Tuesday, March 6, 2007

March is women's history month

Gabriella from MAMA is featuring Women she admires all month for Women's history month on her Blog, The glamorous life
This is What she has to say, And check out her Blog
to read about the women she is featuring.

"Twenty years ago, in 1987, Congress declared March Women's History Month. Once a year, we set one month aside to celebrate the acheivements of half of the population. I think it's important to remember the women that came before us that contributed to every facet of society from politics to the arts. It's easy to take these contributions for granted because we live in a day and age when we can vote, go to any school, and apply for any job . . . but that
was not always the case. Everyday this month, I will highlight fabulous women who were spectacular at their craft and made our world a better place. I begin this project with honoring our mothers, aunts, sisters and grandmothers. The women who raised us, cared for us and made us who we are. Without them, and the paths they have carved for us, we would not have the privileges we have today." Gabriella

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