Saturday, February 14, 2009

"We Got Sisterhood" adidas x FSF Contest!

adidas understands brotherhood, and their brotherhood is in full effect at the NBA All Star Game events this weekend. (For a fun insider's look, check At FSF, we know that Sisterhood is what makes us strong. It's our sisters or cousins, our best friends (BFFs?), our crew, the girls that have our backs through thick and thin. We got sisterhood. It's the girls we ball with, talk and text with, hunt sneakers with, walk down the block with. It's the ones who know our secrets, our weaknesses and hidden strengths, our crushes and our Holy Grails.

Now you have your chance to tell us who's in YOUR SISTERHOOD, and WIN adidas TRACK JACKETS for all of you! (2-5 track jackets per winning entry.)

For more info, head to our contest page, but act now, cuz this contest is only for a week! All entries due by February 21st. Entries should include a photo of your sisterhood and a brief description of why you're important to each other.

We got sisterhood.

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