Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Enough of the sleek crap Adidas!

There are very few Adidas shoes that I like and one of them is the Adidas Adria. Remember when the Adria looked hardbody?

Tell me those don't look tough! Unfortunately my lovely pair of Adrias have been beat to death and when trying to find another pair, I keep finding these...

All this sleek nonsense! Don't they give essence of clown footwear?! The whole sleek look is a major fail in my book and when it comes to Adrias, Adidas stick to the original!


Unknown said...

A$! This IS a #waymajorfail!!! I fell in love with the plum courdoroy Adrias I found and have been preserving them ever since because of this! I have a wider foot so I wear guy's kicks for the most part, but am able to still rock ladies kicks too & when the ones I like get narrow and ugly like these it's such a turn off!

Anonymous said...

story of my life...i hate when you find that right pair of sneakers from that brand that you never thought you would like...and when you need a new pair...bam...there are no more...change can be good...but if something aint broken please dont fix it...thanks!lol