Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reebok AVT 19+

Reeboks attempt to be more competitive in the market. The AVT 19+ design is based off a reaction ball and price point of $140. The best feature is that it is all terrain, meaning this one shoe will cross over into any activity. Reebok has recruited MMA superstar and actor Quinton “Rampage” Jackson to be the male spokesman and is in negotiations for a spokeswoman.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Talkin' 'bout a Revolution! FEETuring the Ladies...

Yup, this is big! FSF is getting to team up with Sue Boyle, who's blowing up so fast she just opened another Rime in Manhattan. That said, we're headed to the Brooklyn Rime for an evening of networking, music, live art (none else than Sneaker Fairy Fetti, Pink Eye and Yoakustoms!) and kicks of course. We're also proud to host Sneakerbox's first stop!

We might have some pretty fun special guests as well, not to mention new FSF tees, your chance to get the scoop on the Teyana Taylor adidas that'll be dropping their soon, your autographed copy of Girls Got Kicks and more...

Rime x Sneakerbox x FSF x ???  Next Thursday, February 31st, 7-9pm...

Ladies of Sneakerbox take it on the road!


The Sneakerbox is heading out for a grand US tour! Leaving the frigid cold temps of Boston (trust me on this) Angela and Tiffany are bringing their streetwear and kicks to a spot near you (almost 30 cities before they're done!) They're hitting up skate parks, sneaker shops and industry events across the country. 

Wanna keep up with them? Follow their adventure on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and daily vlogs on YouTube