Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sneaker Music

There have been several songs dedicated to sneakers over the years.  You may recall the post A$ wrote a few years back on the topic, if not, check it here.  I'm the Queen of iTunes playlists.  I've got one for every occasion, mood, city I've been to, events I've gone to, etc.  These days my "Rock The Bells '11" is on high rotation to get more hyped for the NYC show, but I've been gathering tracks here and there to add to my "Sneaker Music" playlist.  Along with all the classics ("My Adidas", etc.) do you have any new(ish) favorite sneaker-inspired tracks for my list? On a side note, have you ever had somebody step on your toe and your first instinct was to shout out, "Hellllll nah, ain't no waaaay.."  hoping that someone nearby would hit back with, "What's wrong?" I totally have.  Check out some of my more recent favorite sneaker tracks.

**You know I had to throw in some Canadian 'ish for you (DL Incognito of Ottawa and The Lytics of Winnipeg)!

Mac Miller - Nikes On My Feet (fast-forward to 1:42 to skip intro)

DL Incognito - SYSGU

The Lytics - Checkin' On My Pumas

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