Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rant: Don't blame Nike, Blame yourself!

Since last week I've been seeing Air Yeezy 2 talk run up and down my twitter timeline. Most of the Air Yeezy 2 banter was from disgruntled hype-beasts that were pressed because of  limited store release, twitter RSVP's from Nike's 21 Mercer St location, and "rape" prices for these shoes from stores. Since all these people complaining about how Nike is taking a different approach from its previous hyped up releases, did anyone stop and think that "Maybe I'm apart of the problem?" Yes I went there, so un-clutch those pearls. Think about it, If people had better tact when release day hits, there would be no need for twitter rsvp's and so forth. Also, Nike isn't the only brand out there people!! Stop acting like Nike is the end all be all of sneakers. Oh and this next one goes for those who spend mad dollars on Nike releases every week, complain about the quality of the shoe and how Nike and these sneaker boutiques rape your pockets every time you cop and still pledge your allegiance to the brand. Here's a thought "Stop buying them !". If all these issues bother you, then stop buying from that brand. Plain and simple. If you don't like how you being treated as a consumer from a brand and or/store, then keep those coins and dollars in your pockets. Brand boycotts do work and has been done before. If there wasn't so many thirsty individuals, you would have no twitter rsvp's, no rape prices and better quality. I'm not anti-Nike or anti sneaker people, I'm just stating the truth.  So the next time a big Nike release comes about, don't blame Nike, blame yourself and all of your thirsty sneaker comrades.


AirKarinaBx23 said...

PLEASE REPOST THIS EVERY DAY!!!!! People dont see how most of us are the ones who ruined the game! Nike is simply trying to get control back. It's a shame that our lifestyle has become a is heartbreaking!

SnkrDivaMOB said...

I love this rant!!!!!! its sooo true! people dont realize that this isnt just a fad for us this is a lifestyle and they are making a mockery of what we have accomplished for ourselves and what we do!