Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Being a Sneaker Fiend over 20 yrs, I've come across many hidden gems.  From mom and pop stores to slept on sneaker chains, JD Sports is a great combination of both.  Located in the UK, I've been a consumer of theirs for a couple years now.  

I was recently asked to select an item to try out from the store and I chose Nike Air Max 1. Introduced in 1987, the Air Max 1 has been a favorite of Sneaker Fiends like myself which made my choice a no brainer. Air Max's are one of the most comfortable silhouettes that Nike makes and always stylish as far as the colorway goes.  The package arrived a little over a week from the order date, a big plus knowing about international shipping horror stories that has taken a month or more.

One thing that JD Sports offers are "only at JD" items, which are items that are exclusive to store. Some Sneaker Fiends like to have "exclusives"......still getting the joy of being asked "where'd you get those?!". Another handy lil tidbit being a buyer of international stores, JD has one of the lowest international shipping charges.  

With Christmas around the corner, check out JD Sports.  The website is easy to navigate and if you're in the UK there's several retail locations.  There's something for everyone from sneakers to apparel & accessories and you'll get your package in time for the holidays.