Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back to School: Osd's the class Week 3 + 4

Hey fiends! Since its been a while since I blogged about my OSD class experience. The last post I left off with was the intro and important moments in sneaker history. Well week three we had Ree the creator of S'neads call in. Ree discussed his beginnings, his obstacles and he also gave great advice on how to make in this industry. He combined his love for kicks, hip hop and his artistic skill to create the first and only sneaker comic book. His advice which was "Hard work always beats talent. You have to scream as loud as the talentless dude". That was one of the best advices I've ever heard.

After that inspirational lesson from Ree, week we discussed the finance side of sneakers. I know most of you like to read sneaker blogs including FSF for upcoming sneaker releases and news but its also good to check out sneaker sites( ie Footwear news, sports one source) that are focused on the finance side of the industry. That's where the real info is! Its good to know which brands (especially the ones that you rock) are doing well in the market. Pape brought up buying stock into your favorite footwear brand, which is something I plan on doing. Hey if you like whatever brand you like so much, why not invest in it! We also go the opportunity to look at the different materials of a sneaker. There is a lot of different components of a sneaker and if one the components can't be accomplished, the designer has to re-design the sneaker. Each component of a shoe can cost up to $20-300. And that's before it hits production. So now you see why Nike is hiking up their prices.

That's my rundown for week 3 & 4. Can't wait to hear our lesson this week!

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