Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ladies and Gents I would like for you...

to meet our newest blogger, Brandi Barnett aka B Twice. Brandi is a fellow FSF and represents for the small footers. Check out the interview on our newest blogger! :)

1) Who are you and where are you from?
Brandi Barnett. Midwest born and raised, from a small town in Indiana, if I tell you where I'd have to kill you :) Currently residing in Indianapolis, IN

2) When did you start collecting?

I started collecting sneakers in 1993 when I copped my first pair of Nike Air Huaraches that I picked out on my own, without my mother's help. They had me at hello, and I've been chasing every since.

3) What's your favorite pair?

Ohh too many to count, not unusual for most sneakers freakers! I have hundreds in my collection, but not all in rotation. My favorite silhouette is the AJ 3, my favorite pair of sneakers in current rotation is Air Max 90, in white/Asian concord and Laser Pink...OG style.

The sneaker scene is one of Indianapolis' best kept secrets. Most people just look for whatever is being hyped up in the malls, but they are a few of us who know who to hit up.
The sneaker boutique with the most knowledgeable owners is got Sole? in Indianapolis. If I'm looking for that Skater Board P vibe, I hit up Rise in Carmel Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis. Sadly, for female sneaker fiends, we have to spend hours scouring the Internet for fresh new designs because the ladies are neglected. I was once described as a unicorn for my interest in sneakers and urban street wear. I'll take that description as a magical, mythical, mysterious, rare creature!

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