Thursday, February 9, 2012

Galaxy Foamposite Sample VS General Release

Footlocker has stated that February is the HOTTEST MONTH EVER for sneakers and they are right! Last weekend we kicked it off with the highly anticipated Metallic Red Foamposites aka #vdayfoams which had #snkrluvrs camped out for hours & days causing a frenzy everywhere like the December release of the Concord 11's. Also released were the Jordan Spi'Zike Bordeux's which seemed to be irrelevant for #snkrluvrs camped out for the #vdayfoams as seen in my KICKS ON THE LINE!!! episode where some even said they would rather buy the other release of the Jeremy Scott X Adidas "Wings" pack of Denim, US Flag, & leopard styles! February 25th will be another huge day for #snkrluvrs with the releases of All-Star game pairs for Kobe, Lebron, KD, and the pair everyone is talking about, the Galaxy Foams! When pics first hit the internet we saw Gentry Humphrey, formerly of Jordan Brand sitting in a chair showing these off..
For everyone, including myself who doesn't have 1 pair of Foams, these were a definite camp & cop! The display of the galaxy spread evenly on each shoe as well as the transparent sole made these hard not to think and talk about with fellow #snkrluvrs while counting the days down to the release! Now with the release 2 weeks away, the pics of the General Release version has surfaced and it is quite different from what we saw initially..
These are strikingly different! From what seems like an eggplant underlay and stars sprinkled over with a cloudy, glow in the dark sole. They still have appeal for the Galaxy theme, however these will not be my first pair of Foams because of the switch. I pass on Foams because I think they are especially catered to males with the bulky width of the sneaker, however the sample Galaxy pair made me pay attention and consider adding them to my collection. If you plan on buying a pair, I suggest that you arrive to your retailer rather early on Friday. Are you still going to cop after the switcheroo?? Pics via MODERN NOTORIETY & NICE KICKS

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