Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PF Flyer's New Bob Cousy's...and more

PF Flyers are bringing the Bob Cousy back for Spring, but with some of the high end materials and fashion-forward colorways that they're getting known for (officially: Italian bead-embossed leather, metal woven mesh and transparent gum rubber). They look way fancier than my bright green ones... all grown up and ready for club-hopping I think. Would you wear them with jeans or a skirt? They come as small as a men's 4, so they could look really cute on the right foot (including mine!). $110.

For a little more casual look, you could go for the oiled canvas ($80):

And if you prefer a high top, the Center Hi's retail for $90 and are made of metal woven mesh.

To order or to learn more about their Spring line and materials, check pfflyers.com.

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Anonymous said...

found this cool commercial for skins footwear and wanted to share it

I’ve never seen a shoe spot quite like this