hit up Training Camp here are the addresses:
1079 6th Ave
(41st ST & 6th Ave)
(212) 921-4430

25 West 45th St
(btwn 5th and 6th Ave)
(212) 840-7842

1498 Rockaway Pkwy
(718) 257-2087

1350 Forest Ave
Staten Island
(718) 447-4440

Pathmark Mall
1351 Forest Ave
Staten Island
(718) 273-9689

Staten Island Mall
2655 Richmond Ave
Staten Island
(718) 370-2893

530 Bay St
Staten Island
(718) 876-6383

Or order

Tonight at Sway!!!

Oxy Cottontail Presents.....
DJ BLAQSTARR (Mad Decent/Baltimore)
+ CLOCKWORK (Cincinnati)
Hosted by Miss Tasha Sancheezie, Dice + Roxy Cottontail
Photos by Tone
305 Spring St.
Btwn Greenwich + Hudson

Kicks Culture Chicago: the feminine perspective

Little Miss over at did a dope interview of the female perspective on Chicago's sneaker culture peep the vid....

Shouts to both Little Miss and Autumn from soulmates Chicago for giving their perspective

Sunday, June 29, 2008

R.I.P. Sydni Yoshi

Many may Know Sydni from our Forums. She was a great photographer and repped FSF. (Many of her photos can be seen at her online gallery here as well as in the FSF art forums.) Many may know the above image from our store on our website at that she took in the early days of FSF. She brought a lot of people to the boards and had a great spirit about her.

You can go to our forum post on Sydni to pay your respects and write any memory you may have in talking with her.


From Lori, FSF Founder

"I never met Sydni personally, but she has been a friend to FSF since the beginning. Few of you probably remember 3 years ago, I did a contest to get more folks onto FSF, cuz it was new. Members could get a point for every friend they referred to FSF. Pretty soon Sydni and this other girl Katrina were so far out front nobody else would compete! They went down to the wire. She had almost 2000 entries! I don't even remember who won or what they won, I was just so impressed at how much she put into it. She also used to be a great moderator on the forums, who really kept her cool, welcomed folks, and always had something positive to say. As many of you have mentioned, she also had a real gift for photography. A self portrait that I asked her take is still up in our store. She was just a really special, sweet, positive person."

FSF sends their condolences to her family, friends and anyone who knew Sydni.

May she Rest In Peace...

Even Though I didn't know her, this is just sad to hear I will pray for her family.

Here is a beautiful picture of her that her friend sent us:

Married to the Mob Keychain

Available at

Friday, June 27, 2008

new Rbk x Maeda collab: STRUCCESS

John Maeda and Reebok are out with their 3rd collaborative shoe. This time it's an Insta Pump Fury called "Struccess". We know John loves to combine words (timetanium, emoretion being his 1st two kicks), but I don't know... Strucess? Sounds just as hokey as Emoretion, if you ask me. Maybe it's just important to know that this is based on his ninth law: Failure.

This is the formula for struccess:

Here is John talking about the shoe:

It's all a bit much for me, but please submit a comment if you disagree! Do you like the graphics? The concept? Will you buy them? They're due out in early July, and I'll post the smallest shoe size soon.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Funkmaster Flex Sneaker Battle in NJ Saturday

Damn, what a weekend. At least if you're in the NYC/NJ area, you could go to the Funkmaster Flex Sneaker Battle in NJ on Saturday, and then the dunkxchange on Sunday.... This bad boy promises to be huge, and not to be missed. FSF will be in the house's worth the trip! And don't forget, it's a huge car and bike show too.
PS-tell Suraj I said hi!

dunkxchanges in NYC and Boston this weekend!

FYI... plus a few cool details:
1) always all ages, these guys never forget the shorties.
2) Boston only $10, NYC only $12!
3) NYC includes a nikeID booth and DJ Clark Kent
4) more performers than ever

Click on flyers for a better view of the details. Or click on

PS- I heard the FSF squad held it down in Miami last weekend too. you go girls!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another ILL Party!!!

Yours Truly gets Unruly for Summer 08

The women's wear line Yours Truly is ready to help you be "crazysexycool" this hot summer. Their summer line is called "Unruly" (which I love), and it looks like this:

They should be available on their website soon, but if you live near NYC, you can see them at their party this Saturday:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Air Walk Hypnosis

Don't sleep on the Airwalks, well, unless it's a hypnotized sleep and it includes buying me sneakers on command. These might do that, if you look at your feet too long.
I never wear this style of shoe, but for all of you looking for something a little different than the Vans that everyone and my mother has (not really), Airwalk has a great pedigree and some cool designs. Have fun! Men's sizes 5-12. Only $20! It's called the Fade Twin Gore. No idea why. If you know, can you add a comment?

You should Swing my way

Electric Punany

MeLo-X, DJ Jasmine Solano and Roxy Cottontail Present...
Electric Punany - Pum Pum Shorts Edition!
Electro and Dance VS. Reggae and Dance Hall All NIGHT!!!!

DJ Jasmine Solano
DJ Melo-X

Hosted by: Roxy, Dice, Marley Kate, Mr. Day Job & Friends


305 Spring St.
btwn Greenwich & Hudson


FSF City Guide is UP!

Check out the ONLY sneaker shop guide by and for female sneaker fiends! Find out who's got small sizes, who reps the females best and where you can get the latest and hottest kicks around the world. 40 stores reviewed so far including LA, Boston, NYC, London and more. It's a work in progress, so please add your own!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

More shots from Artistic Sole

1 last pair of customs from AS.
Chucks are easily the most rocked sneaker and this lady got Fee's lime socks for that summer feel.
Zebra blazers. Love blazers and couldn't figure out why hair needed to be on em. She rocked these with a flowing black skirt and killed em!
Size 15 v size 7...Fee's favorite Philthy (philly) to DC transplant LiL in AJ 12 and @ half his shoe size Fee in Euro 10th anniversary AM97.
B-boys and girls gather round for the dance portion of the event. No backspins from Fee-doctor's orders 0 = )

For more information on Artistic Sole or to order customs direct please contact @

DC's own Artistic Sole

Artistic Sole aka Imani (in tan skirt) and her crew. Yes the guy in the red bucket is holding NOT only a FSF flyer, but also Fee's business card. FSF-we hu$tle hard!
Imani's "Mad Decent" customs. She also crochets so she hooked up an ankle cuff to match.
Fee spies Stevie Wonder on this pair of customs even the blind could see
Loved these for the color use and gradient work. Big 3 sneaker companies- this is how they should look!
Fee dubbed these the "Gone Nuts" customs because of the words inscribed on em.

Displays, Sneaker Design School

Here's the picture of my exhibition stand before it all got packed away.
My apologies for the delay on this,

So after collecting all my work, I had to hand it all back in again with the possibility of it appearing in a shop window. The shop window was positioned in the prestigious Burlington Arcade, next door to the Royal Academy of Art's and over the road from the Ritz.

My sneakers were selected, and I'm quite pleased...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Special at the Produce Aisle

I would like to announce a new brand to the female streetwear market, Produce Aisle. Straight from Chi town, Produce Aisle brings a different kind of flavor to the table. These shirts are mostly Graffiti inspired shirts and dedicated as they would say to a "Self Made Bitch". Check the pics...

Self Made Boombox Pin-up
Self Made
Killa Heels
Hated by all
Chi Girl
Most definitely feeling the hated by all tee. If you like what you see you can cop these shirts
Produce Aisle will be dropping more designs July the 1st so be on the lookout.

New Nike Dunk High/Alabaster

After my last post my blood pressure got a little high and the only thing that could bring it down was these new Nike dunk Alabasters. This sneaker is pretty basic all decked out in a natural and clean colorway. Nike also played it up with a mix of suede and leather. These are due out some time in this summer and well be available at your local sneaker spots. I am definitely buying these when they drop.

My Two Cents

Even though this is a sneaker blog, there are some things that have been happening in the news that affects us all. The first issue I would like to address is the ignorance of the Low-class news station Fox News. These people are so ignorant and bored that they decide to make to make up racial and just plain old dumb stories about Barack Obama. Case in point...

Why does there need to be coverage and research on Michelle Obama giving her husband a dap? It's not that difficult to figure out what a dap means, people have been giving each other that hand signal for over 10 years. And to indicate that it could be a terrorist fist jab was just plain old stupid.

And I'm Sure you all have seen this genius...

What's going on fox? Are your ratings that low that you had to stoop to such stupidity and ignorance? You must have forgotten that you are a news station. Your job is to give factual information about current events in a professional manner. C'mon let's have a some class.

The Next Issue I would like to address New York's Public enemy # 1, The NYPD. I was cruising through our fellow female sneaker lovers Miss Crew's blog I came across this story....

Early this Wednesday (6/18/08) Rodstarz and G1 of the group REBEL DIAZ were up in Bronx on Southern Blvd in Hunts Point, when they noticed the police were harassing a street vendor who was selling fruit. The two went over to witness the cops in action and when they saw the police being abusive they pulled out a cell phone to video tape the incident and asked for the officers badge numbers. Subsequently they were beaten, detained and taken to 41st Precint in the Bronx under the direction of Captain McHugh.
Rodstarz and G1 will be going to criminal court Thursday (6/19/08) and are being charged with obstruction of justice and assault.Be there in front of Bronx Criminal Court 9AM215 East 161st. Street Between Sheridan & Sherman Ave, East of the Grand Concourse. Take the 4, B, D to 161st Street Yankee Stadium Station. See You There, Support Our Brothers!Please call the 41st precinct 718-542-4771 or arresting Officer MacHugo @ 718-542-8745 to demand:1. Drop All Charges2. Release Rebel Diaz!For more information contact La Peña del Bronx at the following: e-mail: Tel:718-292-6137 WWW.REBELDIAZ.COMWWW.MYSPACE.COM/REBELDIAZALL OUT TO THE COURT!!!!

Police officers get away with too much. It's like they hire people with psychological problems who couldn't afford therapy so they take there rage out on people by shooting them 41-50 times and beating them senselessly. When will this end?!? I understand that whomever came onto the force in 2006 is supposed to give 25% productivity for their recent raise increase according to the new contract,but this is excessive. Who wants to live in fear of the people that are supposed to protect you?

Favela Cash

Strech Armstrong
Roxy Cottontail


Nossa's Flavela Clash Returns!!!
179 Macdougal St NYC, 10 PM
$10, $5 with RSVP:


Keep's summer solstice sale

keep summer solstice sale


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yao Ming Pump Omni Hex Ride

All of the sneaker companies are wondering what to do about the Olympics. First they went all out to have the flyest kicks on the best athletes on the biggest stage. Now they're halfway to all out--as in let's get the hell out before anything dangerous or political can happen. Heaven forbid an athlete takes a side or has an opinion that might be controversial. (Remember, "Republicans wear Jordans too"?) So now they're stuck: great product, dicey stage, how can they make the most ($) with the least risk?

Speaking of risks, Reebok's biggest world star, Yao Ming, is still at-risk of not playing in his homecoming Olympics. (Good thing lesser-Reebok-star Rajon Rondo played so well in the NBA clincher! Go Celtics!!) But back to Yao. He has been cleared to play on the Chinese national team in tourneys leading up to the Olympics, so hopefully his foot will cooperate and we'll get to see him go all out as the hometown hero. In any case, Reebok is dropping these beauts August 8th to celebrate his return. 2,008 individually numbered pairs will be released in China, and there will be unnumbered releases in Europe and the U.S. ($150)

Click on the images above or below for better detail.

I really think they're quite beautiful, especially the dragon which snakes around the entire shoe. I'm not so fond of the Hex Ride midsole, which seems like yet another version of the Shox, but what can you do? The rest of the Pump Omni details look superb. These are the first Mings that I would rock. They should come out down to a size 6.5 men's, but I'll keep you posted.