Monday, March 2, 2009

Well yes. it was Ladies' night!!

Well yes its was Ladies' Night and the vibe was right at Sole Food NYC. The featured artist that night was Qustom Queen from Scotland. Did a lot of networking and a lot of picture taking. Which reminds me to re-up on some SD cards. Check the flicks....

Paintings done by Erica

Random Artwork

Run-DMC painting done by Jamal

SUperhero Paintings done by Joshua Peters

(singing voice) Ms. Harlem Mika!! This girl can blow!!!
Ill P X Pink Eye
Pink Eye X Des from FlyKickz
Me X Des
Hello Charlie!!
FlyKickz x Pink Eye x Qustom Queen
Pink Eye x Erica (Paintings above)
Qustom Queen's artwork

Shout out to Yours Truly for hooking me up with a shirt!!!

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