Sunday, February 13, 2011



Been a minute since I checked in here. Just wanted to stop in and highlight on the Kobe Bryant NYC In-Store Release on 34th St Footlocker on Friday. As Lori posted the other day, the "Black Mamba" released his new sneaker, the Kobe VI here in NY late Friday night after he played the Knicks. Lakers took the Game: New York 96, Los Angeles 113, so I guess Kobe was feeling pretty good when he showed up.

Our buddy Melissa over at Footlocker hooked us up to come in and cover the event. A good crowd came out, although some people were out to get the Foamposites dropping the same night. There were some die-hard fans in the place including some excited kids that prepared questions for Kobe.

Peter Rosenberg from Hot97 hosted the event wearing the Black History Month exclusive model (that I loved). We were given a good breakdown on the makeup of the actual sneaker from a guest speaker as well. Kobe came in after 11pm from the Garden as the Footlocker crowd roared and welcomed him in with open arms. Kobe gave a breakdown on how much he loves the game and answered a few questions from kids on techniques and how they could get into basketball. He gave away a few autographed basketballs and took a few pics with the kids. All in all a very nice short and sweet event.

One thing that stuck out to me was Kobe was not wearing his own sneaker to the release. He was wearing a pair of Black Louis Vuitton Kicks which were nice, but I just feel he should have been rocking the sneaker he was actually promoting. He seemed to have a lot of passion talking about the development that I wished he had that passion on his feet. But no love lost. We'll give you a pass this time Kobe because you were probably rushing from the Game. (wink)

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