Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sole Connections Event Recap

Erica Purnell, aka Pinkeye, heading into the Sole Connections event...

The highlight of the event for me was the new documentary by Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Coulieau (spelling?) about pick-up basketball in NYC. Just incredible footage and videos! And they did not sleep on the ladies... =)

Amanda Yoakum of Yoakustoms got busy customizing at the event..

Pinkeye (above) and Fetti D'Biasi (below) held it down as always. These girls can paint!

Gotta love sneakers made from pipecleaners! 

Toofly did a beautiful piece as always!
Nitty Scott tore it up too! The ladies were definitely reppin...

 FSF founder Lori Lobenstine telling it like it is with the Don't Sleep on the Ladies iphone case!

Many thanks to Sam del Pilar and the whole Sneakers 4 Success crew for having us there! The whole thing was truly a testament to their vision and positive energy...

For more photos, check out Pinkeye's facebook album of the event.

If you missed the showing of Doin It In the Park, check their facebook page for more showings...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Attention all SneakerMoms!

Lets start this summer out right!!

All the single moms out here who go to work, go to school, and make sure their kids (pre-k through 8th) are taken care off! I will provide you and your child with matching shoes for the summer! I will need proof of your grades, your child's grades, proof that you do provide for your child and and essay or video sent to me via email explaining why I should pick you :) All contestants MUST have an Instagram or twitter account! Please follow me on twitter @SnkrDivaMOB or on intstagram @SnkrDiva to stay updated with details and rules!! This contest starts now and will go until the end of June!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cheech Sanchez x Deb Limited Prints

Cheech Sanchez OWNS the Australian Pin Up contest these days! Could it be the kicks? We think so! These amazing prints (a collaboration with print artist Deb) are available in a very limited edition of 20 prints, numbered and signed by both artists. If you love her style don't miss this opportunity!

 Get yours at

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rant: Don't blame Nike, Blame yourself!

Since last week I've been seeing Air Yeezy 2 talk run up and down my twitter timeline. Most of the Air Yeezy 2 banter was from disgruntled hype-beasts that were pressed because of  limited store release, twitter RSVP's from Nike's 21 Mercer St location, and "rape" prices for these shoes from stores. Since all these people complaining about how Nike is taking a different approach from its previous hyped up releases, did anyone stop and think that "Maybe I'm apart of the problem?" Yes I went there, so un-clutch those pearls. Think about it, If people had better tact when release day hits, there would be no need for twitter rsvp's and so forth. Also, Nike isn't the only brand out there people!! Stop acting like Nike is the end all be all of sneakers. Oh and this next one goes for those who spend mad dollars on Nike releases every week, complain about the quality of the shoe and how Nike and these sneaker boutiques rape your pockets every time you cop and still pledge your allegiance to the brand. Here's a thought "Stop buying them !". If all these issues bother you, then stop buying from that brand. Plain and simple. If you don't like how you being treated as a consumer from a brand and or/store, then keep those coins and dollars in your pockets. Brand boycotts do work and has been done before. If there wasn't so many thirsty individuals, you would have no twitter rsvp's, no rape prices and better quality. I'm not anti-Nike or anti sneaker people, I'm just stating the truth.  So the next time a big Nike release comes about, don't blame Nike, blame yourself and all of your thirsty sneaker comrades.

Ladies Love Pop up shop is back!

Ladies love project is back and is heading up to the BX! It goes down on Saturday, June 16th from 3-8pm. Oh yeah, and is free! Get goodies from:

 Toofly, Good Wood NYC, El Salonsito, Endless Noise NYC, Jenny Kinns Cupcakes, Lipstick Manifesto, Pink Eye & many more!

Music from Dj Charlie Hustle and pics by Samantha Morales

 Featuring a special performance by NITTY SCOTT MC

So come thru!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Ye finally released his video for Mercy the same week the elusive Yeezy2's drop.... Yes Ye we will listen.... lol!! See you all at the line ups for these Ye's!

Monday, June 4, 2012

SneakerCon Chicago!

SneakerCon came, It partied, It conquered Chicago like no other sneaker ever has before! I do apologize to for the late post but I have to say that I am very much still high off of this event! It was amazing! Great music, great people and lots of sneakers of course! Shout out to every one that I met there at SneakerCon I can't to wait to see everyone at Cleveland Got Sole!
 I hope everyone enjoys the pictures I took!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Registration open for OSDLive's SOLEcial Studies Class

OSD is taking registrations for its summer sneaker course, now entitled "SOLEcial
Studies: Sneakers, Their Impact on Lifestyles, Culture, and People in the 21st Century". For the first time, this course is being offered to anyone around the world, because it will take place online through the educational online platform provider

The course costs $300 (USD), which will include all coursework, guest speakers and even some footwear discounts and opportunities to win free kicks. For more information on the course and how to register, go to Registration is open until June 20th, and the course runs Monday evenings from July 9th to August 27th.

For more on one woman's experience taking the class online, read Lovely Edward's review here.

Sole Pack for athletes and sneakerheads!

All of us sneakerheads know the dilemmas of traveling with sneakers--do we stuff them with socks to keep them safe in our bags? Try to pack the boxes in our suitcases? Pay for extra luggage? Well, Sole Pack won't solve all these problems, but it's a brilliant solution for day travel or for getting to carry that extra pair (maybe the one we bought during our travels?) on board the plane! Not to mention the obvious uses for those of us who want to carry our court shoes, soccer cleats, etc to our games...


The SP-1 is an innovative backpack accessory for storing shoes while you travel. The dual compartments are made of heavy duty nylon and each have a neoprene sole that allows the bag expand to hold larger shoe sizes. The front and back adjustable straps allow you to wrap the bag around most backpacks.  Each compartment has a strategically placed vent to provide ventilation and keep your shoes fresh.

$40 at  Thanks to Fee for the heads-up.