Monday, February 20, 2012

Invisible Women Project Tour Dates

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What is the Invisible Women Project? In Lemara's own words:

The Invisible Women Project aims to collect and document the experiences of female sneaker aficionados across America. Sneaker culture is typically regarded as a hyper-masculine subculture, and although women are sneaker aficionados too, their participation is rarely acknowledged.

This research will give women a platform to speak about their experiences and give them an opportunity to voice their insights on what it is like to be a female sneaker head. Questions include: Do they believe there are any gender barriers and assumptions about women in sneaker culture? Do brands always cater to their footwear needs? Does the marketing and advertising by major brands tend to exclude or include female sneaker consumers? How many pairs do they possess and what does sneaker culture mean to them?

Women who wear sneakers highlight greater theoretical questions around gender and consumption, gender and subcultures and societies’ expectations of how women should dress and perform their identity.

If you want to get involved in the project visit the website or for more information contact Lemara at - lemara[at]

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