Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jason Markk on cleaning suede...

Try as we might, sometimes our favorite puppies get a bit, shall we say, dogged! So if you're chagrined that you just bruised the sweet suede toe of your favorite 180s/dunks/what-have-you, don't forget about the folks over at Jason Markk. Check their results...

And here are some free tips from Jason's blog:

How To Clean Suede:
1 Dip brush into bowl of water
2 Apply liberal amount of Premium Sneaker Solution to brush
3 Dip brush back into bowl of water
4 IMPORTANT!!! Shake brush to remove excess water
5 Gently brush suede creating foaming action
6 Wipe clean with towel, repeat steps 1-5 as needed
7 Back brush suede with dry brush or a clean, dry JM Premium Microfiber Towel
8 Air dry

A key step, again, is to remove as much excess water from the bristles as possible before cleaning. You want to have the bristles be just wet enough that when scrubbing, you are still able to create foam. You can achieve this by vigorously shaking the brush after dipping it in the water, or even patting the bristles down with a towel or a paper towel (without completely drying them).

After foaming occurs, promptly wipe clean with a clean, dry towel, back brush, then allow to air dry.

When cleaning suede, we highly recommend using a JM Premium Sneaker Cleaning Brush. The softer hog bristle is excellent for cleaning delicate materials.

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