Thursday, August 30, 2007

Do my LADIES run this.........HELL YEAH!

FSF's version of 3 the hard way. Feeway730, Fetti, & E the custom queen
Can you find the way to the party? If not follow the signs!
Lori was gonna get mobbed, so Fetti & E offered a bit of security
the BEST shoe circle ever. Don't bite b/c I know who came up with this idea
Stencil FSF love. Kween Lindz, I need like 30 of these pronto!
Thanks to everyone who made this event a success & to my SP fam.....Good looking out, but NEVER sleep on the LADIES!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

just a few more pics from the party

hey all,
yes, it was a great birthday blast! much thanks to Shanan (who worked her butt off), our sponsors, our crew and all of our guests!!!! Shanan has already posted a bunch of great pics, but let me add just a few with some of our guests...
Autumn and the Brooklyn Circus guys

Lori and Purple Crush

Shanan in action!

Isla in action!

Catch you next time...

fsF B-day BAsh PICTURES!!!! part 2

The FSF second birthday bash was totally insane. About three times as many people as I thought Showed up. The whole FSF crew (pictured above) promoted almost too sucessfully and we want to thank everybody for coming out!!
Purple crush was awesome and I think everybody went home with something good.....Big thank you to Bembe and 80'S night for hosting the party and DAn, JEss LEE, Jesus, Jeff and RAphael for helping out in organizing the chaos.
HAppy Birthday FSF and DUDA and all his friends who made a crazy party even crazier!!!!!!!

Alex is an 80's night REgular!

Isla doing her thang (purple crush) go buy thier album LCD .2 on itunes now!

Thats C?ntrary on the right....

Lori and jen

Lori and Ill P (from Ill party wednesdays TONIGHT!)

Stef and Carol (cutest couple ever)

Lori and christian (cutest couple ever, maybe thats why Lori is in every picture!!)

Nicole and her friend

Me and Jess lee behind the bar

Boundless crew

CArol,,,,rocking out

Selecta chad Dubz

Above Photos by C?NTRARY. thanks for filling in!!!!


me looking a bit frazzled behind the bar

Fee, Fetti and Erica

Autum rocking her hufs

Fee, Fetti, Erica, Atumn, and Lori

Fee, Cork poppin
A huge Thank you to all of our sponsors!!!!!
MAMA for the adorable totes.
A-morirfor the T-shirts (hand made!)
Luis at Kicksclusive and Laces for the kicksclusive Bobbito magazines.
staple for the T-shirts.
G rice army for the necklaces and pins.
not bad for a girlfor the stickers all the way from the UK.
Dime piece.
dunk exchange.
Goliath for bags.
Yoshi from FATLACE
SAmia from Highsnobiety's Chicks with kicks for the photo's (seen below) and promotion and she got u all those awesome reebok mixes.
E the CUSTOM queenPink eyeand
FETTI for the awesome customization display.
and of coursePurple Crush for their Awesome performance!
And Lori the original Fesmale sneaker fiend!

The crowd at the begining of the night, see my boss asking me what the hell......i was behind the bar all night....

D-nyce and Karen from A-morir.


Isla From Purple crush

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

illParty wedenesdays and Tuff Tuesdays

our FSF birthday bash was CRAZY!!! so many people turned up, pictures coming soon!
if by chance you are recovered from our party or you didnt make it,,, these two williamsburgh jump offs will keep you busy over the next few days.....

Friday, August 24, 2007

Jeff Staple, Ten questions X years of Staple

Jeff Staple founder of Staple, the Reed Space and Staple Design hooked us up with some staple shirts for our B-day Bash.
He also found time to answer a few questions for us.....I love his Blog, it is my favorite righ up there with, check it out here
Here are ten questions answered by one of "streetwears" major tastemakers! Thanks Jeff!!

favorite sneaker?

favorite artist?

favorite designer?

favorite food?

favorite movie?

first country you visited (outside the us)?

most necessary personality trait?

person you most admire living or dead?

favorite shop to buy things for girls?

favorite gadget ever?

Kerin Rose and A-Morir

Kerin Rose is 24and the very talented creator of A-Morir clothing, who has also sponsored our birthday bash (your coming right? don't forget to RSVP!) she lives and works in Manhattan and she is "Married to the hustle." She hand prints all her designs so cross your fingers you are lucky enough to get one of her originals in your gift bag, or go to
Thanks Karin!!!
(photo's by TONE)

Where are you originally from?
Born in Manhattan, raised in the upper right hand corner of the subway map in Port Washington, Long Island.

When did you start a-morir and how did you come up with the name?
I've been making clothing for as long as I can remember, but a-morir has come to fruition within the past year. I got the name a-morir when I went to Madrid and saw Argentinan artist Miguel Angel Rios's "A Morir ('til Death)," a three screen video installation of 30 wooden spinning tops fighting 'til death. There's more to it, lets just say it made sense.

I love your photo shoots, where is that place, with all the white tiles and graffiti?
Haha, thanks! That was a crazy gonzo shoot I did in Williamsburg with my good friend, Dana - - Another friend of mine lives there - it used to be an old concert venue, and now it's an apartment! I've since done a beautiful studio shoot with TONE - - so I could show both the highbrow and grimier style of streetwear.

Where is your Day job, do you design for others as well?
I work at an alternative marketing firm during the day, it's a great place for my business and creative sides to coexist. As for other projects; most recently a good friend of mine commissioned me to paint him a Biggie as Buddha painting. Oh, and I'm also in a hip hop duo called SnatchWax.

What is your favorite a-morir print so far?
That's like deciding between my favorite Beatle (Ringo, FYI)!! I really do love them all, especially because they're all very different screens. I love the reaction to the "INDUSTRY" shirt the most; I worked in the music industry for 4 years, and have professionally tested the water of a few others. Nothing is tackier to me than people who care about what you do for a living, not what kind of a person you are. I made the first one about 3 years ago as a reaction to that, and people either get it and love it, or they have no clue.

Do you collect sneakers?
I'm a huge consumer of both streetwear and sneaker culture. I don't just collect sneakers, I collect shoes. And I wear every single pair! I have a handful of quality kicks that never fail to impress but I buy them for me. I just happen to have excellent taste. Pow!

what are your favorite pair?
It's a tie between my a-morir swarovski converse hi tops that i hand applied 2700 crystals to, or my Tiffany diamond dunks - because they're the same colorway as my apartment.

Anything you want us all to know about you and a-morir?
My first answer to this was a total ramble, so now I'm going to try and keep it short. I have always viewed fashion as an art form, and I intend on keeping a-morir as close to a hand made line as I can. Every shirt is hand screened, every dress and hat is hand sewn, making every piece your own unique piece of art. You'll love it 'till death. Also, I love reading books on cultural theory and history and eating cookies.

Any shout outs?
First to Jessica, aka YOSHI (who you may know formerly of Homeroom, currently of Fatlace) first and foremost for being a great friend, for believing in me, and hooking me up with this event. A shout out to Meme, Abi, and Noni, and to my best friends. And a shout out to everyone at Def Jux for making me an honorary member of the fam, especially when glitter is involved.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

JEssica Tong and G rice Army

Jessica Tong Started G rice army and has sponsored our Birthday bash with G rice army jewelry. Cross your fingers that you get one in your gift bag on Monday! Check out Grice army at all photos are by Travis Joseph and Avon B.

name, age, location, marital status, please?
Jessica Tong, 23, New York City, my marital status is not relevant that's too personal

Where are you originally from?
San Francisco

When did you start G rice army and how did you come up with the

We started the winter of 2002 in Brooklyn, NY, and the name, well i can't give up all of our secrets...

how did you decide on the wicked little machine gun motif necklaces
you do (they will be in our gift bags!)?

It started with a school project that was to use articles in the mass media to inspire a design object as an excercise in illustrating the life of a product and lifestyle determination of the market. My article was on gun control, so it was a play on the militant state of the nation post 9-11. The m16 is an American Rifle used widely during the Korean and Vietnam Wars up to today and of my personal American favorites for accuracy and reliability.

Do you make all the jewelry yourself?
The paint is not acrylic. And yes all the jewelry is hand made, hand painted and hand drawn by me. Each unique to the lot of which it was produced and color alloted to the particular generation. All G. Rice Army Collection is one of a kind many are not for sale.

How did you get into blogging?
It was an easy way for my girlfriends and i, while away at school to keep in touch as well as share party photos from our reunions. As we grow up, tea party sundays turn into after school jobs that later become full time jobs and the most you get is an email or a text message here and there. Sisterhood never dies and the G. Rice Blog contributes to our staying connected.

Do you collect sneakers?
No, i like to wear them.

what are your favorite pair? low chucks, black vans authentics and black and white vans checkered slip on's

Anything you want us all to know about you and G rice army?
Not really. If i know you, then you know.
The first rule of G. Rice is you don't talk about G. Rice.
The second rule of G. Rice is to not talk about the first rule.

Any shout outs?
The Queens of the G. Rice Army of Course. Brass Knuckles Ladies. Timeless.
Buddah, Mom and Dad and my brother Dolewhip the DoughBoy, Ice Cream Sandwiches, The Cure, C.O.D., Carbon Filters, O.J. Simpson, Bloom Fertilizer, The Ronettes, Sweety at West Side Ink, Sodium Lights, R.I.P. Chocolate, El Chino Diablo, The Staff of Yolato, Noee at Addiction Tattoo, the B-team, Fuck This Life, Avon B., Travis Joseph, Red Rooster Hot Sauce, Pabst Blue Ribbon, ZigZags, It's it, Hustler Strip Clubs, K.Y., Matt, The Young Bosses, JuJu, Tour, The Champ, TWON, Swisher Sweets, Peanut Butter Crunch, Diet Coke, Mamoun's Falafel, the 5th amendment.
Friends and Fam, I can't live with out you. Thanks.