Monday, April 27, 2009

Puma City comes to Boston!

What is the Volvo Ocean Race? And why should sneaker fiends care? Well, the thread that binds the sneaker and ocean racing worlds is an iconic red PUMA fiber of carbon steel. I had the good fortune of learning a lot about this crazy world of life-and-death, faster-than-fast sailing at a Puma City event today. Boston is the only North American port in the 9 month, 37,000 mile race, so a motley crew of online media--sneakerheads, fashionistas, sailing afficionados and more--got a real treat. Here are some images from Puma City, the race, and some sneak peeks of Puma product for those of you who came here to see sneakers =)

This is Puma's boat, Il Mostro, in action. For really crazy live action video, check out their footage on

Puma City. 24 steel shipping containers reconfigured for shopping, drinking, chilling, and celebrating...

This was a boat Puma bought for practicing on.  We got to go on it and check out the not-too-spacious digs for 11 guys to live in off-and-on for 9 months!

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