Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Chicago!!!

Chicago celebrated its 175th Birthday on March 4th! Chicago was claimed to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world by the great Frank Lloyd Wright. And I have to have to agree with Mr. Wright. I love my city! And with that said Happy Birthday Chicago!!

Here are a few things of Chicago's "1st's" worth celebrating!

Des Plaines a close suburb to Chicago was the first town to fashion the Nation's first McDonalds!

At the 1893 Chicago's Colombian Exposition the #2 yellow pencil was created for this event and as we all know what would the world be with your trusty number 2 pencil?

THE TWINKIE! The twinkie was created in Chicago's Schiller Park 1930!
The never expiring snack cake! I wonder if the first ever twinkie is still edible?

And one of my favorites the world famous Deep Dish Pizza!! OMG YUM! Ike Sewell and Richard Novaretti are credited with coming up with this artery cloggin, delicious deep dish pizza in Chicago at Pizzeria Uno in 1943! I thank you for this sirs!

And last but not least Chicago became home to one of the worlds first skycrapers. The Sears Tower. (I refuse to call it Willis Tower) In 1884 the tower was constructed and still remains as the tallest building in the western hemisphere!!

With all that said! I salute you Chicago! I love you and always will!

And you say Chi-City!

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