Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Like Pokemon Baby! Gotta Find Em All

So before my birthday weekend began I had to go and repp my clique.
This FSFer thinks Oxy rocks!
Give FSF $$$
Even the walls get it!
The OG tagger put "you go girl" so I figured as Emeril says "Let's kick it up a notch"
(bend your neck, folks)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sneaker Freaker launch party!!!

So Friday night we headed to Copenhagen for the Sneaker Freaker party at WALLACE, we were all really excited. Cause this is the first time that something like this happens here. It was me, my man APE, Hung, Jerry and one more guy(Sorry, I´m really bad at names, I´ll go in and update when I find out!!!)and then in Copenhagen we met up with some more people.

Me!!Looks like I´m on my way to church. I don´t like having my picture taken.....


BIG APE and Hung

Sneaker circle on the train. I´m wearing the Air Safaris

I had to make some stops before the party.........

At Wallace.....

Hung and Tang checking out tees

Tangs brother from Malmo(another name I forgot!!), I really liked his dunks

I heart Triumvir!

The played great music at the party. BIG APES crewmates from Elite Fleet, their 12" HITMAN got played
New sneaker circle after we met up with our friends at the shop


Hungs first time rockin his OG 4´s and they cracked!!!!!

Me and APE leaving the party. I work as a mailman and I work Saturdays so I had to get up really early the next morning!!!That really sucked

But first some food...APE hurrying to Hard Rock Cafe

Hung on the train with sneakers that he picked up at the party!!The ugly Mitas. Sorry Hung, but you know what I think about them lol!!!!
So it was a great night, to bad that I had worked the same day and that I had to work the day after. But thanks to Sneaker Freaker and Wallace for making this night happen. More events like this PLEASE!!!Peace guys

Adidas Consortium Series

July marks the kick-off for the Adidas Consortium Series which consists of 33 themed shoes!
The Consortium Series is the adidas Originals Fall/Winter 07 season collection of limited edition footwear.
The collection is of a premium nature, set to be produced in highly limited quantities and exclusively distributed to selected stores worldwide. Packs consisting of 2 to 3 sneakers will be released monthly from July – December 2007.
The Nature Graphics Pack is the 3rd of 3 packs set for July release. The pack consists of the APS - Dragonfly, Forum Low - Ladybug and Rod Laver Vintage - Honeybee.
Underlining the beautiful and striking patterns that nature provides, these shoes replicate the looks of everyday insects wearable variations on their natural designs.
Thanx to Sneaker Freaker for info!!!!
Ahh man...I saw three of the models in real life and theyre true work of arts. The quality on the fabrics that has been used...Damn. I want three pairs right now, Theyre out now!!

Nike AF1 Canvas Supreme

Here is something for all you canvas freaks out there(Including me!!!)I think theyre out now, a little hard to find info on this release. And the price(I´ve heard)will be around 150-200$. And they should be dropping as quickstrikes, so keep your eyes and ears open. I sure will!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

shameless self promotion......

I just redesigned my website,,, Please see all my new artwork from this year, and old stuff too, also i redid my myspace,,, check it out, leave me comments, coment on the blog, and get ready, because we are planning an FSF x PURPLE CRUSH album release party for August 27th, details to come shortly!! But i think there might be an eskayel x FSF shirt dropping.....

10 deep approved party.......

FSF undercover at the Jordan Battle in Miami

We got eyes everywhere. These pics are courtesy of Errkuh, who's making the rounds reppin' FSF down in Viceland.
(next time we'll get the pics up quicker Errkuh! thanks)

Friday, July 27, 2007

HAZE shirts!!!

I had the pleasure of stoping by the HAZE NYC showroom the other day and they gave me one of the three shirts that are dropping in a few exclusive stores around the country this month. The tiny and limited collection consists of two New Era collaborations, three T-shirts and two skate decks. The T's are only for men, but I cut mine up a bit and size medium makes a nice summer tank. If for some reason you do not know the history behind the artist, who you may know from the HAZE Dunks, go to his website right now and check him out interhaze.com

MOB x KAWS bikini part II

Married to the MOB and KAWS have teamed up again to make another summer special. The Rattle Bikini will be available for purchase starting today, Friday July 27th at Original Fake (Tokyo), Alife (NYC), Colette (Paris). There are only 200 made and they are going for $175.

NEW MAMMA summer tee's!!!!!

Gabriela at MAma just sent me these pics of the new MAMA T's. I am feeling the acid wash, and the lace T has been a Mama Classic, and now they have two new colorways!
Tees are shipping to stores as we speak . . . you can get 'em first here: MAMA.com.  
for more Images & Go to Mama's very exciting blog page The Glamorous Life, and if you have some browsing time, check out all of the little interviews they have done with practically every woman of note in the creative industries, including our very own LORI!

Sat. JULY 28th stuff to do