Monday, February 28, 2011

Air Jordan III "True Blue"

Jordan Brand has made this the year of the IIIs with the release of the White Cement and BHM Js thus far. Summer is sure to not disappoint with the release of the AJ III "True Blues". Originally re-released in 2009 in Asia, and now dropping stateside on June 19th for both the fellas and little feet in GS sizing. The silhouette we’ve come to love and know in all white shoe is complete with iconic elephant print on the heel, toe box and lower eyelets, coupled with just enough blue accents to break up the monotony.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Since MELO is a KNICK now...

I thought I'd put together a colorway that not only signifies the Knicks, but also boldly screams NYC flavor! The upper paneling is a stretchable cotton denim with the perforations and Jordan symbol in orange, while the underlying upper consists of premium white leather on top of a white mesh for ultimate breathing and flexing. The eyelets strip is a sparkling orange vinyl stitched over the upper with bright orange round laces. The blue nylon tongue and cotton lining are easy on the ankle area. There is a blue patent leather heel support on the back of the shoe. Finally the outer outsole is a textured blue, with the inner outsole a textured white on top of an orange, sturdy plastic midsole. In homage to being on the Knicks, there is signage of NEW YORK on the inner outsole going across both heels. This is only the first of many drafts for a new MELO sneaker envisioned. Please feel free to share with other fans of Carmelo Anthony as well as the NY Knicks!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ring the Alarm!!: AJ5 Black Alarming Red

Dropping this spring is the Jordan 5 black "alarming red" and they're dropping in (wait for it) GS sizes!!! Jordan Brand has been answering mine and the other small footers prayers! Don't know they official release date but word on the internetz is that they will be dropping in the spring. I can't wait for these to be on my feet!
Pic via The Shoe Game

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FETTi talks kicks with EARPEACE Radio!!!

Tune in this Thursday night, which is regularly Ladies Nite for me and my girls, to Earpeace Radio!!! It will still be Ladies Nite with Tough Love NYC streaming live on PNCradio from 10pm to Midnight! I promise not to bash the fellas! *Update** Show is canceled until further notice

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Music Artist Spotlight: Kay M

Ladies and gents I would like for you to meet rapper Kay M. Hailing from New Jerz, Kay M has made his mark by being BET's 2009's Freestyle Friday's first ever Grand Champion. Since then he has been touring with the best such as Jay-Z and Talib Kweli. He has also worked with Grammy winning producers such as Bangladesh and Deezle. His debut album "Green Lights" is a certified banger! Its a combination of different genres so don't expect "Green Lights" to be a typical rap album. Mister Kay M is well on his way to becoming the next big artist!

To listen to the rest of his album "Green Lights" check out his links:

To purchase "Green Lights" hit up Itunes:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fashawn Loves FSF Loves Fashawn

Y'all remember back in summer when Bawse Lady Lori, JenJen and I were up in Holland repping FSF at the International Hip Hop Festival?  You also may or may not recall how juiced JenJen and I were to have chilled with Fashawn.  He's such a dope emcee and a humble, genuine dude.  See for yourself:

Fashawn dropped his new mixtape today entitled Higher Learning 2, which features:  GLC, J. Cole, Common, John Legend and more.

Download it HERE for free!

bodega SALE!

Anyone who's been before knows these sales are LEGENDARY...too big to fit in the normal store, and they really put a ton of hot shit on sale. Hustle in, but don't be in a hurry cuz the lines are loooooong. Not a ton of small sizes, but some small shoes and clothes, just like the store itself...

Swizz Beatz Announces Global Partnership with Reebok at Project, Las Vegas

The internet has already seen several pairs of The KAMIKAZE, the Swizz X Reebok collaboration, and are ready to start adding them to their collections! Yesterday Swizz Beatz made it official by announcing his global partnership with Reebok to put out The Kamikaze real soon. In this unique partnership, Swizz Beatz will actively engage with the brand on many levels, from developing various initiatives to working with product.  His first role will be as the curator of the Reestyle Collective. A group of artistic minds from across the globe, the ReestyleCollective will conceive and produce a wide range of creative content in the realms of dance, music, art and style - the communities in which both Swizz Beatz and Reebok Classics thrive. Swizz himself had on a pair of lilac, pink sequin, and red Kamikazes with a t-shirt adorning artist Basquiat whom he praises highly for his disctinctive art. No word yet on the official release of the Kamikaze so stay tuned!

Monday, February 14, 2011

NBA All-Star Game Heat from Nike

As always, Nike is treating us to some special releases for the upcoming NBA All-Star game. Here's what will be on the feet of Lebron, Kobe and Kevin Durant.

My favorites were the All Star Lebron 8 V2s... just gorgeous.

The Kobe VIs with special All Star box. They don't stand out from his other VIs as much as I would expect, although the hologram on the tongue is cool. (All 3 of these shoes have holograms on the tongue featuring the player's logo and the East/West logo.)

The Nike Zoom KD IIIs (aka, Durants) were extremely lightweight, although the look and feel was too plastic-y for me.

The beauty of the box was hard for this amateur photographer to capture. It has a striped plastic casing, so when you pull the box out of the sleeve, it appears animated! Great use of old school animation technology. Nice touch for a game played next door to Hollywood...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rawr! Converse Addict Leopard Print Chucks

Leopard Print + Chuck Taylor = I'm Sold! The leopard print is definitely a nice touch. They're simple yet wild. I can dig it! (But for the fiends that are not into animal print, this may not be your cup of tea.) These are due for release in April.

Pic via Nice Kicks



Been a minute since I checked in here. Just wanted to stop in and highlight on the Kobe Bryant NYC In-Store Release on 34th St Footlocker on Friday. As Lori posted the other day, the "Black Mamba" released his new sneaker, the Kobe VI here in NY late Friday night after he played the Knicks. Lakers took the Game: New York 96, Los Angeles 113, so I guess Kobe was feeling pretty good when he showed up.

Our buddy Melissa over at Footlocker hooked us up to come in and cover the event. A good crowd came out, although some people were out to get the Foamposites dropping the same night. There were some die-hard fans in the place including some excited kids that prepared questions for Kobe.

Peter Rosenberg from Hot97 hosted the event wearing the Black History Month exclusive model (that I loved). We were given a good breakdown on the makeup of the actual sneaker from a guest speaker as well. Kobe came in after 11pm from the Garden as the Footlocker crowd roared and welcomed him in with open arms. Kobe gave a breakdown on how much he loves the game and answered a few questions from kids on techniques and how they could get into basketball. He gave away a few autographed basketballs and took a few pics with the kids. All in all a very nice short and sweet event.

One thing that stuck out to me was Kobe was not wearing his own sneaker to the release. He was wearing a pair of Black Louis Vuitton Kicks which were nice, but I just feel he should have been rocking the sneaker he was actually promoting. He seemed to have a lot of passion talking about the development that I wished he had that passion on his feet. But no love lost. We'll give you a pass this time Kobe because you were probably rushing from the Game. (wink)

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Catch you guys Later!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Holy ish!! Santigold X Vans collab sneaker out now!!!!

One of my FAVORITE artist Santigold did a collab sneaker with Vans that dropped today!! I'm OD excited! The perforation with gold lace locks and gold chains is very Santigold. I must have these! Now that these dropped, please girl drop another album!
These are out now at Kicks Hawaii
1530 Makaloa St # A
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 941-9191

pics via Kicks Hawaii

Nike Blazer Denim edition

So for spring/summer the trend is denim and I'm not mad at it! Nike just dropped these lovely burgundy denim blazers for us ladies. These are very clean and the color I don't hate. With all these denim releases popping up I say good job Nike you will be seeing my dollars this year!

pics via Sneaker News

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reebok Freestyle Year of the Rabbit "Bunny Pack"

Reebok has put together a pack of 5411s in honor of 2011 being the Year of the Rabbit.  The shoe comes in 4 colourways, each featuring fake fur on the ankle strap and upper.  They're affectionately being referred to as the "Bunny Pack",  and rightly so, the pastels scream Easter and spring. 

Personally, they remind me of my fave Easter treat: Cadbury Mini Eggs!  

 I do rep Freestyles but I can't get down with fake fur on my kicks.  Would you cop?  

*No word on a North American release just yet. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Road Trip!! Reebok Freestyle Hi

Reebok released another freestyle this month, and it's called "Road Trip". The brown and gold crackled material and aviator patches are reminiscent of a old flight jacket. The FS means Freestyle and the 82 represents when the freestyle first came on to the scene. Not my cup of tea, but I like the old school appeal to it. These are out now at Kicks Crew

pics via Sneaker Obsession

Statue Of Liberty Dunk High

It's been a min since I did a post about a dunk! Nike decided to pay homage to the greatest city on earth by creating a "Statue of Liberty" dunk. Some people were complaining that the color on this shoe is not exactly the same color as Lady Liberty herself, but so what!? I personally like the sneaker! The best part about this shoe is that when you scuff it the color changes to a copper color. Since I'm not a scuffer, I think a copper color sole would have been ill. Either way I'm feeling these. No word on its release. Thoughts?

Pics via Sneaker News

Claw really does love you!

The infamous Claw Money is doing something really special for her shoppers! She has created a limited edition sweatsuit set just for V-day. Each piece separately is $25 (cheap) but if you buy both the sweatshirt and sweatpants , the combo price is only $40! And if you spend $50 - you get a free ashtray! Sounds like an awesome deal to me! Cop your V-day goodies at Claw Money

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January Winners!

Meet our 1st Preposterously Pink Time Line Winner! Amara Munoz won for sending the most images of pink kicks. Thanks Amara! Amara won an autographed copy of the upcoming FSF book, Girls Got Kicks, and she'll be in it too. Here's a bit of her interview...

Amara Munoz, 22, Sneaker Fiend and Artist, Sweden

Her sneaker blog: Amara por dios

When did you start loving sneakers? What got you into the sneaker game?

The year was 1996 when the Nike air flight turbulence released. I was 8 years old and I was on a summer camp. A boy there had them. I couldn’t take my eyes of them in 3 weeks. I came home and the only thing I had on my mind was those sneakers. One day I saw them, I nagged and nagged my parents. And I finally got them. I was the happiest kid in the world. I think I slept with them in bed. After that I saved all my money I got and bought sneakers. So it still is.

How would you describe your collection?

I love colors, specially pink. My collection is really like a rainbow. I keep them in their original boxes. But when the collection is growing the space is decreasing. I have sneakers in my bedroom, in two closets, in the hallway and living room. My dream is to have my own sneaker room like MAYOR.

What's the sneaker scene like for female sneaker fiends in Sweden?

Here in Sweden there’s almost no females in the sneaker game. I know only one female that have the same passion for sneakers. There’s no events or happenings for the ladies in Sweden. I tried to sell sneakers on a sneaker swap but I sold only one pair of ugly adidas for 10 dollars. Girls don’t won’t to spend money on sneakers here.

I hope the sneaker culture gets bigger here in Sweden for the girls. I’m trying my best to spread the word. Soon I will come to the US and take part of the real sneaker culture. I hope you will show me.

Our second place winner was Brittany Green. Thanks ladies!! Contact me for your prize!

Nike WMNS Dunk Hi Skinny Premium "Tartan"

Ahh…nothing says spring like Lacoste polos and Madras shorts, so why not rock Madras pattern on your feet? As of late Nike Sportswear has been coming up with bold designs for women. I’ve had the luxury of seeing the “creamsicle” colorway in person at my favorite sneaker boutique got Sole? in Indianapolis, IN and I was sold! These vibrant dunks use of orange, blue and pink complete with a gum sole has me saying is it spring break yet? Pick these up at your local Nike retailer now.