Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Fall FSF logo tees!

Fee's friends K and Oli were kind enough to model some of the new FSF logo tees in for Fall! To check out other colors, click here. 100% cotton tees that show everyone your passion for kicks, still just $15 including shipping! Sizes from S-2XL.

As always, free stickers with your t-shirt order! =)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

So super clean! Asics Gel-Lyte III Beige/White

(Katt Williams voice) These joints right here.....are stupid fresh! Feeling everything about these clean beige/white Asics. From the beige sole to the timberland like shoe laces, me likey! I have been sleeping on Asics but after seeing these and a few other pairs, its tome for me to wake my ass up!

pics via Nice Kicks

New Flava for your ear: "Mind" by Fatima

I first got put on to Miss Fatima a while ago by Kara aka Miss Hood and Proper. Ever since then I've been hooked! Her voice is so soulful and her style is so ILL! Check out her new video for her track called Mind. Out now on Amazon and Itunes.

New Pickup #3: Keep Sneaker Nuss "Preztel Pack"

It's been a hot min since I bought a sneaker that wasn't Nike. I figured since I talked about how much I like Keep Sneakers so much, that it was time to put my money where my mouth is and buy a pair. I was on one day checking out their $20 sales and bong! There was this lovely preztel covered shoe in my size on sale. I missed out on these when the came out in fall of 09 and when I saw them on Plndr there was no way I was missing out again! Check it....

The Box

The Inside of the box. Dope presentation! Comes with dust bag

Side of the shoe.

Bottom of the shoe. Gotta love that gum sole!

I'm so hyped to wear these! Now me and my nephew will match. :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My last acquisition... Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Volt

Yesterday was a really hot day in Madrid so I decided to take care of myself and make me a present to handle better the 40º C (104 ºF).

So I walk to Foot Locker, and there they were, the new Nike Hyperfuse collection. It was love at first sight. I took this awesome volt yellow colorway Nike Air Max 90 with Hyperfuse technology that make it very lightweight and so durable. I have to do it, they´re mine.

Also you can choose more colorays like blue glow or solar red but for me, this volt yellow are just awesome.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Pickup #2: Claw Money Nike Blazer high

Remember a while back I was kicking myself because I missed out on the Claw Money x Nike collab? Well the lord was listening to my cry because when Bawse lady Lori put up the post stating that Claw was re-releasing them I jumped for joy! As soon as I saw that post I went to Claw Money's site quick and bought me a pair. I originally wanted the Claw Vandal in blue and the blazers in black but my size was unavailable for the Vandal so I just bought the blazers. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I opened up my package. My favorite part of the shoe is the gum sole bottom and of course the Claw paisley like print. It was even good to see that old school orange Nike box again. Even though these came to my house last week, I'm still grinning like a Cheshire cat lol. Thank you Based God thank you!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

ILL Banger Fridaze

If you want to let loose and unwind, head down to ILL Banger this Friday and percolate!

Ooh Its extra sharp! Adidas Women's Samba: Sharp blue/white

Adidas just dropped a new Samba for us female sneaker fiends in a nice sharp blue colorway. I've always was fond of the basic black/white/gum sole Samba but with the sharp blue colorway and grey sole, it really compliments the silhouette. I'm really digging these! These Adidas Samba's are available at the Nice Kicks shop. Check it....

pics via Nice Kicks

Monday, August 8, 2011

Nike's The Montalban is Hiring Now!

The Montalban Theatre is a unique Nike event and retail space in the heart of Hollywood. For folks who haven't been there, it's quite a scene! (Reknowned athletes such as Kobe Bryant, Lance Armstrong, and the Barcelona and Inter Milan soccer teams have all been there.) Nike will once again be hosting events there starting this fall to next summer, and they're looking to hire some killer female sneaker fiends to help make it all happen.

They are currently hiring for three positions, with multiple openings for the first two: Core Staff, Customization Designer and Retail Manager. Applicants may contact Optimist LA at by Wednesday August 10th for more information.

Tell them FSF sent you, and they better not sleep on the ladies ;)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sneaker Music

There have been several songs dedicated to sneakers over the years.  You may recall the post A$ wrote a few years back on the topic, if not, check it here.  I'm the Queen of iTunes playlists.  I've got one for every occasion, mood, city I've been to, events I've gone to, etc.  These days my "Rock The Bells '11" is on high rotation to get more hyped for the NYC show, but I've been gathering tracks here and there to add to my "Sneaker Music" playlist.  Along with all the classics ("My Adidas", etc.) do you have any new(ish) favorite sneaker-inspired tracks for my list? On a side note, have you ever had somebody step on your toe and your first instinct was to shout out, "Hellllll nah, ain't no waaaay.."  hoping that someone nearby would hit back with, "What's wrong?" I totally have.  Check out some of my more recent favorite sneaker tracks.

**You know I had to throw in some Canadian 'ish for you (DL Incognito of Ottawa and The Lytics of Winnipeg)!

Mac Miller - Nikes On My Feet (fast-forward to 1:42 to skip intro)

DL Incognito - SYSGU

The Lytics - Checkin' On My Pumas

C.O.P Guide to Etiquette

Female sneaker fiends Loni Schick and Toofly are both featured in this awesome event in Berlin. Go get 'em ladies! And thanks to C.O.P Magazine for another great women-led event.