Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FSF's Heart and Sole 2 in Miami!

The femalesneakerfiend chapter of Southern Florida is doing it again! This crew holds it down for the ladies, and our party with them last year was off the hook! I felt so lucky to be down there to meet the crew. They have some sick collections (even in small sizes and off-the-beaten-path vintage), and the line up they have for talent looks great too. (Don't miss another sneaker battle hosted by Lala and Lex One, either. You better know your sneaker history, cuz Lala will put you out there!) This year's event is headed up by the Randumbmiami dynamic duo of Relz and Chef, as well as CMS (aka Miss Face, gotta listen to this up and coming DJ!) and the rest of the FSF SoFlo mamas. If you're anywhere near Miami, don't miss this!

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