Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Skinny is IN!

Nike's Skinny-Ass Dunk Line 2010

Skinny is in. Skinny jeans, skinny eyebrows, skinny bodies, and now…skinny sneakers! Gosh, I’ve always wanted my feet to look as long and slender as my legs, now they finally can. And unlike skinny jeans, this new trend is just for us, ladies. We get sneakers that are “Skinny” (Nike), “Sleek” (adidas), and have “slender silhouettes” (both). I bet I look even sexier now that you can see the curves of my feet. Maybe they’ll come out with some Skinny Invisible Woman AF1s so you can see my skinny toes! No more boxy shelltoes, dunks, etc, for me, no way. I’m exhaling, lacing my sneakers tight, and getting skinny...

adidas 0%bodyfat Nizza Low 2010

Careful, though, buy these quick. Doctors are saying that all this skinniness isn’t good for our kicks. They’re not as strong or physically fit as they used to be, and some of them may be headed for sneakorexia in their endless search for extreme slimness. But hey, skinny is in, right?

adidas "No Shadow" Line 2011

Nike "Do these make my butt look big?" Line 2011

Other breaking news comes with the first sketches of the Nike Dunk to the Future line just for us ladies in 2012, with some obvious improvements on their 2011 model:

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