Sunday, February 19, 2012

My first "on line" experience

My experience was awesome. I was the only girl in line, fine with me :). 
I got to footlocker around 9, a small line had already formed.  As I was standing in line I started talking to my friend and the kid in front of me. My friend and I were reminiscing about the "old" days. (I quote old because I consider myself a baby in the sneaker game. I've always had a passion for shoes but I really got into the culture, history, quality and function about 8 years ago). 
8 years ago people were NOT staying in line for Jordans in Connecticut. 
I do remember skipping school to pay for my all grey 4s and being able to pick them up at midnight but that's about it. 
Then we talked about the transformation of sneaker stores like FootLocker and FootAction. Years ago they did not sell retros. You could get team and cross trainers. The stores were really geared to the athlete. 
The young kid in front of us knew none of this, which is cool, I guess....
But he was ignorant which is what pissed me off. He said " I don't know about all that bleep I'm just getting them cuz they the newest Jordan"
I could respect someone who walks into a store and likes a shoe and buys it. But he was tootin his horn about loving kicks and being a sneakerhead so he got 0 respect from me. 
The rest of my experience was awesome. I was the only girl in line, fine with me :). 

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Unknown said...

I scoured the earth down here in Fort Lauderdale for them - and I had no luck. No 6y for me, and no 13 Men for my brother. So glad you got them, because I was the only girl running around South Florida at 4pm thinking she had a chance :-/