Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A peek inside the Westchester Nike Store

Tools of the trade for an in-store Nike iD studio for sneakers. Pictured: materials, samples, and inspiration abound. The staff is friendly and they even offer private iD sessions for you or your group.
The t-shirt iD studio is the option that sets this Nike store apart from the others. Allowing you to create that perfect tee to rock with your 1 of 1 iD kicks or even a new pickup makes this shop a destination for locals looking for something different and the 'head looking to snap necks. Nike has gone so fas as to make sure that the colors on the tees are as accurate as possible to the sneaker colorways, so your obsidian and medium grey tee is the same body and feet.
The GameChangers space allows the inner athlete, local sporting events, and in-store happenings to be broadcast. During my visit, they were promoting a Sneaker Lab event, the Nike Run Club, and the new iD studio options. The Sneaker Lab is also a Westchester exclusive. This program brings athletes, sneakerheads, coaches, etc together with the public and they talk about what they do, display new equipment/technology, or just share a common passion.

Fee dubbed this the "message" wall and the current theme is BEAT. Some personal faves off it were: Beat the system, polltution, and conformity!
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