Thursday, March 5, 2009

Show em what you got Ladies!!!

See what happens when you blog hop you find the most greatest information. Thanks to Rachel T. at M.I.S.S crew, I found out that Nike ID is having a tournament YAY!!! Its our turn Ladies to show them what we got!! Its happening at Nike Montalban location in LA and The 21 Mercer Street location in NYC. But hurry the latest you can submit your entry is March 10th!! Click here for rules and more info on Montalban location. For some reason the link for the Mercer St blog isn't popping up on my browser(Damn you Safari!!) but I would suggest you just take a trip on down to 21 Mercer Street in SoHo NYC.

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Super Noodle Rach said...

haha yea that is me who wrote that piece! i intern for them now whhooppp!