Friday, March 23, 2012

OSD, the Class

"OSD: The Class" grad, Lovely Edwards

For those of you not familiar with OSD, it stands for Obsessive Sneaker Disorder. If that sounds like something you might be suffering from, don't miss their weekly live sneaker talk shows (FSF's own Fee is one of the hosts!) or their class series "OSD: The Class." Recent grad Lovely Edwards (above) tells you why:


It's been a few weeks since graduation and I'm still surrounded by that smell. You know that whiff you submerge yourself in when you open up that box, lift up that fantabulous construction of materials and colorways, loosen up the laces and stick your whole face in..."aaahhhh" FRESH KICKS. That's exactly how I felt each and every time that I logged into my assigned seat inside the virtual classroom of my institution of choice, OSD's "The Class."

"Greetings Disorderlies," Sean "Paper Chasr" Williams aka “Master Splinter of the Sneaker Culture," would greet each of us in attendance. It was definitely the most amazing, invaluable learning experience I've ever encountered. I registered for "The Class," yearning to connect my passion to an origin of creation, but only for personal satisfaction. I mean, it's a known fact in my part of the world (7 cities, VA) that I have a "thing" for sneakers, so why not take a class? Gain some credibility and open a store. That was my goal, my purpose, my point. Obviously this class was designed for way more because what I obtained was the god of dreams and goals... It was knowledge.

Throughout my lessons and assignments (yes I took a class about the sneaker culture that had lessons and assignments), I began to learn more about the athletic footwear industry as a business, OUR culture and its misconceptions, but what got my laces in a bunch, was what I learned about myself.

In a storybook pattern, my assignments accumulated documentation of dreams and goals I didn't know I had and put them all in obtainable form. My goals transformed into timelines. I went from "I would love to do that" to "I can't believe I'm doing this!" I've been exposed to so much more than sneakers. The lessons taught me how to shop dart and what to look for and more importantly, expect in terms of quality footwear. I was taught how to make my kicks make money for me and I'm not talking about any of that consignment, flipping sneakers sh*t. I mean real live and direct statements from companies explaining how they are aiding in the financial stability of my daughter's future. I was indulged in the creative aspects of the industry, including design, production, and even marketing. I'm confident I could teach your favorite brand's parent company a thing or two. "Yeah I said it!"

It is unbelievable how many innovative and positive things that are going on in our culture. I mean as of right now as you're reading this we have museums coming and globalized schools dedicated to the best design and production imaginable. Even if you listened to every episode of the OSD talk show and became Lori's personal shoelace assistant, you couldn't even BEGIN to conceptualize everything we have coming our way.

Believe me when I tell you, "YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS INDUSTRY OR THIS CULTURE." I don't care what's in your collection, who you follow on twitter or how many videos you have on Sneakertube TV, you need to take this class. It's loosened my laces and gave me the freedom to fly... All puns intended.

Don't believe me? Register for the class and test your knowledge. If you're in New York, do yourself a favor and sit in the classroom, you'll be far from disappointed.

That's enough horn-tooting on my end, I have to go figure out how I'm going to partake in everything this class has laid out for me. If you need help with homework follow me @KrazySoleLove, I'll be happy to help with homework!

Until next time FSFs around the world... WALK GOOD!


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Can I follow you, even if I'm a MALE sneaker fiend?

$A$ the Great said...

@M.Vvebb Of course you can! :)