Monday, February 20, 2012

Ode to Men who hate on Women in Sneakers...

Since when did a woman's foot define us?
Who do you think you are to judge me?
Oh yea!!! Now I know who! You're that hater talking all that
ish while riding around on the bus.
You can hate all you want on us females but our kick game is proper, which all
your homies can see.

How can a pair of heels make more of a lady?
How can a pair of sneakers make me any less of a lady or at that make me ugly?
Dudes you better wake up and stop being so shady.
And realize that these sneakers make me more gully than you!

My style, my swag and my gracefulness make me who I am.
If when you look at me and all you can see are my luxurious pair of sneakers..
Than theory proves right. The man's mind is much more simple and proves you to be weaker.


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