Monday, January 12, 2009

Think Pink Hyperdunk to honor Kay Yow

Most of you know I'm always railing against the sneaker companies who think women only like pink sneakers, so this might be an odd post. But Nike has just honored Kay Yow (again) with this Think Pink hyperdunk, coming out in February to increase breast cancer awareness. Kay Yow is the amazing NC State women's basketball coach who is one of the winningest coaches of all time (over 700 wins) and has battled breast cancer for many years. Just last week she announced that she will not be able to coach this season due to a reemergence of the cancer. Her team honored her by taking #2 ranked archrival North Carolina into overtime before bowing to them at the buzzer.

The hyperdunks, blue chips (see above) ball and t-shirt will be available at all three House of Hoops locations. (NC State jersey not available.) All proceeds will benefit the WBCA Kay Yow Cancer Fund (logo on kicks, t-shirt and ball). Sneakers will go down to a size 6, (women's, I believe.)

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Unknown said...

this is the one exception of pink that i can purchase and feel good about! thanks lori!