Friday, February 29, 2008

Amoney Gettin it!

So me and Amoney was chillin last week after our meeting at Milkshake Kicks and it was a very funfilled night. We had nothing better to do than watch youtube all night till like 3am! But earlier that day Amoney decided to start in her own music/dance video to mclyte's Paper-Thin and I caught that on camera baby! It gets better...We was in Target!

Who needs to go to a club when you got two friends(one with alot of energy to dance), a vid cam, an ipod and a store that sells electronic equipment? Free Fun Folks!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Puma First Rounds

Puma just released a new set of their first rounds. The colors consist royal blue and black, and if you look closely you will see Puma's name as an all over print over the shoe. I guess since the Alife x Puma First rounds did so well, Puma decided to run with it. Check your local puma accounts for more info.

pic via the shoe game

New Women's Air Stab

Air stabs are starting to get more shine this year. This release of the stabs consist of frost blue/white/purple colorway and some cracked leather. The stabs have had some decent colorways but I don't know what happened with this one. But then again I'm not really a air stab fan. These are available at Finishline.

Skin It

I got my custom skin today! Female Sneaker Fiend for life.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Air Force Fusion V (5)

So I haven't been feeling the fusions at all. But this colorway is on point. Colors include White, Orange Peel, and Blue Chill. Match them up with some plaid shorts and your GTG. A couple of sample pairs are on 7,9,9.5 (mens sizes). $260.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Throwback Video-Bahamadia "3 the hard way"

New Made Me spring 08

The Lovely Miss Erin Mcgee is back with another dope collection. This season will include tees denim shorts, jean pants, hoodies, jackets and leggins. Peep the pics.....

My favorite is the Miss America Shirt and those denim shorts. But I will stick with the shirt cause I know those shorts will not fit me. You can purchase the collection at

Oxy Cottontail Presents.........

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Milkshake Kicks X Sneakerplay.

I know all you lady fiends are on Sneakerplay, well Milkshake Kicks is too. Check them out and add them to your friends list.

Check them out and add them!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

NYC's Reebok Freestyle and Event Pics

The final installment of the collection, NYC, will debut in
November highlighting New York's famous yellow taxi and graphic prints
of popular street names. NYC will be represented by actress Sheetal
Sheth, who stars in the upcoming film "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim
Lil Kim reps for FSF! I've seen Kim around before and almost never see her in sneakers. That night she was wearing some black and gold Freestyles that were very dope.
Group shot of the Reebok Freestyle World Collections "inspirationalists" (is that a word?) Nice ladies and yes they all got FSF flyers and promised to check our blog/myspace/forums. L to R ( Ai Yasuda-Japan, a friend, Yelle-Paris, Sheetal Sheth-NYC, Sagarika Ghatge-Bollywood/New Delhi, Bimba Bose-Spain (with neck tattoo). Not pictured-DJ Nikki Beatnik-London.
Samiya from
Fee aka me w/ the new camera (Canon Rebel Xti) and a pair of Reebok DMX 6s. Some of the most comfy running shoes ever and this comes from a Nike Air Max loyalist.

Reebok's Freestyle World Tour Collection

    The Tokyo Freestyle sneaker debuted in February represented by
Ai Yasuda, one of Tokyo's first NFL cheerleaders. The sneaker reflects
the city's energy with bright neon colors and an infused foil print
similar to Tokyo's subway map.

 This September, during London Fashion Week, the London piece of
the collection will debut in all its patriotic glory as the Tower of
London's iconic raven is embroidered on the Freestyle's heel. The London
collection will be represented by the talented DJ Nikki Beatnik.

 The Paris sneaker makes it debut in March and will be
represented by French singer/songwriter Yelle (listen to one of her
songs on our MySpace page: The shoe
design is a bit femme fatale as it incorporates pink bows with it's
black and red theme.

The Madrid line debuts in July and is represented by top Spanish model
Bimba Bose. The sneakers and products are inspired by traditional
Spanish flamenco dancers.

 The New Delhi kicks will become available in May and will be
represented by Bollywood actress Sagarika Ghatge. The Indian-inspired
sneakers and apparel resemble traditional Indian clothing with vibrant
colors and adornments.
** All pics and text taken from the Reebok Freestyle World Tour Collection site @

At Last, Sneaker Design School

After a couple weeks wondering if I had been robbed, all my materials and new wooden Lasts finally arrived, just in time for the final pattern cutting lesson. A morning was spent getting to know the osilating sanding machine, reshaping the toe of the Last and taking a fine layer of skin off my knuckles- that hurt.

Waiting on materials is one of the most frustrating aspects of trying to plan a project. After pi*sing around with emails back and forth and quotes so ridiculous-I felt like robbing a bank! I swallowed my pride and handed over the hard earned cash for some of the softness leather known to man.

I've basically bought up a cows worth of black leather, and a fellow cow full of white leather. The quote for buying all the different colours I want to work with came to more than two months rent, so it wasn't realistically going to happen. Thinking sideways isn't a newly acquired skill, so re-thinking how the prints and colours are going to be used came naturally. Etching, printing, lazor cutting and flocking are all being tested, and hopefully will achieve some time-worthy results.

A few days have also been spent at a sewing machine, narrowly missing my fingers at times and going over the lines at others.
Below are a couple pics of the best mock-ups I've made so far. I'm currently adjusting some pattern piece's so still have a few more to make.

An answer to the ever problematic sole is also being investigated- my uni doesn't really support the making of sneakers, it's famous for heels so the focus stays there. The cost of a sole unit mold can be in excess of £2000 and thats without fancy bits like an air-bubble, not really realistic for a lone student so I need to find away around that and fake it. Wish me luck....

Puma x Fresh Prince

The West Philly Edition is very colorful and vibrant. This one comes with fluorescent Green Agitation watch and Black bag.

The Prince of Bel-Air features Italian croc skin leather, and Gold accents. A Gold Forcer watch and Black Puma bag are included.

May 17 is the release date but expect these to be leaked soon. Definate buy for all my 2008, "80s" babies!

Pics and info via

Nike Horror Series

A pack dedicated to the female fiends.

Vandal High

Air Max LTD

Dunk Lows

Pics via
PHONE: 202 MAJOR DC (625-6732)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sale Sale Sale!!!!!


Now through Sunday at both Ward + Makaloa locations:

-40% Stussy, Burton, Phenomenon zip-up hoodies + jackets
-Stussy, ANX, J-Money t-shirts: Buy 3 + get one free
-Stussy, Pegleg, Burton New Era fitted caps all $25

All sales final on sale items. Get yours!

This Weekend at All HUF Locations
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 18:01:05 -0800

50% Off Recession Sale at HUF starting Sat. Feb. 23rd. All Stores! |
View this Email Online

50% Off Recession Sale at HUF starting Sat. Feb 23rd. All Stores!

By Hand Clothing has posted a new item, 'By Hand @ Cash & Carry'

3-8pm is the time to buy.
8pm-later is the afterparty.
open bar 3-6pm all ages welcome
You may view the latest post at

New Stuff at at Alife

The Rivington Club
158 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002
TEL: (212) 375-8128
> The Rivington Club


I really like these. They are sleek, with being too flashy. Definitely gonna scoop these since i missed out on the 24K Supras. $90, call your local Puma dealer.

Nike Canvas

You guys remember when the canvas shoes were hot? Well, for all you fans they are making a comeback. Not avaiable just yet though.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Afrology Exhibit

James Top
The Afrology Exhibit

Show Opens:
Friday February 22nd, 2008

At The Essex St. Gallery
27 1/2 Essex St. (Bet. Grand and Hester)
Lower East Side, NYC
Gallery open 2-8 Monday to Sunday
Curated by Jordan Cory Sorman

More Dunks

Internet adventures lead me to these beauties! 95.00. Use code CCSF08 for free shipping!


Nike is really putting in time, effort and money for ladies shoes. These Dunks are pretty fly. No news on where to scoop them yet but stay posted.

Pics via

MOB X Ryan Leslie T-Shirt Collabo

So your like who the hell is Ryan Leslie? Well I may a lil' late to the game on him but hey better late than never! My brother put me on to him and I'm glad he did! He's a producer/artist that is killing the airwaves with his hit "Diamond Girl"

So why am I talking about him on a sneaker blog? We'll he actually has a collabo t-shirt out with our girls over at Married to the MOB that is pretty dope and wanted you guys to check it out! (and his music of course) Cause all us FSF girls are DIAMOND GIRLS!


The NextSelection Lifestyle Group & Married to the Mob proudly present Ryan Leslie's limited edition "Diamond Girl" women's tee - a collector's item:

Only 500 of these exclusive co-branded tees have been produced. They will sell out. Accepting orders now. All orders will ship within 24 hours of purchase. Please allow 10-14 days for delivery. Tees are $45. Shipping is free (yes, even international).

NOTE: Women's sizes only. Boys - buy one for your diamond girl!

On-line purchases are processed via


Thank you for supporting NextSelection. Ryan Leslie's "Diamond Girl" at radio now. Call your stations, sport your tees and keep living the NextSelection lifestyle!

Check Out Ryan Leslie! | Ryan Leslie Myspace!

[pics courtesy of]

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The RZA Live at Studio B on Friday!!!!!!!

Oxy Cottontail Presents... Heartbeat

Oxy Cottontail Presents...
"The Beat Klub"
in Association with...
"We Are The Music Future" - Live from Bmore!!
The Unruly Fam...
The Future DJ King Tutt
The Club Queen DJ K-Swift
Super Producer S-S-S- Say-Wut
DJ Will-Roc
The Godfather DJ Scottie B!
Live Performance by A.R.E. WEAPONS & RYE RYE @ 11PM!
Hosted By...
Gary Hunt, Maggie Horn, Roxy Cottontail & Jason Scott
Photos by Paolo

Every Wednesday!
Le Royale
21 Seventh Ave. South

Women Are Wack

Martha Rosler’s collage Body Beautiful, or Beauty Knows No Pain: Hot House, or Harem (1966-72)

For the first time the United States has a viable female presidential candidate, which gives us an excellent motivation to learn the feminist history that was glossed over in school. Fortuitously, WACK!: Art and the Feminist Revolution, has found its way to New York after premiering at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles last year. WACK! is the first comprehensive exploration of the international foundations of feminist art.

The 120 artists and artist groups work in a broad range of media that reflects the themes of geography, formal concerns, collective aesthetic, and political impulses. The exhibition covers 1968-1980 with a focus on the breadth of international feminist art while also highlighting New York City’s role. The artists featured are both women who were involved in the feminist movement and women who did not necessarily embrace feminist ideologies but were influenced by them.

In addition to the standing exhibit, P.S.1 is hosting weekly events to bring the featured artists together with a younger generation. This Saturday, February 23rd, from 2pm-6pm, the feminist genderqueer artist collective LTTR is sponsoring a roving installation by the editors of their journal to encourage conversation. At 4pm on Sunday February 24th check out Pink Bloque Revisited, an interactive workshop with re-united members of the radical Chicago street dance troupe at 4pm so you can get your dance on before a night out.

Click here for more events.

On exhibit through May 12, 2008.
First, Second, and Third Floors, P.S.1
22-25 Jackson Ave, Long Island City
pic and info:worship worthy


Man is the new spot. I got these bad boys today, if they were hightops they would really be off the hook. Plus free shipping is always nice!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Proton in NY!!


There's lots of love going around these days. I Heart now has the
collection of LONELY HEARTS!!!! You may have heard about this line
through Daily Candy (see below) or you may have caught their last
collection here at I Heart. This New Zealand team will catch your eye
and grab your shopping heart. Come check out the new collection at I

**i heart * 262 mott st * * 212.219.9265 **

info and pic: I heart Email

The Jawn with Melo-X

Monday, February 18, 2008

Converse turns 100! part 3

Dear Converse,
I love the Black 5s Century Pack. It's beautiful, and it honors some of the game's best players who are often overlooked. In fact it inspired me to suggest another Century Pack for you: the All American Redheads.

All American Redhead Spanky Losier (above)

This amazing team barnstormed America for 50 years, bringing some of the best women's basketball to gyms from Alaska to Florida. From 1936-1986, these women played by men's rules (remember early on women's rules were quite different), and regularly beat men's teams. And all this despite the fact that they sometimes played over 200 games a season, had to drive everywhere (in a team limo, not even a bus), and even put on halftime shows while the guys' teams rested. (Like one woman who would kneel at the free throw line and calmly make up to 50 baskets in a row!) Oh, did I mention that they wore Converse?

Spanky Losier's Converse

If you want more information, just check out:
C'mon Converse, this is story just waiting for kicks!