Monday, February 23, 2009

iSkateboard: how to find every skate spot near you!

iSkateboard, by the great folks who bring you Sneaker Pimps, is a traveling skater's dream. It is a directory of more than 30,000 street skate spots, skate parks and skate shops worldwide. It uses the iPhone's GPS functionality and gives you all the skate spots/parks/shops around you within a 50 mile radius, it also gives you turn by turn directions to the spot and in some cases displays youtube videos and/or pics of the spot, park or shop. There is a streaming RSS feed that displays news from Transworld, FuelTV, Skateboard Mag and a few other sources. Here is the link to access it through iTunes:

That is just a brilliant use of technology, if you ask me! And I don't even skate! Wish we had this for sneaker stores... (In case you're bemoaning your lack of an iPhone, they are working on models for BlackBerry, G-Phone, Sidekick & Windows ME.)

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