Friday, June 1, 2012

Sole Pack for athletes and sneakerheads!

All of us sneakerheads know the dilemmas of traveling with sneakers--do we stuff them with socks to keep them safe in our bags? Try to pack the boxes in our suitcases? Pay for extra luggage? Well, Sole Pack won't solve all these problems, but it's a brilliant solution for day travel or for getting to carry that extra pair (maybe the one we bought during our travels?) on board the plane! Not to mention the obvious uses for those of us who want to carry our court shoes, soccer cleats, etc to our games...


The SP-1 is an innovative backpack accessory for storing shoes while you travel. The dual compartments are made of heavy duty nylon and each have a neoprene sole that allows the bag expand to hold larger shoe sizes. The front and back adjustable straps allow you to wrap the bag around most backpacks.  Each compartment has a strategically placed vent to provide ventilation and keep your shoes fresh.

$40 at  Thanks to Fee for the heads-up.

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