Thursday, March 12, 2009

adidas Mad Climas ready for March Madness


College basketball followers and sneakerheads might remember that adidas WON March Madness last year--both the UT Lady Vols and the Kansas Jayhawks (men's side) were adidas-sponsored, so they were feeling pretty proud. This year they're celebrating the passion of March Madness with some sweet climacools (called Mad Climas, get it? March Madness...), and let me tell you from experience, these things do cool your puppies off. The special editions include 3 sneakers with team insignias (Kansas, UCLA and Louisville), and four special videos featuring KG, Josh Smith, Dwight Howard and Tracy McGrady telling us who they think'll win this year... (Josh reps for Pitt, but they don't get any sneakers...wrong team colors?)



No love for the ladies, despite Tennessee's Coach Pat Summitt's 1000th win, but hey, it really is a brotherhood. Anyway, I'm feeling the stripes on the heel. Here are a couple other nice looking colorways out now too.

$80. Smallest size: men's 6.5.

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