Friday, July 31, 2009

Candace Parker player editions

Last year Candace Parker did something no other basketball player has done, whether in the NBA or WNBA: She won an NCAA championship, an Olympic gold and the WNBA MVP and Rookie of the Year! And adidas still hasn't honored her with her own kicks! Crazy. If you go to the adidas website and type in Candace Parker, 4 men's Tennessee shirts come up. Why sign her if you're gonna treat her like that??

On the bright side, she's back on the court (after giving birth in May to a baby girl) and rocking some new adidas "CP Commander LT"s that at least have her Ace 3 sig on the tongue. Here they are:

No word of them getting out to us, but if they do I hope they have the TN colorway!

Air Jordan 60+ for the ladies!!!

Happy Friday!! So many kicks coming out..what's a girl to do? Well these should be at the top of your list girls! The AJ 60+ takes the best features from the all of the Air Jordan I, II, V, and VII's to create a hybrid the ladies can appreciate! AND THEY COME IN SIZES 4-7!!! Get yourself a pair at EXTRABUTTER!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Camper Shoes @ Capsule trade show

These sandal styles were all done in a collaborative fashion with different people in fashion and art. While looking more fashion than function the rep told me that the shoes were as functional as a traditional sandal
A slightly different take on the sneaker-shoe concept
These flats are here because of the handiwork involved in them. All artwork shown is embroidered on and they are "fraternal" twin images on the shoes.
A micro pref boat shoe? A dressed up slip on Van? Whatever the explanation for them, Fee wants a pr. size 8.5w/7m.
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Sneaker Pimps DC

Got to love an event that this is the first thing you see...
Some of the custom work displayed @ Sneaker Pimps is extremely labor intensive. Fee's adhd won't let her color, but props to this piece's designer.
Imani repping Artistic Sole and Art Whino preps the palette for a sneaker themed canvas. Not only does she do sneakers and canvas, she also tattoos in DC @ Pinz n Needlez. The girl gets BUSY!
Imani's finished work for the evening...not bad for a semi lit area in under 3hrs huh ; D
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Weapons Old and New

Converse recently invited me to design my own Converse Weapon, making me think back to the good old days of Larry Bird and Magic. I didn't go green (despite being a big Celtics fan), but I did have fun reppin' another squad close to my heart...

Make your own at

If you don't want to rewrite history by putting your own touch on the '86 Weapons, then maybe you want to ball in Converse's new "balls technology". Their Weapon Evo uses the balls in the heel to give you what looks like great padding, stability and response.

Available this Fall. Only problem, the smallest size is a men's 7.5...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hi everyone!!!
So pissed that I'm stuck here on the other side of the world while all you ladies are barbequing and Sneaker Pimping. If you're wondering where I've been at....I'm moving to Amsterdam (Fee and Jeff...I´m expecting a visit!!!), so I've been laying low and paying off my credits so that I can get out of here before I go completely postal. And it's been easy, no kicks for two months. And honestly the only kicks that have gotten my heart rate up lately are the Nike Air Max 1 OG´S. And yes, I´m coppin' both colors.

And I might get the women's Safari AM1. They're growing on me.....

Pics from nicekicks and sneakerfreaker

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Htown Sneaker Summit - Summer 09

H-Town Sneaker Summit 'Summer 09'
at Meridian Sunday, August 2, 2009 3-8pm

**more info**

*Anyone want to fly Fee in for this? Accepting sponsorships and donations ; D

Monday, July 20, 2009

Props to our own...

AirKarinaBX23 for winning the OSD 10 Sneaker Commandments contest.

-taken from the OSD blog
1. Thou shalt not wear fake kicks.
2. Thou shalt not be a hypebeast.
3. Thou shalt not camp out for kicks.
4. Thou shalt not wear 12 colors for a sneaker that has 3 colors
5. Thou shalt learn to care for your sneakers correctly.
6. Thou shalt not keep your kicks DS
7. Thou shalt not become a sneakerhead because its "cool"
8. Thou shalt remember release dates
9. Thou shalt not envy the kicks of friends
10. Thou shalt not wear your kicks in the rain

Was there any doubt that a FSF would win ; D

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kixpo 2009 in Dallas

This is the largest sneaker and streetwear show ever for Dallas! It's two days long, free and all ages, lots of prizes, plenty of heat, what more could you want? Check the details...

For more info:

Sneaker Pimps Boston!

The biggest sneaker show on Earth is coming to Beantown! All ages too! And don't miss local host Frank the Butcher and local artists Project SF. Should be a great show.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

FSF Interview with Niranjela of Crooked Tongues

Niranjela is holding it down for the females as the only girl on staff over at Check out her FSF interview to see what it's like being an FSF in London, mixing it up with the boys and putting in her 2 cents on collabs... Speaking of which, here are a couple of great new CT x adidas collabs out this month:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Check out our Footwork

Here is some foot footage from our BBQ!

Shouts to Handcancel for uploading!!

Can't forget the footwork! FSF BBQ ed.

AJ6 Carmines and AM90 infareds...who says lil feet can't rock HEAT!
Bo Jackson SC1 trainers. Nike, can we get this cw in pre/grade school during the holiday retro?
Can't have a party w/ sneaker people w/o the ubiquitious shoe circle. Fee's in blackout CB94s for the grill
The FSF birthday cake. E (PinkEye) had this made and Fee's heard it was a good as it looked

**For more of FSF's wild end of June romp, go to and check us out.
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Did someone say BBQ? FSF style of course!

Lori explains to Chico Fontaine that WNBA needs his support. Fila's for Lori and Union AF180s for Chico
Showideez and Jovi break away from the card table for a quick pic
N.e.r.d and Loose (; ) share a laugh @ the thought of a FSF rocking FAKES
Got start em young, so they have standards once they get older. Jordan F. styles in her namesakes kicks
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Time for a Throwback! ( Janet Jackson Edition)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

FMF Sneaker Battle

Jen2x and Steph G rep for the LADIES @ the FunkMaster Flex Sneaker Battle
If you don't know, you better ask somebody! Mayor bka Mr. AF1
Dez aka FlyKickz reps for FSF
The ladies of Saigon Customs pose for the camera and reminding you Don't Sleep on the LADIES (back to back 08&09 FMF Sneaker Battle catergory winners)
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