Friday, February 24, 2012

A sneaker penny auction site? Why not!

Would any of you fiends like to try a sneaker penny auction site? For those that don't know what a penny auction is, a penny auction is an auction where bidders pay-per-bid for an item and the time increases with each bid. Coming in March, a company called Sneaker-Jack will premier the first ever sneaker penny auction site! So if you are not trying to mess with long lines, or rape prices on ebay, try your luck on Sneaker Jack. Check their tumblr for their official release and news. I will definitely try sneaker jack and give you all a review :)

Never too young...

Just wanted to introduce folks to a lil female sneaker fiend, Bella Ruiz from Staten Island. She's five and digging her Bordeaux Spiz'ikes! Looks like she already knows sneakers can brighten your day...

Thanks to Jesus Ruiz for sending this in.

Sneaker Nails Did pt 6

Hey all! It's about that time for another sneaker nails did post. This submission comes from our friend Miss. Golden Yardy from Kick My Sole with her Air Jordan black cement nails did. Check it....

I love it!! :) If you have any sneaker nails did pics you would like to share with FSF, email them to

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sink or Swim custom kicks saves lives!

Fellow Fiends, I would like to introduce to you Sink or Swim customs. Jill Forie founder and creator of Sink or Swim has been making waves with her cutting edge and artistic customs. Her customs have been worn by Hayley Williams of Paramore, the rock band New Found Glory and many more. Check out some of Jill's work...

Nightmare before Christmas customs.

Donnie Darko Custom Vans

The Walking Dead custom Chuck Taylor

V for Vendetta Custom Vans

As you can see, Jill's work Saves Lives! To learn more about Sink or Swim customs or to have your own customs made, hit up Sink Or Swim's Tumblr.

Ode to Men who hate on Women in Sneakers...

Since when did a woman's foot define us?
Who do you think you are to judge me?
Oh yea!!! Now I know who! You're that hater talking all that
ish while riding around on the bus.
You can hate all you want on us females but our kick game is proper, which all
your homies can see.

How can a pair of heels make more of a lady?
How can a pair of sneakers make me any less of a lady or at that make me ugly?
Dudes you better wake up and stop being so shady.
And realize that these sneakers make me more gully than you!

My style, my swag and my gracefulness make me who I am.
If when you look at me and all you can see are my luxurious pair of sneakers..
Than theory proves right. The man's mind is much more simple and proves you to be weaker.


Invisible Women Project Tour Dates

(click on image to view full size)

What is the Invisible Women Project? In Lemara's own words:

The Invisible Women Project aims to collect and document the experiences of female sneaker aficionados across America. Sneaker culture is typically regarded as a hyper-masculine subculture, and although women are sneaker aficionados too, their participation is rarely acknowledged.

This research will give women a platform to speak about their experiences and give them an opportunity to voice their insights on what it is like to be a female sneaker head. Questions include: Do they believe there are any gender barriers and assumptions about women in sneaker culture? Do brands always cater to their footwear needs? Does the marketing and advertising by major brands tend to exclude or include female sneaker consumers? How many pairs do they possess and what does sneaker culture mean to them?

Women who wear sneakers highlight greater theoretical questions around gender and consumption, gender and subcultures and societies’ expectations of how women should dress and perform their identity.

If you want to get involved in the project visit the website or for more information contact Lemara at - lemara[at]

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My first "on line" experience

My experience was awesome. I was the only girl in line, fine with me :). 
I got to footlocker around 9, a small line had already formed.  As I was standing in line I started talking to my friend and the kid in front of me. My friend and I were reminiscing about the "old" days. (I quote old because I consider myself a baby in the sneaker game. I've always had a passion for shoes but I really got into the culture, history, quality and function about 8 years ago). 
8 years ago people were NOT staying in line for Jordans in Connecticut. 
I do remember skipping school to pay for my all grey 4s and being able to pick them up at midnight but that's about it. 
Then we talked about the transformation of sneaker stores like FootLocker and FootAction. Years ago they did not sell retros. You could get team and cross trainers. The stores were really geared to the athlete. 
The young kid in front of us knew none of this, which is cool, I guess....
But he was ignorant which is what pissed me off. He said " I don't know about all that bleep I'm just getting them cuz they the newest Jordan"
I could respect someone who walks into a store and likes a shoe and buys it. But he was tootin his horn about loving kicks and being a sneakerhead so he got 0 respect from me. 
The rest of my experience was awesome. I was the only girl in line, fine with me :). 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yours Truly Brand Valentine's Day Party 2.14.12

Jae (@jae8half) and Flower (@sol3Flower) repping for the FSF street team in Brooklyn
We all love free, so some folks got free heart locket tattoos from Bern
Flower got her ankle done
Cali (@cali_du_blanc) from waits to get some ink from Bern
Finished product on Cali. Nice placement and discrete.

Again thanks to Jenny (@YoursTrulyBrand) and the crew over at Yours Truly Brand (1007 Broadway Brooklyn, NY) for the champagne, cupcakes, Louie dog, and the patio. See you soon!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Jeremy Scott x adidas originals Soho 2.11.12

The man of the hour Jeremy Scott in his patriotic wings sneakers & jacket
He spent time with every fan answering questions, signing autographs, and sharing the love
adidas originals announces the event and collection on sale NOW!
Some of the clothing from the collection. Sportswear meets Studio 54 in Texas
Wings fringe jacket. Butter soft leather with that look at me now appeal

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nike Sportswear (NSW) All Star Pack

All Star Flight One (Penny) in the Orlando Magic cw
All Star Flight One (Penny) Glow in the Dark
All Star Dunk hi in Tan
All Star Dunk Hi in Grey
All Star Dunk Hi in Green

Now that we see what NSW has for NBA All Star weekend this year held in Orlando, FL; let's get a little background on the inspiration...This concept comes from Orlando being in central Florida, home of space exploration in the US. The dunks use an astronaut's training suit for materials and markings. Flight One's either glow in the dark or comeback to the og Magic colorway which is a nice nod to Penny's legacy with the Magic and Orlando as a whole. The foamposite (not pictured here see Fetti's 2-8-12 post) is a solar system for the feet. Dark navy upper with a luminous overlay makes the Milky Way look dim by comparison. Available on FEBRUARY 23rd along with your favorite local stockist.

Galaxy Foamposite Sample VS General Release

Footlocker has stated that February is the HOTTEST MONTH EVER for sneakers and they are right! Last weekend we kicked it off with the highly anticipated Metallic Red Foamposites aka #vdayfoams which had #snkrluvrs camped out for hours & days causing a frenzy everywhere like the December release of the Concord 11's. Also released were the Jordan Spi'Zike Bordeux's which seemed to be irrelevant for #snkrluvrs camped out for the #vdayfoams as seen in my KICKS ON THE LINE!!! episode where some even said they would rather buy the other release of the Jeremy Scott X Adidas "Wings" pack of Denim, US Flag, & leopard styles! February 25th will be another huge day for #snkrluvrs with the releases of All-Star game pairs for Kobe, Lebron, KD, and the pair everyone is talking about, the Galaxy Foams! When pics first hit the internet we saw Gentry Humphrey, formerly of Jordan Brand sitting in a chair showing these off..
For everyone, including myself who doesn't have 1 pair of Foams, these were a definite camp & cop! The display of the galaxy spread evenly on each shoe as well as the transparent sole made these hard not to think and talk about with fellow #snkrluvrs while counting the days down to the release! Now with the release 2 weeks away, the pics of the General Release version has surfaced and it is quite different from what we saw initially..
These are strikingly different! From what seems like an eggplant underlay and stars sprinkled over with a cloudy, glow in the dark sole. They still have appeal for the Galaxy theme, however these will not be my first pair of Foams because of the switch. I pass on Foams because I think they are especially catered to males with the bulky width of the sneaker, however the sample Galaxy pair made me pay attention and consider adding them to my collection. If you plan on buying a pair, I suggest that you arrive to your retailer rather early on Friday. Are you still going to cop after the switcheroo?? Pics via MODERN NOTORIETY & NICE KICKS

Thursday, February 2, 2012

R.I.P Chicago's own Don Cornelius

Celebrating the memory of Chicago's own Don Cornelius, people gathered on

Milwaukee Ave. to "style a while", Soul Train in Wicker Park. 02/01/2012

Pictures by Kristie Kahns

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Flava for your ear: Shades by Phlo Finister

Check out Bay area/London resident stylist turned singer Phlo Finister song called "Shades". As you can tell by the song it has a Aaliyah/90's Timberland style to it hence her video. Which pays homage to the princess of R&B Aaliyah. If you like this track download Phlo's EP Crown Royal here:

Back to School: Osd's the class Week 3 + 4

Hey fiends! Since its been a while since I blogged about my OSD class experience. The last post I left off with was the intro and important moments in sneaker history. Well week three we had Ree the creator of S'neads call in. Ree discussed his beginnings, his obstacles and he also gave great advice on how to make in this industry. He combined his love for kicks, hip hop and his artistic skill to create the first and only sneaker comic book. His advice which was "Hard work always beats talent. You have to scream as loud as the talentless dude". That was one of the best advices I've ever heard.

After that inspirational lesson from Ree, week we discussed the finance side of sneakers. I know most of you like to read sneaker blogs including FSF for upcoming sneaker releases and news but its also good to check out sneaker sites( ie Footwear news, sports one source) that are focused on the finance side of the industry. That's where the real info is! Its good to know which brands (especially the ones that you rock) are doing well in the market. Pape brought up buying stock into your favorite footwear brand, which is something I plan on doing. Hey if you like whatever brand you like so much, why not invest in it! We also go the opportunity to look at the different materials of a sneaker. There is a lot of different components of a sneaker and if one the components can't be accomplished, the designer has to re-design the sneaker. Each component of a shoe can cost up to $20-300. And that's before it hits production. So now you see why Nike is hiking up their prices.

That's my rundown for week 3 & 4. Can't wait to hear our lesson this week!

Claw Money V-day Sale

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