Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Black Death: The Documentary

As our FSF X Feiyue contest is still going on, Feiyue has dropped a full length clip of the "Black Death" documentary. Check it......Link

Black Death, a documentary directed by Andre Christopher Ardiaca,
traces the journey of the worldwide famous rock band "Black Death" and his lead singer, "Dude", during their last 80s tour.
Back then, Black Death was at the top of its popularity until all the band members started disappearing under mysterious circumstances. The first to go was Paul Anton, the famous drummer, who died accidentally during a concert at Earls Court. Scott Nichols and Pierce Mc Gill followed Paul Anton's fate and died tragically one by one.
Discover the story of the group who influenced a whole generation.
We invite those who participated in the contest to check the video too, if your answer is right you will be eligible for the sneakers giveaway.

Good Luck to those who have entered! And for those who haven't, hurry up and enter for a chance to win a free pair of kicks! If you haven't already guessed how the documentary will end, feel free to tell us your ideas for how you would have ended it... It's all about your creativity, and your chance to win free Feiyue sneakers...

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